Satellite map of Connecticut state with roads maps

Satellite maps of Connecticut state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in Connecticut.

1983 Downtown Stamford Historic District
467 Main Street Shopping Center
50 Washington Street Heliport
A Baldwin Middle School
A J Oster Company Heliport
A W Cox School
Aaron Fien Square
Abbey of Regina Laudis Library
Abbott Pond
Abbott Tech School
Abe Stone Park
Abigail Point
Abington Brook
Abington Congregational Church
Abington Social Library
Aborn Brook
Above All
Above All State Park
Abraham Nichols Park
Abraham Pierson School
Abundant Life United Church
Academy Hill Square Shopping Center
Academy of Information Technology and Engineering
Academy of the Holy Family
Academy on the Green
Academy Plaza
Acadia House
Access Ambulance Service SKMP Enterprises
Acme Mall Shopping Center
Acme Pond
Acme Pond Dam
Acquidaneck (historical)
Acropolis (historical)
Act 2 Theater
Acton Public Library
Adams Fall
Adams Schoolhouse (historical)
Adder Reservoir
Adder Reservoir Dam
Addessi Center Shopping Center
Addis Park
Addison Pond
Addison Pond Dam
Adds Brook
Advent Christian Camp
Aetna Ambulance Service
African Methodist Resurrection Episcopal Zion Church
Agudath Sholom Cemetery
Airways Golf Course
Al-Marzook Athletic Fields
Albany Avenue Branch Hartford Public Library
Albert D Griswold Middle School
Albertson Memorial Church
Albertus Magnus College
Albertus Magnus College Library
Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center Detoxification Center
Alden Brook
Alder Swamp
Aldo Park
Aldon Mill Pond
Aldon Mill Pond Dam
Aldorizo Park
Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
Aldrich Free Public Library
Alewife Cove
Alford A Young Junior Hose and Ladder Company 1
Alfred C Fuller Music Center
Algonquin School
Algonquin State Forest
Alice Peck School
All Hallows Church
All Hallows Convent
All Saints of America Orthodox Christian Church
All Saints Orthodox Church
All Saints Parish Church
Allegra Farm
Allens Meadows Park
Allgrove School
Alliance Christian Fellowship
Alliance Theatre
Alling Crossing
Alling Memorial Golf Course
Allington Community Center
Allington Hill
Allington Park
Allington Public Library
Allingtown Fire District Headquarters
Allingtown Fire District Minor Park Station
Allis-Bushnell House and Museum
Allyn Millpond
Allyn Mountain
Allyn Point
Alma E Pagels School
Aloysisus P Kelley Theatre
Alsop Corner
Alternative Community Education School
Alumni Diamond
Alumni Hall-Sports Arena
Alva Pond Hill
Alvia Chase Reservoir
Alvord Beach
Alvord Park
Alworth Hill
Amasa Day House
Ambulance Service of Manchester
Amenia Union Cemetery
American Clock and Watch Museum
American Cyanamid Company Heliport
American Felt Dam
American Italian Civic Club Park
American LIterary Scientific and Military Academy (historical)
American School for the Deaf
American Wharf Museum
Amistad Memorial
Amity Junior High School
Amity Regional Junior High School
Amity Shopping Center
Amity Village Shopping Center
Amon Hill
Amston Lake
Amston Lake Dam
Anaconda American Brass Company Dam
Anderson Avenue Playground
Andover Lake
Andover Lake Dam
Andover Road Cemetery
Andrew Avenue School
Andrew Mellon Library
Andrews Homestead Museum
Angel Brook
Anguilla Brook
Angus Park Pond
Angus Park Pond Dam
Ann Antolini School
Ann Street Historic District
Anna E Norris School
Anna H Rockwell School
Anna L LoPresti School
Anna Reynolds Elementary School
Anna V Molloy School
Annhurst College
Annie E Vinton Elementary School
Ansonia Airfield (historical)
Ansonia Church of Christ
Ansonia Fire Department Charter Hose Company 4
Ansonia Fire Department Eagle Hose Company 6
Ansonia Fire Department Fountain Hose Company 1
Ansonia Fire Department Hilltop Hose Company 5
Ansonia Fire Department Webster Hose Company 3
Ansonia Landing Shopping Center
Ansonia Library
Ansonia Mall Shopping Center
Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center
Ansonia Plaza Shopping Center
Ansonia Rescue and Medical Services
Ansonia Reservoir
Anthony Building Chapel
Anthony Thompson Field
Antiques District
Aplin Hill
Apostolic Community Church
Apple Tree Meadow Brook
Applehill Shopping Center
Aquinas Building
Archbishop Henry O'Brien Library
Archer Memorial Church
Armitage Pond
Armoryville (historical)
Arnold College
Arnold Ponds
Arrigoni Bridge
Arrigoni Pond
Arrigoni Pond Dam
Arsenal School
Art Park
Arts Center
Artsworks Gallery
Arute Athletic Field
Asamblea De Iglesia Pentecost
Ashaway River
Ashford Volunteer Fire Department Station 20
Ashford Volunteer Fire Department Station 220
Ashland Pond
Ashland Pond Dam
Ashlar Village of the Masonic Charity
Ashwillet Brook
Ashwillet School (historical)
Asmun Brook
Asnuntuck Community College
Asnuntuck Community College Learning Resources Center
Aspetuck Cemetery
Aspetuck Four Corners
Aspetuck Hill
Aspetuck Plain (historical)
Aspetuck Reservoir
Aspetuck Reservoir Dam
Aspetuck River
Aspetuck Valley Country Club
Aspinook Pond
Aspinook Pond Dam
Assekonk Brook
Assekonk Swamp
Assekonk Swamp State Wildlife Management Area
Assembly of God Church of Norwich
Assumpton Church
Asylum Avenue Church
Asylum Avenue Green
Asylum Hill Congregational Church
Asylum Reservoir Number 1
Asylum Reservoir Number 1 Dam
Asylum Reservoir Number 2
Asylum Reservoir Number 2 Dam
Asylum Reservoir Number 3
Asylum Reservoir Number 3 Dam
Atchison Cove
Atlantic Retail Outlet Shopping Center
Atrium Health Care Center
Attawan Beach
Attawaugan Brook
Attawaugan Station 62
Attorney John Berman's Private Property - No Trespassing. Includes all McLaughlin Pond area.
