Satellite map of Idaho state with roads maps

Satellite maps of Idaho state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in Idaho.

'Imnamatnoon Creek
'Imnamatnoon Likoolam
112 A Lateral
12 Mile Saddle
12th Ave Drain
1465 Lateral
15.0 Lateral
15.0 North Branch Lateral
15.0 South Branch Lateral
16 to 1 Bay
26 Mile Lake
330 Spring
34 Creek
45 Hill
45 Ranch
45 Windmill
5.17 Lateral
5.3 Lateral
5.5 Lateral
6.6 Lateral
700 Drain
9.8 Lateral
A 1 Canal
A B McDonald Elementary School
A H Bush Elementary School
A H Creek
A J Winters Elementary School
A Lateral
A Manes
A W Johnson Elementary School
A-3 Canal
A-4 Canal
A-5 Canal
Aaron Drain
Abandon Creek
Abandon Mountain
Abbey (historical)
Abbot Campground
Abbot Gulch
Abbott Springs
Abby Creek
Abercombie Ridge
Aberdeen - Springfield Fire Department
Aberdeen Elementary-Middle School
Aberdeen Lodge Bay
Aberdeen Municipal Airport
Aberdeen Springfield Canal
Aberdeen Wasteway Canal
Abes Knob
Abrams Height
Abstein Place
Accident Gulch
Ace Butte
Ace Fire Protection District
Ace Lateral
Ace Spring
Acequia Elementary School
Aconite Creek
Acorn Butte
Ada - Boi Critical Care Transfer Team
Ada County
Ada County Juvenile Center
Ada County Paramedics
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 32
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 52
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 53
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 54
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 56
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 57
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 58
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 59
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 60
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 61
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 63
Ada County Paramedics Medical Station 68
Ada County Sheriff's Office
Ada County Sheriff's Office Eagle
Ada Gulch
Adams County Health Center
Adams County Sheriff's Office
Adams Gulch
Adelaide Theatre
Adelmann Mine
Aden Creek
Ader Gulch
Admiral Peak
Advent Hollow (historical)
Adventist Christian Academy of Idaho Falls
Adverse Creek
Aegetter Hollow
Agatha Creek
Agency Lateral
Aggipah Mountain
Ahlvers Creek
Ahrs Creek
Ahrs Gulch
Ahsahka Access Area
Ahsahka Post Office
Aikers Draw
Aikers Field
Aikers Reservoir
Aikman (historical)
Air Line Trail
Airport Pond Public Fishing Area
Airway Park
Aitken Spring
Akers Gulch
Al Sadie Ranch
Al Vanderpool Picnic Area
Alamance Mine
Alan Siding
Albeni Cove
Albeni Cove Campground
Albeni Falls
Albeni Falls Campground
Albeni Falls Creek
Albeni Falls Dam
Albeni Falls Dam Picnic Area
Albert Moser Campground
Albert Taylor Place
Alberthsen Canyon
Albertson Creek
Albertson Spring
Albion Fire Protection District
Albion Mountains
Albion Quick Response Unit
Albrethsen Dam
Aldape Park
Aldape Summit
Alden Creek
Alder City (historical)
Alder Creek Flats
Alder Creek School
Alder Creek Summit
Alder Dam
Aldermand Ridge
Aldous Lake
Aldridge Canyon
Alexander Crater
Alexander Flats
Alexander McDowell Rest Area
Alhands Spring
Alibi Spring
Alice Pittinger Girl Scout Camp
Alidade Creek
Alidade Lake
Alkali Drain
Alkire Creek
Allan Creek
Allan Lake
Allan Mountain
Allen and Cherry Ditch
Allen H Tigert Airport
Allen Lateral
Allens Spur
Alley Gulch
Alley Lyons Creek
Allhands Spring
Alliance Canal
Allison Creek Campground
Allison Creek Picnic Area
Ally Gulch
Ally Point
Ally Point Trail
Almo Creek
Almo Elementary School
Almo Park
Almo Post Office
Almo Rock Quick Response Unit
Alney Canyon
Alpha Grange
Alpheus Creek
Alpine Hot Springs
Alpine Lake Wildlife Habitat Area (historical)
Alta Creek
Altemont Mine
Alturas City (historical)
Alturas County (historical)
Alturas Gulch
Alturas Inlet Campground