Attschul Pond
Atwood Hose Fire Company Station 96
Atwood Swamp
Atwoodville Cemetery
Audubon Arts District
Audubon Center of Greenwich
Auebach Art Library
Auerbach Auditorium
Auger Pond
Augurs Ice Pond
Austin Arts Center
Austin Hawes Campground
Avalon Farm Pond
Avery Corner
Avery Hospital
Avery House
Avery Memorial
Averys Brook
Averys Hill
Avon Center Cemetery
Avon Congregational Church
Avon Free Public Library
Avon Historical Society Building
Avon Mountain
Avon Municipal Complex
Avon Museum
Avon Old Farms Elementary School
Avon Old School
Avon Park North
Avon Park South
Avon Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Avon Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Avon Volunteer Fire Department Station 3
Avon Volunteer Fire Department Station 4
Axelson Brook
Axle Shop Pond
Ayer Hill
Ayer Pond
Ayers Gap
Ayers Mountain
B W Tinker School
B'nai Torah Cemetery
B'nail Jacob Memorial Park
B'nail Jacob School
B'nail Scholom Cemetery
Babbs Beach
Babbs Beach Recreation Area
Babcock Library
Babcock Pond
Babcock Pond Dam
Babe Ruth Field
Babes Hill
Backus Corner
Backwater Brook
Bacon Academy
Bacon Landing
Bagburn Hill
Bahlers Brook
Bahre Corner
Baird Millpond
Bakersville Brook
Bakerville Consolidated School
Bakerville Library
Bakerville Methodist Church
Balchs Airpark
Bald Hill Range
Bald Hill Reservoir
Baldwin Dudley Pond
Baldwin Marsh Wildlife Area
Baldwin Plaza Shopping Center
Baldwin Rock
Baldwins Crossing
Baldwins Pond Dam
Balf Quarry
Ball Corner (historical)
Ball Pond Brook
Ball Pond Volunteer Fire Company
Ball Spring (historical)
Ballard Green
Ballouville Pond
Ballouville Pond Dam
Ballouville Post Office
Ballwall Brook
Ballymahack Brook
Balmoral Farm Pond
Balsam Fir Swamp
Baltic Fire Department
Baltic Historic District
Baltic Reservoir
Baltic Reservoir Dam Number 1
Baltic Reservoir Dam Number 2
Baltic Resident State Trooper Office
Baltic United Methodist Church
Bancroft Airport
Bank Street Historic District
Banner Golf Course
Banning Cove
Bannow Science Center
Bantam Cemetery
Bantam Fire Company
Bantam Lake
Bantam Lake Yacht Club
Bantam Pond
Bantam Pond Dam
Bantam Project Dam
Bantam River
Bantam River Reservoir
Bantam School
Bantam Swamp
Baptist Bible Academy
Baptist Brook
Baptist Church of Danbury
Baptist Church of Danielson
Baptist Rocks
Barber Corner (historical)
Barber Pond State Wildlife Area
Barbers Pond
Barbour Branch Hartford Public Library
Barbour Street Branch Library
Barclay Square Shopping Center
Bare Plain Cemetery
Barge Canal Industrial Park
Bargy Ledges
Bark Meadow Brook
Barkhampsted Cemetery
Barkhampsted Center
Barkhamsted East Fire Company
Barkhamsted Elementary School
Barkhamsted Reservoir
Barlow Mountain Elementary School
Barn Island
Barn Island Hunting Area
Barn Island Wildlife Management Area
Barn Plain Bridge
Barnabas Hill
Barnaby Park
Barnard Brown Elementary School
Barnard Nature Center
Barndoor Hills
Barnes Field
Barnes Nature Center
Barnes Reservoir
Barnes Reservoir Dam
Barnesdale Shopping Center
Barney School of Business and Public Administration
Barns Hill
Barnum House
Barnum-Palliser Historic District
Barnville Hill
Barone Campus Center
Barrack Cemetery
Barrack Mountain
Barrett Field
Barrett Ledge Brook
Barretts Brook
Barrow Mountain
Barry Building
Bart Center Shopping Center
Bartlett Arboretum Historic Preserve
Bartlett Arboretum Library
Bartlett Reef
Base Lodge
Bashan Lake
Bashan Lake Cemetery
Bashan Lake Dam
Bashon Hill
Basin Hill Cemetery
Bass Strait
Bassdale Plaza Shopping Center
Basset Pond
Bassett Bridge
Bassick High School
Bassickville Historic District
Batchelder School
Batcheller Primary School
Bates Rocks
Bates Scofield House
Bates Woods Park
Battell Chapel
Batterson Park
Batterson Park Pond
Batterson Park Pond Access Area
Batterson Park Pond Dam
Battle Swamp Brook
Bauer Pond
Baum Shalom
Baummer Pond
Bay Mountain
Bayley Beach Park
Bayview Beach
Bayview Shopping Center
Beach Brook
Beach Memorial Park
Beach Park School
Beach Pond Dam
Beachdale Pond
Beachdale Pond Dam
Beacon Brook Health Care Center
Beacon Cap
Beacon Falls
Beacon Falls Fire Marshal's Office
Beacon Falls Police Department
Beacon Falls Post Office
Beacon Falls Public Library
Beacon Falls Town Recreation Field
Beacon Hill Brook
Beacon Hose Company 1
Beacon House Full Gospel Church
Beaman Pond
Beamans Brook
Bean Hill Historic District
Bear Mountain Reservation
Bear Path School
Bear Rock Pond
Beard Cove (historical)
Beardsley Brook
Beardsley Memorial Library
Beardsley Pond
Beardsley Pond Brook
Beardsley Zoological Gardens
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Computer and Administrative Center
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Hall
Beaumont House
Beaupres Pond
Beaupres Pond Dam
Beaver Bog Church
Beaver Bog Mountain
Beaver Brook Meadow
Beaver Brook Mountain
Beaver Brook Pond
Beaver Brook Pond Dam
Beaver Brook Ponds
Beaver Head Corner
Beaver Head Swamp
Beaver Hill Shopping Center
Beaver Hills Historic District
Beaver Pond Meadows
Beaver Ponds Park
Beaverdale Memorial Park
Beaverdam Marsh
Bebbington Brook
Becar Hill
Beckerle Volunteer Hose Company 9
Becket Hill
Beckett Hill State Park Reserve
Beckley Bog
Beckley Pond
Beckley Pond Brook
Beckwith Pond
Bedlam Cemetery
Bedlam Corner
Bedlam Hill
Bee Field
Beebe Brook
Beebe Corner
Beebe Cove
Beech Rock
Beech Swamp Bridge
Beecher Bridge
Beecher Park
Beecher Road School
Beecher Street School
Beechland Park
Beemans Brook
Beer Pond
Beers Rocks
Beeslick Brook
Beeslick Pond
Beetle Bung Pond
Behind the Rocks
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Bel-Aire Playground
Bel-Hem Dam
Belcher Brook
Belden Dam
Belden Hill Brook
Belden Island
Belding Brook
Bell Cedar Swamp
Bell Compo Golf Course
Bell Dock
Bell Reservoir
Bell Shop Pond
Bellamy Building
Bellamy-Ferriday Garden
Bellamy-Ferriday House
Bellarmine Pond
Belle Haven Club
Belltown Fire Department
Belltown Historic District
Bellvue Square Park
Bemer Heliport
Bend of the River Sanctuary
Bendels Pond
Benjamin Franklin Education Center
Benjamin J Nessing Memorial Park
Benjamin Jepson Magnet School
Bennett Middle School
Bennett Ponds
Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School
Bensted Corner
Bentley Alternative Education School
Bentley Head Start School
Benvenue (historical)
Bergin Education Complex
Berkeley College - North
Berkeley College - South
Berkeley Divinity School (historical)
Berkshire Bridge
Berkshire Mills
Berkshire Shopping Center
Berlin Fire Department
Berlin Fish and Game Pond
Berlin Fish and Game Pond Dam
Berlin Free Library
Berlin Station
Berlin Town Emergency Management Office
Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
Bermuda Lagoon
Bernardine Convent
Bernhard Art and Humanities Center
Bertholf Plaza
Beseck Lake
Beseck Lake Dam
Beseck Mountain
Bess Graham Library
Besse Hill
Besse Park Pond
Best View
Beth Alom Cemetery
Beth Chana-Hannah Academy
Beth David Academy
Beth El Synagogue Cemetery
Beth El Temple
Beth El Temple Cemetery
Beth Hillel Cemetery
Beth Hillel Synagogue
Beth Israel
Beth Jacob Synagogue Library
Beth Mishka Cemetery
Beth Sholom Memorial Park
Bethany Airport (historical)
Bethany Covenant Church
Bethany Resident State Trooper Office
Bethany Town Hall and Community Center
Bethany Volunteer Firemans Association Headquarters
Bethany Volunteer Firemans Association Hinman Station
Bethany Wood
Bethel Alliance Church
Bethel Building
Bethel Fire Chief's Office
Bethel Fire Marshal's Office
Bethel Memorial Deliverance Church
Bethel Middle School
Bethel Plaza Shopping Center
Bethel Public Library
Bethel Station
Bethel Village Square Shopping Center
Bethel Volunteer Fire Department
Bethels Pond
Bethels Pond Dam
Bethlehem Ambulance Association
Bethlehem Fairgrounds
Bethlehem Green Historic District
Bethlehem Public Library
Bethlehem Village
Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department
Betsy Ross Arts School
Betts Island
Betts Pond Brook
Between the Rivers Neck
Beulah African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Beulah Land Church of God
Bi-Cultural Day School
Bibbens Pond
Bibbens Pond Dam
Bibbins Pond
Bible Church of Waterbury
Bible Gospel Center
Bible Rock
Bible Rock Brook
Bible Way Temple
Bibleway Church of God
Bicentennial Square Shopping Center
Biddle Hill
Bielefield School
Bienvenota Iglesias
Big Boil
Big Meadow Pond
Big Meadow Pond Dam
Big Mermaid
Bigelow Hollow State Park
Bigelow Park
Bigelow Pond Dam
Bigelow State Park
Bikur Cholem Sheveth Achim
Bill Cemetery
Bill Memorial Library
Billard Hall
Billberry Swamp
Billings Avery Brook
Billings Avery Diversion Pond
Billings Avery Diversion Pond Dam
Billings Lake Dam
Bills Hill
Bills Hill School (historical)
Bindloss Brook
Bingham Pond
Binney Park
BIP Heliport
Birch Groves
Birch Millpond
Birch Millpond Dam
Birch Mountain Brook
Birch Plain Creek
Birch Plain Creek Tidal Marsh
Birch Wood Park
Birchard Plain (historical)
Birchwood Corners Shopping Center
Birchwood Country Club
Bird Peak
Birdsall Pond
Birdseye Brook
Birdseye School
Birge Park Shopping Center
Birge Pond
Birge Pond Brook
Birge Pond Dam
Birges Hill
Bishop Mill Pond (historical)
Bishop Plaza Shopping Center
Bishop Seabury Episcopal Church
Bishop Swamp
Bishop Woods School
Bishops Corner Branch West Hartford Public Library
Bishops Corner West Shopping Center
Bishops Pond Dam
Bissell Bridge
Bissonnette Pond
Bissonnette Pond Dam
Bitner Park
Bizell Brook
Black Hall
Black Hall Golf Club
Black Hall Pond
Black Hall River
Black Point Beach Club
Black Pond Campground
Black Pond State Wildlife Area
Black Rock Branch Bridgeport Public Library
Black Rock Congregational Church
Black Rock Entrance Channel
Black Rock Gardens Historic District
Black Rock Harbor
Black Rock Harbor Number One Light
Black Rock Harbor Number Three Light
Black Rock Historic District
Black Rock Neck
Black Rock Pond
Black Rock Pond Dam
Black Rock Revolutionary War Fort (historical)
Black Rock School
Black Rock State Park
Black Rock Yacht Club
Black Shop Pond
Black Spruce Pond Dam
Blackberry River
Blackham School
Blackledge River
Blackmans Hill
Blackmans Pond Brook
Blackmore Brook
Blackstone Rocks
Blackwell Brook
Blackwells Pond
Bladens River
Bladens River Dam
Bladens River Reservoir
Blakeslee Quarry (historical)
Blatz Pond
Bleachery Dam
Blessed Sacrament Convent
Blish Park
Blissville Brook
Blissville Pond
Blissville Pond Dam
Bliven Brook
Bloody Cove
Bloomfield Dam
Bloomfield Fire Department Company 1
Bloomfield Fire Department Company 2
Bloomfield Fire Department Company 3
Bloomfield Junior High School
Bloomfield Reservoir
Bloomfield Reservoir 3A
Bloomfield Shopping Center
Bloomfield Site 3A Dam
Bloomfield Town Green
Bloomfield United Methodist Church
Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance Service
Blue Hill Treatment Center
Blue Hills Baptist Church
Blue Hills Branch Hartford Public Library
Blue Hills Community Center
Blue Hills Dam
Blue Hills Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters
Blue Hills Fire Department Station 3
Blue Hills Fire Department Station 4
Blue Hills Hospital Patients Library
Blue Hills Industrial Park
Blue Hills School
Blue Slope Country Museum
Bluff Head Cemetery
Bluff Island Ledge
Bluff Point Beach
Bluff Point State Park
Blyn Rock
Board of Education Administration Office
Boardman Bridge
Boardman Building
Boardman Pond
Boardmans Bridge
Bob Thomas Ford Heliport
Bobbin Mill Brook
Bodkin Rock
Boehm Brook
Bog Meadow Reservoir
Bog Meadow Reservoir Dam
Boggs Pond Dam
Boggy Meadow
Bogue Brook
Bogue Brook Reservoir
Bogue Brook Reservoir Dam
Bogus Hill
Bogus Mountain
Bogus Mountain Brook
Bold Rock
Bolland District Cemetery
Bolling Pond
Bolton Center Cemetery
Bolton Fire Department
Bolton Notch Pond
Bolton Notch State Park
Bolton Pond Brook
Bonds Dock
Bonemill Brook
Book Hill
Boom Bridge
Boone Brook
Booth Free Elementary School
Booth Hill Brook
Booth Hill School
Boothe Memorial Museum