Alturas Lake
Alturas Lake Creek
Alvin Gulch
Alvins Well
Amanita Campground
Amber Gulch
Amber Lakes
Ambulance Service of Magic Valley Regional Medical Center Station 2
Ambulance Service of Magic Valley Regional Medical Center Station 3
American Falls Airport
American Falls City Fire Department
American Falls Dam
American Falls Hatchery
American Falls High School
American Falls Police Department
American Falls Post Office
American Falls Reservoir
American Falls Rural Fire Department
American Girl Gulch
American Hill Lake
American Ridge Cemetery
Ames Gulch
Amicus Mine
Amie Number One
Amie Number Two
Amity Drain
Ammon Cemetery
Ammon Extension Canal
Ammon Fire Department
Ammon Intermediate School
Ammon Lateral
Ammon Park
Ammondo School
Amos Bench
Amy Gulch
Amy-Matchless Mine
Anares Park
Anchor Meadow
Anderson Butte National Recreation Trail
Anderson Creek Trail
Anderson Lateral
Anderson Mill Canyon
Anderson Ranch Big Game Range
Anderson Ranch Dam
Anderson Ranch Reservoir
Anderson-Plummer Airport
Andreason Number Three Dam
Andrew Nyman Mountain
Andrews Canyon
Andrews Lateral
Andrews Spring Creek
Andys Hump
Andys Lakes
Angel Butte
Angel Ridge Cemetery
Angelo Ditch
Angle Gulch
Angle Point
Angleworm Spring
Angus Creek
Anita Creek
Ann Morrison Park
Anne Valley
Anne Valley Creek
Annie Creek
Annie Rooney Creek
Annis Slough
Anns Lake
Ansley Dam
Ant Basin
Ant Basin Creek
Ant Butte
Ant Hill Well
Antelope Basin
Antelope Campground
Antelope Creek Access Area
Antelope Creek Ranch
Antelope Flat Reservoir
Antelope Guard Station
Antelope Lakes
Antelope Pocket
Antelope Spring Ranch
Antelope Swale
Antelope Valley Airport
Antimony Camp
Antler Ridge
Antz Basin
Apache Mill
Aparejo Creek
Aparejo Point
Apex Lateral
Apgar Campground
Apgar Creek
Apollo Creek
Appaloosa Horse Club and Museum
Appendicitis Hill
Appendix Lake
Apple Valley School
Applejack Creek
Appleton Siding
April Creek
Aquarius Campground
Aquinaldo Flat
Arange Creek
Arange Peak
Arbaugh Ranch
Arbon Crossing
Arbon Elementary School
Arbon Post Office
Arbon Valley
Arbon Valley Cemetery
Arc Lateral
Arcadia Canal
Arcadia-Lower Dam
Arcadia-Upper Dam
Arch Lateral
Arch Table
Archer Saddle
Archie Mountain
Arco Airport
Arco Canal
Arco Elementary School
Arco Fire Department Business Office
Arco Hills
Arco Peak
Arctic Creek
Arctic Point
Arctic Point Fire Lookout
Arctic Point Lookout
Arena Case Drain
Arena Lake Drain
Arena Valley
Arendt Homestead
Arentson Gulch
Argentine Mine (historical)
Argonne West
Argosy Creek
Arguement Creek
Argument Ridge
Argy Island
Arid Peak
Arid Ridge Trail
Arimo Ditch
Arimo Fire Department
Arkansas Spring
Arkoosh Hydro
Arkoosh Wendell Well
Arling Hot Spring
Arling Station
Arling Trail
Arlington Creek
Arlise Gulch
Armison Gulch
Armstrong Gulch
Armstrong Lateral
Armstrong Lookout
Armstrong Meadows
Arnett Meadows
Arnolds Gulch
Arrastra Gulch
Arrison Ridge
Arrow Campsite
Arrow Lateral
Arrow Point Reservoir
Arrow Rock Junction (historical)
Arrowhead Spring Number Two
Arrowrock Dam
Arrowrock Recreation Site
Arrowrock Reservoir
Arson Creek
Artesian City
Artesian Substation
Artillery Creek
Artillery Dome
Asay Ranch
Asbestos Creek
Asbestos Peak
Ascension Priory
Ascent Creek
Ash Lateral
Ashbury Spring
Ashenfelter Creek
Ashlock Gulch
Ashpile Creek
Ashpile Peak
Ashton Fish Hatchery
Ashton Gulch
Ashton Police Department
Ashton Reservoir
Aspen Acres Golf Club
Aspen Draw
Aspen Range
Aspendale Community Hall
Aspendale Wildlife Habitat Area
Aspitarte Lake
Assay Creek
Association Corral
Association Well
Astor Gulch
Athol Airport
Athol Creek
Athol Elementary School
Atkinson Peak
Atlanta Airport
Atlanta Guard Station
Atlanta Hot Springs
Atlanta Power Station
Atlanta Recreation Site
Atlanta Rural Fire Department
Atlanta School
Atlasta Mountain
Atomic City
Atomic City Fire Department Mobile Unit
Attell Lateral
Attention Peak
Atwater Lake
Aubion Creek
Auger Falls Access Area
Auglebright Gulch
Augustine Ditch
Aunt Mellys Spring
Austin Butte
Austin Ridge Lookout
Automatic Creek
Autumn Creek
Auxor Basin
Auxor Mine
Avalanche Ridge
Avandale Spring
Avelene Creek
Aven Lateral
Avery Creek Nocelly Gulch Saddle
Avery Creek Picnic Area
Avery Elementary - Junior High School
Avery Guard Station
Avery Ranger Station
Avery Reservoir
Avery Saddle
Avery Table
Avondale Basin
Ax Park
Ax Park Way
Axe Creek
Axe Gulch
Axolotl Mine
Ayers Meadows
B 1 A Lateral
B 1 D Lateral
B 1 G Lateral
B 1 Lateral
B 1 Pipeline
B 2 Lateral
B 2 Pipeline
B Ditch
B Feeder
B Line Canal
B Main Drain
B-1 Canal
B-1 Ditch
B-4 Canal
Babbington Creek
Babbington Spring Number 2
Babins Junction
Baboon Creek
Baboon Gulch
Babs Flat
Baby Creek Spring
Baby Grand Mountain
Baby Joe Gulch
Bache Spring
Bacon Peak
Bacon Reservoir Ranch (historical)
Bacon Rind Gate
Bad Bear Campground
Bad Bear Creek
Bad Bear Peak
Bad Luck Lookout Tower
Bad Tom Mountain
Bad Tom Trail
Badger Basin
Badger Creek Access Area
Badger Creek Bar
Badger Creek Recreation Site
Badger Gulch Spring
Badger Knoll
Badger Meadows
Badger Mountain Spring
Badger Reservoir
Badger Spring Gulch
Badley Ranch
Bady Creek
Bae Creek
Bagely Creek
Bailey Bar
Bailey Corral Canyon
Bailey Creek Spring
Bailing Reservoir
Bain Canal
Bain Feeder Canal
Bainbridge Spring
Bairds Gulch
Bait Creek
Baker Creek Campground
Baker Creek Picnic Area
Baker Wildlife Habitat Area North
Bakers Canyon
Baking Powder Mountain
Balanced Rock County Park
Balanced Rock Crossing
Balanced Rock State Park
Bald Hill Spring Number 1
Bald Hill Spring Number 2
Bald Mountain Guard Station
Baldy Bear Creek
Baldy Knoll
Ball Butte
Ball Lakes
Ballard Ditch
Ballentine Canal
Ballentyne Creek
Ballinger Flat
Ballinger Point
Ballys Hole
Baltic Canyon
Banana Gulch
Banbury Natatorium (historical)
Banbury Springs
Bancroft Fire Department
Bancroft Municipal Airport
Bancroft Springs
Baner Creek
Banks Campground
Banks Gulch
Banks Recreation Site
Banks Spring
Banks Valley
Bannack Pass
Banner Creek Rest Area
Banner Ridge Recreation Site
Banner Summit
Banner Summit Rest Area
Bannister Basin
Bannock Canal
Bannock County
Bannock County Fairgrounds
Bannock County Sheriff's Office
Bannock Creek
Bannock Drain
Bannock Guard Station
Bannock Jim Slough
Bannock Peak
Bannock Pumping Station
Bannock Range
Bannock Regional Medical Center Heliport
Bannock Spring
Bannon Spring
Baptie Lake
Bar D Dam
Barber Cabin
Barber Dam
Barber District Ranger Station
Barber Flat
Barber Flat Forest Service Station
Barbour Spring
Barclay Bay Picnic Area
Barclay Creek
Bardsly Gulch Drain
Bare Canyon
Bare Gulch
Bare Hill Spring
Bare Spring
Barefoot Creek
Bargamin Bar
Bargamin Bar Campsite
Bargamin Creek
Bargamin Rapids
Barinaga Lake
Baritoe Campground
Barkdull Ranch
Barking Fox Lake
Barnes Gulch
Barney Hot Springs
Barneys Park Campground
Baron Creek
Baron Creek Falls
Baron Gulch
Baron Lakes
Baron Peak
Barr Gulch
Barrel Water Hole
Barrinaga Corrals
Barrymore Creek
Bartel Canyon
Barth Hot Springs
Barton Dam
Barton Hump
Barton Reservoir
Bartoo Island
Basalt Canal
Basalt Cemetery
Basco Lake
Bascom Canyon
Base Camp Campground
Basin Cemetery
Basin Creek Campground
Basin Elementary-Junior High School
Basin Lateral
Basin Patch Spring
Basin Siphon
Basin-Elba Pass
Basinger Canyon
Basket Springs Creek
Basque Creek
Basque Spring
Bass Lake Access
Bassett Gulch
Baston Creek
Bat Hot Spring (historical)
Bat Point
Bath Creek Gorge
Bath Rock
Bath Rock Creek
Bathtub Creek
Bathtub Meadows
Bathtub Mountain
Batiste Springs
Batt Trail
Battle Creek Crossing Waterhole Number 1
Battle Creek Crossing Waterhole Number 2
Battle Creek Lakes
Battle Creek Ridge
Battle Creek Well