Boothe Memorial Park
Bootleggers Seaplane Base
Borough Hall
Borough of Bantam
Borough of Danielson
Borough of Fenwick
Borough of Groton Long Point
Borough of Jewett City
Borough of Litchfield
Borough of Naugatuck
Borough of Stonington
Borough of Woodmont
Borzani Park
Boston Hollow Road Brook
Boston Industrial Park
Boston Neck School
Boston Post Road Industrial Park
Bosworth Brook
Botelle Elementary School
Botsford Fire Rescue
Botsford Hill
Botsford Station (historical)
Boulton Cemetery
Bound Swamp
Bourn Hill
Boweyns Brook
Bowman Rock
Box Hill
Box Mountain Quarry
Boy Scout Service Center
Boy Torah High School
Boyer Building
Boys Halfway River
Bozrah Cemetery
Bozrah Center Congregational Church
Bozrah Street
Bozrah Town Hall
Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company Station 26
Bracken Memorial Library
Bracket Park
Brackett Park
Bradlees Shopping Center
Bradley Barnes Museum
Bradley Field Fire Department Station 1
Bradley Fire Department Station 2
Bradley Hubbard Reservoir
Bradley Hubbard Reservoir Dam
Bradley International Airport
Bradley Rocks
Bradleys Brook
Bradway Pond
Bradway Pond Dam
Brainard Brook
Brainard Homestead State Park
Brainard Industrial Park
Brainerd Academy (historical)
Branch Brook Campground
Branchville Brook
Branchville Hill
Brandegee Lake
Brandegee Lake Dam
Branford Bible Church
Branford Center
Branford Center Cemetery
Branford Center Historic District
Branford College
Branford Counseling Center
Branford Cove
Branford Craft Village Shopping Center
Branford Fire Department - Short Beach Company 4
Branford Fire Department Headquarters
Branford Fire Department Indian Neck Company 9
Branford Fire Department M P Rice Company 2
Branford Fire Department Stony Creek Company 5
Branford Harbor
Branford Hill
Branford Hills
Branford Hills Plaza Shopping Center
Branford Hills School
Branford Point
Branford Point Historic District
Branford Police Department
Branford Post Office
Branford Reef
Branford Square Shopping Center
Branford Supply Ponds
Branford Supply Ponds Dam
Branhaven Shopping Center
Brass Mountain
Brassi Brook
Brayton Grist Mill (historical)
Brazin Bruce Park
Brazos Quarry
Break Hill Brook
Break of the Beach (historical)
Breakneck Pond
Breakwater Lighthouse
Breen Field
Brett Woods Park
Bretton Heights
Brewster Cove
Brewster Neck
Brewster Neck Cemetery
Brewster Yacht Yard
Brewsters Pond
Brewsterville (historical)
Brialee Campground
Brian E Tierney Preserve
Briarwood College for Women
Brickyard Shopping Center
Bride Brook
Bride Lake
Bride Plain
Bridge Plaza Shopping Center
Bridge Port Engineering Institute
Bridge Street Elementary School
Bridge Street Plaza Shopping Center
Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Ferry
Bridgeport Army Air Field (historical)
Bridgeport Bridge
Bridgeport Center
Bridgeport Convention and Visitors Bureau
Bridgeport Department of Archives Records and Information Services
Bridgeport Downtown North Historic District
Bridgeport Downtown South Historic District
Bridgeport Entrance Channel
Bridgeport Fire Department
Bridgeport Fire Department - Rescue Squad 5 Headquarters
Bridgeport Fire Department Engine and Ladder 6
Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 12
Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 15
Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 16
Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 3 and 4
Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 7 and Ladder 11
Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company and Ladder 10
Bridgeport Fire Marshal's Office
Bridgeport Harbor
Bridgeport Harbor Lighthouse (historical)
Bridgeport Hospital
Bridgeport Hospital Heliport
Bridgeport Islamic Society
Bridgeport Jai Alai
Bridgeport Municipal Garage
Bridgeport Police Department West Precinct
Bridgeport Public Library
Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture Center
Bridgeport Station
Bridgwater Green
Brien McMahon High School
Brigham Tavern Brook
Bristol Bible Chapel
Bristol Central High School
Bristol Christian Science Church
Bristol Commons Shopping Center
Bristol Cove
Bristol Farm Plaza Shopping Center
Bristol Fire Department Engine Company 1 Tower 1
Bristol Fire Department Engine Company 2
Bristol Fire Department Engine Company 3
Bristol Fire Department Engine Company 4
Bristol Fire Department Engine Company 5
Bristol Fish and Game Club Pond
Bristol Fish and Game Club Pond Dam
Bristol Girls Club
Bristol Hospital
Bristol Hospital Emergency Medical Services
Bristol Memorial Military Museum
Bristol Pre-School
Bristol Public Library
Bristol Reservoir Dam
Bristol Reservoir Number 1
Bristol Reservoir Number 2 Dam
Bristol Reservoir Number 4
Bristol Reservoir Number 4 Dam
Bristol Reservoir Number 5 Dam
Bristol Reservoir Number Five
Bristol Reservoir Number Three (not official)
Bristol Reservoir Number Two
Bristol-Myers/Squibb Company Heliport
Bristols Ice Pond (historical)
Brittany Meadows
Broackway Bar Channel
Broad Brook Congregational Church
Broad Brook Elementary School
Broad Brook Millpond
Broad Brook Millpond Dam
Broad Brook Post Office
Broad Brook Reservoir
Broad Brook Reservoir Dam
Broad River School
Broad Street Cemetery
Broad Street Green
Broad Street Parkade Shopping Center
Broad Swamp Brook
Broadview Community Church
Broadview Middle School
Broadway Squares
Brockway Bar
Brockway Ferry
Brockway Island
Brockway Landing
Brockway Reach
Brodie Park
Bromes Pond
Bromica Mountain
Bronson Avenue Park
Bronson E Lockwood Dam
Bronson E Lockwood Reservoir
Bronson E Rockwell Reservation
Bronson Meadows Playground
Bronson Mountain
Brook Center Shopping Center
Brook Glen Park
Brookfield Center Post Office
Brookfield Craft Center
Brookfield Emergency Medical Services
Brookfield Fire Marshal's Office
Brookfield Golf Course
Brookfield Historical Society Building
Brookfield Junction (historical)
Brookfield Library
Brookfield Office Park
Brookfield Park Shopping Center
Brookfield Town Office
Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company
Brooklawn Country Club
Brooklawn Seventh Day Adventist Church
Brooklyn Common
Brooklyn Common Shopping Center
Brooklyn Correctional Institution
Brooklyn Fairgrounds
Brooklyn Fire Marshal's Office
Brooklyn Golf Course
Brooklyn Green Historic District
Brooklyn Middle School
Brooklyn Recreation Park
Brooklyn Resident State Trooper Office
Brooklyn Town Library Association
Brookside Industrial Park
Brooksvale Recreation Park
Brooksvale Stream
Broomstick Ledges
Brophy Pond
Brophy Pond Dam
Brothers Brook
Brothers of Joshua Synagogue
Brothers of the Sacred Heart Church
Brousseous Brook
Brousseous Pond
Brown-Randall Cemetery
Brownell Building
Browns Corner Recreation Area
Browns Reef
Brownson Country Club
Bruce Memorial Golf Club
Bruce Museum
Bruce Museum Library
Bruce Ponds
Bruces Ice Pond
Bruie Pond
Brush Shop Pond
Brushy Hill Shopping Center
Bryan Plaza
Buck Meadow
Bucket Hill
Buckingham Congregational Church
Buckingham Memorial
Buckingham Reservoir
Buckingham Reservoir Dam
Buckingham Square Historic District
Buckingham Square Park
Buckland Green
Buckland Hills Mall Shopping Center
Buckland Industrial Park
Buckland Pond
Buckland Square Shopping Center
Buckley Elementary School
Buckley Hill
Buckley Junior High School
Buckley Pond Dam
Buckman Building
Bucks Corner Village Shopping Center
Bucks Hill Cemetery
Bucks Hill Park
Bucks Hill School
Budd Reef
Buddhist Pagoda
Buddington Pond
Buell Flats
Buell Hill
Buells Greenhouses
Buena Vista Recreational Complex
Buff Cap Hill
Bugbee Reservoir
Bugbee Reservoir Dam
Bugg Hill
Buley Building
Bulkeley Bridge
Bulkeley Hill
Bulkeley Park
Bulkeley School
Bulkeley Square
Bulkley Pond
Bull Hill Plaza Shopping Center
Bull Mountain Brook
Bull Pond Dam
Bull Run Corner
Bullet Hill Brook
Bullet Hill School House
Bulls Bridge
Bulls Bridge Cemetery
Bulls Bridge Covered Bridge
Bulls Bridge Dam
Bulls Bridge Pond
Bulls Head Shopping Center
Bullymuck Brook
Bundy Hill
Bungay Fire Brigade Station 77
Bungee Brook
Bungee Cemetery
Bungee Hill
Bungee Lake
Bungee Lake Lower Dam
Bunker Hill Brook
Bunker Hill Congregational Church
Bunnell High School
Burdick Junior High School
Burgdorf Health Center
Burgoyne Park (historical)
Burial Hill Beach
Burlington Commons Shopping Center
Burlington Congregational Church
Burlington Consolidated School
Burlington Trout Hatchery
Burlington Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters
Burlington Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Chippens Hill Station
Burlington Volunteer Fire Department Station 3 Whigville Station
Burlington Volunteer Fire Department Station 4 Lake Garda Station
Burnap Brook
Burnetts Corner
Burnham Four Corners
Burnham Library
Burnham-Hibbard House
Burnhams Brook
Burns Point Jetty
Burnside Shopping Center
Burnside United Methodist Church
Burnt Hill Reservoir
Burnt Hill Reservoir Dam
Burr Creek Marina
Burr District Cemetery
Burr District Elementary School
Burr Homestead
Burr Island
Burr Junior High School
Burr Mall Shopping Center
Burr Mountain
Burr Pond State Park
Burr Smith Pond
Burritt Cove
Burritt Library
Burritt Street Park
Burrows Field
Burrows Hill
Burrows Hill Cemetery
Burrs Bridges
Burrs Brook
Burrs Farm Elementary School
Burrville Regional Fire School
Burrville Volunteer Fire Department
Burwell Hill
Burwells Beach
Burying Ground 1720
Burying Ground Brook
Bush Hill Brook
Bush Hill Historic District
Bush Meadow Brook
Bush-Holley Historic Site and Visitor Center
Bush-Holley House
Bushnell Memorial Auditorium
Bushnell Memorial Library
Bushnell Plaza Shopping Center
Bushy Hill Cemetery
Bushy Hill Pond
Bushy Hill Pond Dam
Bushy Point
Bushy Point Beach
Bushy Pond
Butternut Hollow Brook
Butternut Hollow Park
Butterworth Brook
Butterworth Brook Reservoir
Buttolph-Williams House
Buttonball Brook
Buttonball Lane Elementary School
Butts Bridge
Byles Brook
Byram Harbor
Byram Park
Byram Point
Byram River
Byram River Reservoir
Byron Brook
C B Jennings School
C H Pease Museum
C N Flagg Heliport
Cabaret Theater
Cabot Memorial Field
Cadndlewood Lake Golf and Country Club
Cady Pond Dam
Caiglo Pond
Caldor Plaza Shopping Center
Caleb Hill
Calebs Peak
Calf Pasture Beach
Calf Pasture Beach City Park
Calf Pasture Island
Calf Pasture Park
Calf Pen Meadow
Calf Pen Meadow Creek
Calf Pen Meadow School
Calhaoun Memorial Library
Calhoun College
Calhoun Corners
Callen School
Calvary Church of South Windsor
Calvary Korean Church of Connecticut
Calves Island
Calves Island Bar
Calves Island Bar Channel
Calves Island Light
Calvin Hill Day Care Center
Calvin Leete School
Calvin Wilcox Pond
Camfield Hill
Camp Arden
Camp Awosting
Camp Berger
Camp Birchwood
Camp Cadaho Tohaci
Camp Cadaho Tohaci (historical)
Camp Cedarcrest
Camp Cochipianee
Camp Connri
Camp Courant
Camp Delaware
Camp Delaware Pond
Camp Eastford
Camp Easton
Camp Ella Fohs
Camp Field Branch Hartford Public Library
Camp Francis
Camp Freedman
Camp Freedman Pond
Camp Freedman Pond Dam
Camp Hadar
Camp Halburn
Camp Hazen
Camp Highland
Camp Horizons
Camp Hubinger
Camp Jewell
Camp Juanita Adajuan
Camp Juanita Adajuan (historical)
Camp Keemosahbee
Camp Kenico
Camp Kenmont
Camp Kennedy
Camp Kent
Camp Laurelwood
Camp Layton Rose
Camp Leonard Leonore
Camp Mar-lin
Camp Mattatuck
Camp Mauwehu
Camp Meeting Bar
Camp Mel
Camp Mooween
Camp Niantic
Camp Oakland
Camp Odetah
Camp Odetah (historical)
Camp Pequot
Camp Po-Ne-Mah
Camp School
Camp Sequassen
Camp Sloane
Camp Sprague
Camp Tadma
Camp Terramugus
Camp Toguam
Camp Trinita
Camp Trupin
Camp Wa-nee
Camp Wabigoon
Camp Wahanda
Camp Wakenah
Camp Wangum
Camp Waterford
Camp Wetonaw
Camp Winnapaw
Camp Winnepaw
Camp Womponset
Camp Workcoeman
Campbell Falls State Park
Campfield Avenue Branch Library
Campion Ambulance Service
Campion Field
Canaan Country Club
Canaan Fire Company
Canaan Historical Library
Canaan Historical Society Library
Canaan Institution Baptist Church
Canaan Village Historic District
Candee Reservoir
Candees Pond
Candlelight Farms Airport
Candlelight Heliport
Candleview Ridge
Candlewood Boat and Beach Club
Candlewood Company
Candlewood Hill Brook
Candlewood Isle
Candlewood Knolls
Candlewood Lake Club
Candlewood Ledge
Candlewood Lookout Tower
Candlewood Mountain
Candlewood Orchards
Candlewood Pines
Candlewood Plaza Shopping Center
Candlewood Point
Candlewood Shores
Candlewood Springs
Candlewood Trail
Candlewood Trails
Candlewood Valley Country Club
Candlewyck Park
Canfield Island
Canisius Hall
Cannon Square
Cannondale Station
Canoe Brook Lake
Canoe Brook Lake Dam
Canoe Brook Lake Dike
Canoe Brook School
Cantam Lake Ski Club
Canterbury Bridge
Canterbury Farm Airport
Canterbury Green
Canterbury Volunteer Fire Department
Canton Center
Canton Center Post Office
Canton Community Baptist Church
Canton Fire Marshal's Office
Canton Fire Volunteer Fire Department
Canton Golf Course (historical)
Canton Green Shopping Center
Canton Historical Museum
Canton Historical Society Building
Canton Junior-Senior High School
Canton Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses
Canton Valley
Capello Pond
Capen-Clark Historic District
Capital Community-Technical College
Capital Region Mental Health Center
Capitol Community Technical College
Capitol Region Education Council Resource Center
Captain Elisha White House Museum
Captain Harbor
Captain Hopley Yeaton Memorial
Captain Shepard Hill
Captains Cove Seaport
Cardinal Shehan Center
Career Magnet High School-Conte School
Cargill Falls Dam
Cargill Falls Reservoir
Carini Field
Carl C Cutler Middle School
Carlsons Grove
Carmel Hill Brook
Carmel Hill Cemetery
Carmen Arace Middle School
Carmen Hill
Carol Joseloff Taub Hall
Carpenter-Dresser Cemetery
Carriage Hill Shopping Center
Carrigan Middle School
Carrington Hill
Carrington Park
Carrington Pond Dam
Carringtons Pond
Carse Brook
Carson Brook
Carter Street School
Carter Swamp
Carting Island
Cartwright Towers
Case Corner
Case Pond
Case Pond Upper
Case Pond Upper Dam
Cassidy Hill
Cast and Blast Pond
Cast and Blast Pond Dam
Castle Crag
Cat Swamp Pond Dam
Catden Swamp
Catharine B Mitchell Museum
Cathedral Chapel of Christ
Cathedral of Saint Joseph
Catherine M McGee Middle School
Cathole Brook
Cathole Mountain
Catholic Lending Library
Cattle Lot Brook
Caulkins Park
Cavanaugh Brook
Cavanaugh Pond
Cedar Creek Harbor
Cedar Creek Reach
Cedar Hill Pond
Cedar Hill Pond Dam
Cedar Island Meadow
Cedar Land
Cedar Point Yacht Club
Cedar Swamp (historical)
Cedarcrest Hospital
Celentano Building
Celentano School
Cemetery Pond Brook
Center Church on the Green
Center Church Parish House
Center for African American Studies
Center for Multicultural Relations
Center for the Americas
Center for the Humanities
Center for Vocational Art
Center Groton
Center Groton Fire Department Station 7
Center Groton Park
Center Seven Shopping Center
Center Spring Park
Center Spring Pond Park
Center Street Cemetery
Centerbrook Congregational Church
Centerbrook Post Office
Central Ave School
Central Burying Grounds
Central Connecticut State University Administrative Building
Central Connecticut State University Fine Arts Center
Central Connecticut University
Central High School Magnet School
Central Shopping Plaza Shopping Center
Central Utility Facility
Central Village Congregational Church
Central Village Fire Department Station 97
Central Waterford
Centro Christiano Church
Ceppa Field
Ceravolo Sub Park
Certain Draw Point
Chafee School
Chaffinch Island
Chaffinch Island State Park
Chalk Hill Middle School
Chalker Beach
Chalker Brook
Chalker Hill
Chalkers Millpond
Chalkers Millpond Dam
Challenger Learning Center
Chalmers Pond
Chamaud Vineyards
Chamberlain Lake Campground
Chamberlain Plaza Shopping Center
Chamberland Pond
Chancery Hill
Chanko Pond
Chanticlair Golf Course
Chapel Day Plaza Shopping Center
Chapel Medical Building
Chapel Medical Center
Chapel on Edgewood Public Library
Chapel Square Mall Shopping Center
Chapel Street Bridge
Chapel Street Historic District
Chapel Street School
Chapins Meadow Brook
Chapins Pond
Chaplin Elementary School
Chaplin Historic District
Chaplin Museum
Chaplin Post Office
Chaplin Town Hall
Chaplin Volunteer Fire Department Station 9
Chapman Beach
Chapman Falls
Chapman Hill
Chapman Hill Cemetery
Chapman Strand (historical)
Charger Gymnasium
Charles A Dana Hall
Charles Arnold Recreation Area
Charles Barnum Elementary School
Charles E Wheeler Wildlife Area
Charles F Dolan School of Business
Charles Ives Center for the Performing Arts
Charles Reef
Charles Wright Elementary School
Charter Oak Bridge
Charter Oak Elementary School
Charter Oak Mall Shopping Center
Charter Oak Park
Charter Oak Tree Memorial Park
Charter Oak Tree Site
Charter Oak Walk-in Medical Center
Charters Brook
Charters Pond
Chase Country Club
Chase Manhattan Bank of Connecticut Heliport
Chase Reservoir Dam
Chasmars Pond
Chasmars Pond Dam
Chat Norwich Church
Chatfield Hollow Brook
Chatfield Hollow State Park
Chatsworth Village
Chatterton Point
Chaugham Lookout
Chauncey Island
Chauncey Peak
Cheeree Point
Cheiftan Estate (historical)
Chelsea Landing
Chelsea Parade
Chelsea Parade Historic District
Cheney Brothers Historic District
Cheney Homestead Museum
Cheney Mill Complex
Cherry Brook Cemetery
Cherry Brook Primary School
Cherry Corners
Cherry Hill Shopping Center
Cherry Lane Park
Cherry Lawn Park
Cherry Lawn School
Chesborough Bridge
Cheshire Academy
Cheshire Correctional Institution
Cheshire Fire Department Company 2
Cheshire Fire Department Company 3
Cheshire Fire Department Headquarters
Cheshire Golf Course (historical)
Cheshire High School
Cheshire Historic District
Cheshire Industrial Park
Cheshire Landfill Area
Cheshire Police Department
Cheshire Shopping Center
Cheshire Street (historical)
Cheshire Street Cemetery
Cheshire Town Park
Cheshire United Methodist Church
Cheshire Village
Chesley Park
Chester Airport
Chester Creek Marina
Chester Ferry Landing (historical)
Chester Fire Department Hose Company 1
Chester Fire Department Station 2
Chester Rock
Chester Rock Light
Chester Town Meeting House
Chester Town Police Department
Chester, Chester Airport
Chester-Hadlyme Ferry
Chesterfield Fire Company
Chesters Shopping Center
Chestnut Brook
Chestnut Hill Dam
Chestnut Hill Park
Chestnut Lands
Chestnut Ridge Reservoir
Chestnut Ridge Reservoir Dam
Chewink Cemetery
Chidsey Brook
Chidsey Hill
Child Services of Connecticut
Children of Israel Cemetery
Childrens Community School
Childrens Museum of Southeastern Connecticut
Chimney Corner Reef
Chimney Heights Shopping Center
Chimon Island
Chimon Rock
Chippen Hill
Chippens Hill Middle School
Choate School
Choggam Brook
Choggam Corner (historical)
Chordas Pond
Christ and Holy Trinity Church
Christ and the Epiphany Church
Christ Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Christ Church of Ansonia
Christ Episcopal Church of Avon
Christ Family Church
Christ Temple House of Prayer
Christian Faith Center
Christian Fellowship Church of God
Christian Fellowship Seventh Day Adventist Church
Christian Field
Christian Lane Cemetery
Christian Life Assembly Church
Christian Mission Assembly of God Church
Christie Hill
Chromatics Inc
Chub Brook
Chucks Corner Shopping Center
Church Building
Church Corners (historical)
Church Farm Homestead
Church in Newington
Church of Christ Baptist Church
Church of God and Saints of Christ Church
Church of God New Life
Church of God New Testament Church
Church of Love
Church of New Canaan United Methodist Church
Church of Patmos
Church of Saint Timothy
Church of the Archangels
Church of the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church
Church of the Nazarene Church
Church of the Ressurection
Church of the Transfiguration Episcopal Church
Church Street Reservoir
Cider Brook Cemetery
Cider Hill School (historical)
Cider Mill Brook
Cider Mill School
Cigna Heliport
Cinema Archive
Circle Beach
Circle of Friends School
Citizens Volunteer Hose Company 2
Citizens Volunteer Hose Company 6
City Hall-Monument Historic District
City Hill
City Hill Middle School
City Mills Ponds
Ciuccoli Field
Civic Center Mall Shopping Center
Civic Institutions Historic District
Clapboard Hill
Clapboard Hill Bridge
Clapboard Oak Brook
Clara T O'Connell School
Clarence A Bingham School
Clarence E Thompson School
Clark Heliport
Clark Lane Junior High School
Clark Memorial Field
Clark Tavern (historical)
Clarks Falls
Clarktown Pond
Clatter Valley
Clatter Valley Park
Claude Chester School
Clay Banks Bar
Clay Banks Bar Channel
Clay Hill Historic District
Clayville Pond
Clifford House
Cliffside Country Club
Clinton African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Clinton Avenue School
Clinton Beach
Clinton Breakwater
Clinton Chamber of Commerce
Clinton Commons Shopping Center
Clinton Crossing Factory Outlets Shopping Center
Clinton Harbor
Clinton Manor Shopping Center
Clinton Shopping Parkade Shopping Center
Clinton Town Beach
Clinton Town Garage
Clinton Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters
Clinton Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Clintons Pond
Clintonville Elementary School
Cloonan Middle School
Closes Pond
Clover Brook
Clover Street Elementary School
Club Island Park
Clubhouse Pond
Clyde Gill Industrial Park
Clydes Cider Mill
Co-operative High School
Coachlight Village
Coast Guard Academy
Coast Guard Memorial Chapel
Coast Guard Station New Haven
Coast Guard Station New London
Coatney Hill
Cobalt Landing
Cobble Brook
Cobble Park
Cobblers Green
Cobbs Mill Pond
Cochegan Hill
Cochegan Rock
Cockaponset State Forest
Cockenoe Bay
Cockenoe Harbor
Cockenoe Island
Cockenoe Reef
Cockenoe Shoal
Cockle Hill Cemetery
Codfish Hill
Coe Memorial Park
Coe Pond
Coffey Brook
Cogers Pond
Coginchaug Regional High School
Coginchaug River
Cohanzie Elementary School
Cohanzie Fire Department Station 5
Cohanzie Park
Cohoes Common Shopping Center
Coit Street Historic District
Coits Cove
Col Ledyard Cemetery
Colburn Brook
Colchester Assembly of God Church
Colchester Bible Baptist Church
Colchester Federated Church
Colchester Fire Marshal's Office
Colchester Hayward Volunteer Fire Company Station 1 Headquarters
Colchester Hayward Volunteer Fire Company Station 2
Colchester Intermediate School
Colchester Town Hall
Cold Brook Reservoir Dam
Cold Springs Dam
Cold Springs Plaza Shopping Center
Colebrook Brook
Colebrook Congregational Church
Colebrook Consolidated School
Colebrook Fire Department
Colebrook Historical Society Building
Colebrook River Burying Ground
Colebrook River Dam
Colebrook Town Garage
Colebrook Town Hall
Colebrook Volunteer Fire Department Center Station
Colebrook Volunteer Fire Department Forge Station
Colegrove Hill
Coley Town
Coleytown Cemetery
Coleytown Elementary Regional Center
Coleytown Middle School
Collegiate College (historical)
Collier Brook
Collins Company Lower Dam
Collins Company Upper Dam
Collinsville Congregational Church
Collinsville Reservoir
Collinsville Town Hall
Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department
Colonel Ledyard Park
Colonial Chapel
Colonial Chapel Grace Brethren Church
Colonial Green Shopping Center
Colonial Mobile Home Park
Colonial Park (historical)
Colony Pond
Colony Shopping Park Shopping Center
Colt Park
Colt Park South
Colts Pond
Coltsfoot Mountain
Coltsville Historic District
Columbia Lake Brook
Columbia Resident State Trooper Office
Columbia Volunteer Fire Department
Columbus Family Academy
Columbus Green
Columbus Plaza Shopping Center
Colyer Point
Coman Pond
Comcast Theatre
Commerce Campus Industrial Park
Commission on Fire Prevention and Control Connecticut Fire Academy
Commodore Hull Intermediate School
Commons Hill
Community Advent Christian Church
Community Fire Company Station 81
Community Lake
Community of the Cross Church
Compensating Reservoir
Compo Acres Shopping Center
Compo Beach
Compo Cove
Compo Hill
Compo Point
Compo Shopping Center
Compo Yacht Club
Compo-Owenoke Historic District
Compounce Lake
Compounce Mountain
Comstock Community Center
Comstock Knoll
Conantville Brook
Confield Park
Congdon Dam
Congregation Agudath Sholom
Congregation B'Nai Isreal Library
Congregation Beth Ahm
Congregation Beth El Cemetery
Congregation Beth El Church
Congregation Beth El Keser Israel
Congregation Bethel of Ansonia Cemetery
Congregation Bikur Cholim
Congregation Church of Plainville
Congregation Kol Havarim
Congregation Mishkan Israel Cemetery
Congregation of Notre Dame
Congregation of Shalom
Congregation Ohave Sholem Cemetery
Congregation Rodeph Sholom
Congregation Tephereth Israel
Congregationa Adath Yisrael
Congregational Church of Putnam
Congregational Church of Salem Cemetery
Conn Cove
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Connecticut Air National Guard Fire Department
Connecticut Audubon Birdcraft Museum
Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center
Connecticut Audubon Society at Larsen Sanctuary
Connecticut Audubon Society Library
Connecticut Auto Mall
Connecticut Building
Connecticut Childrens Hospital Medical Center Library
Connecticut Childrens Medical Center
Connecticut Childrens Museum
Connecticut College
Connecticut College Arboretum
Connecticut College Pond
Connecticut Department of Children and Families Library
Connecticut Department of Corrections Hospital
Connecticut Department of Justice Centralized Library
Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum
Connecticut Golf Club
Connecticut Graphis Arts Center and Museum
Connecticut Hall
Connecticut Historical Museum
Connecticut Historical Society Building
Connecticut Historical Society Library
Connecticut Horticultural Society Library
Connecticut Humane Society
Connecticut Industrial Business Park
Connecticut Institute for the Blind
Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Library
Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Library at Stamford
Connecticut Korean Mission Church
Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial
Connecticut Mental Health Center
Connecticut Mental Health Center Library
Connecticut Police Academy
Connecticut Post Mall Shopping Center
Connecticut Railroad Historical Museum
Connecticut River
Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative
Connecticut River Museum
Connecticut River State Wildlife Area
Connecticut Society of Genealogists Library
Connecticut State Boat Launch Area
Connecticut State Boat Launching Area
Connecticut State Capitol
Connecticut State Capitol Annex
Connecticut State Capitol Park
Connecticut State Childrens Home
Connecticut State House Green
Connecticut State Judicial Department Law Library
Connecticut State Library
Connecticut State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Connecticut State Medical Society
Connecticut State Office Building
Connecticut State Orphanage
Connecticut State Police Department Headquarters
Connecticut State Police Department Troop A
Connecticut State Police Department Troop B
Connecticut State Police Department Troop C
Connecticut State Police Department Troop D
Connecticut State Police Department Troop E
Connecticut State Police Department Troop F
Connecticut State Police Department Troop G
Connecticut State Police Department Troop H
Connecticut State Police Department Troop I
Connecticut State Police Department Troop K
Connecticut State Police Department Troop L
Connecticut State Police Department Troop W
Connecticut State Records Center
Connecticut State Superior Courthouse
Connecticut Superior Court
Connecticut Superior Court Building
Connecticut Superior Court Juvenile Court and Detention Center
Connecticut Superior Courthouse
Connecticut Trolley Museum
Connecticut Trolley Museum Library
Connecticut Valley Church of Christ
Connecticut Valley Hindu Temple
Connecticut Valley Hospital
Connecticut Valley Hospital Fire Department
Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Information and Science Center
Conning Towers-Nautilus Park
Conservatin Center
Constitution Plaza
Constitution Square
Consumer Products Division/Warner-Lambert Company Heliport
Conte High School
Contentment Island
Continental Army Hospital State Monument
Convent Mary Immaculate
Convent Notre Dame School (historical)
Convent of the Sacred Heart
Converse Art Gallery
Converse Lake
Converse Lake Dam
Converse Pond Brook
Conway Outpatient Clinic
Coogan Pavilion
Cook Hill
Cook Hill Volunteer Fire Department
Cooke Homestead (historical)
Cooks Gap
Cooks Pond (historical)
Cooley Hill School
Cooley Pond
Coolfish Hill
Coon Hollow Park
Cooper Pond Brook
Copacos Shopping Center
Copernicus Hall and Observtory
Copp Park
Copper Hill Cemetery
Copper Hill Church
Copper Hill Golf Course
Copper Mill Brook
Copper Mine Brook
Copps Brook
Copps Hill Common
Copps Hill Plaza Shopping Center
Copps Island
Copps Rocks
Copts Brook
Cora J Belden Library
Coram Cemetery
Coram Hill
Corbin Heights Housing
Corbin Hospital
Corbin Wildlife Marsh
Corbin Wildlife Marsh Dam
Corbins Corner Shopping Center
Corbins Corner Shopping Parkade Shopping Center
Corey Sub Park
Cormorant Reef
Cormorant Rock
Cornelis Dam
Cornelis Pond
Corneluis McAuliffe Park
Corner of the Pines
Corners (historical)
Cornerstone Christian Center
Cornerstone Christian School
Cornerstone Pool
Cornfield Park
Cornfield Point Lightship (historical)
Cornfield Point Shoal
Cornwall Bridge
Cornwall Bridge Post Office
Cornwall Bridge Pottery
Cornwall Cemetery
Cornwall Center
Cornwall Consolidated Elementary School
Cornwall Hollow
Cornwall Post Office
Cornwall Town Hall
Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department Cornwall Bridge Firehouse
Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department West Cornwall Firehouse
Corporate Center Heliport
Corporate Ridge Heliport
Cory Brook
Cos Cob
Cos Cob Harbor
Cos Cob Pond
Cos Cob School

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