Battle Ridge - Pleasant Valley - Clearwater Volunteer Rural Fire Department
Battleaxe Mountain
Battleground (historical)
Battleground Cemetery
Battles Mill
Baumgartner Campground
Bayha Island
Bayhorse Campground
Bayhorse Creek
Bayhorse Lake
Bayhorse Recreation Site
Bayhorse Well
Bayhouse Creek
Bayview Post Office
Beachs Corner
Beacon Butte
Beacon Christian School
Beacon Light Mines
Bead Lakes
Beagle Creek
Beagle Gulch
Beal Cabin
Beal Lateral
Beal Number Three Dam
Beals Butte
Bean Creek Saddle
Beansnapper Creek
Bear Air Airport
Bear Bar
Bear Camp Gulch
Bear Camp Spring
Bear Cat Canyon
Bear Creek Bay
Bear Creek Point
Bear Creek Summer Home Area
Bear Den Butte
Bear Guard Station
Bear Gulch Campground
Bear Gulch Gravel Pit
Bear Gulch Ski Area
Bear Gulch Spring
Bear Hole Creek
Bear Hole Trail
Bear Lake County
Bear Lake County Airport
Bear Lake County Ambulance
Bear Lake County Sheriff's Office
Bear Lake Creek
Bear Lake High School
Bear Lake Hot Springs
Bear Lake Junior High School (historical)
Bear Lake Memorial Hospital
Bear Lake Middle School
Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Bear Lake Plateau
Bear Lake Sands
Bear Lake Valley
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 1
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 10
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 11
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 12
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 14
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 2
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 3
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 4
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 5
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 6
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 8
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Protection District Station 9
Bear Mountain Creek
Bear Packer Camp
Bear Pete Lake
Bear Pete Mountain
Bear River Range
Bear Run Gulch
Bear Skull
Bear Trap Airport
Bear Trap Lava Tube
Bear Trap Saddle
Bear Trap Saddle Trail
Bear Valley Creek Trail
Bear Valley Lakes
Bear Valley Mountain
Bear Valley Patrol Cabin
Bear Wallow Point
Bear Wallow Trail (historical)
Beardsley Gulch
Beardy Gulch
Bearhill Creek
Bears Oil and Roots Camp
Bearsden Waterhole
Bearskin Meadows
Beartrap Lookout
Beartrap Ranch
Beartrap Saddle
Beauty Bay
Beauty Bay Picnic Area
Beauty Creek Campground
Beauty Saddle
Beaux Ranch Field
Beaver Bay Swim Area
Beaver Cabin (historical)
Beaver Creek Springs
Beaver Creek Store
Beaver Creek Summit
Beaver Dam Canyon
Beaver Dam Recreation Area
Beaver Dam Saddle
Beaver Dick Cemetery
Beaver Jack Mountain
Beaver Lake Trail
Beaver Pass
Beaver Peak
Beaver Ridge Lookout
Beaver Saddle
Beaver Station
Beaver Work Center
Beaverdam Gulch
Beaverdam Pass
Beaverdam Pass Spring
Beaverdam Peak
Beaverhead Mountains
Beaverland Pass
Bechler Creek
Bechtel Butte
Bechtel Creek
Beck and Evan Ditch
Beck Ditch (historical)
Beckdolt Lateral
Becker Draw
Beckman Canyon
Becky Island
Bed Ground Creek
Bed Springs
Bed Springs Butte
Bedbug Creek
Bedke Canyon
Bedke Spring
Bedrock Flat
Bedrock Gulch
Bedstead Corner
Bedstead Ridge
Bedstead Spring
Bedy Canyon
Bee Hunt Hollow
Bee Top Mountain
Beedle Point
Beehive Creek
Beehive Lakes
Beer Bottle Crossing
Beer Can Spring
Beer Mug Spring
Beeroth Canal
Beers Spur
Beetle Hump
Beker Tailings Number Three Dam
Bell Bay Campground
Bell Larsen Canal
Bell Mare Creek
Bell Mare Spring
Bell Marsh Creek
Bell Mountain Canyon
Bell Mountain Creek
Bell Mountain Ranger Station
Bell Rapids (historical)
Bell Rapids Access Area
Bell Saddle
Bellas Lakes
Belle Creek Campground
Bellevue Canal
Bellevue Primary School
Bellgrove Creek
Bellville Mine
Belshazzar Mine
Belvidere Creek
Bemis Point
Bemis Ranch
Ben Mills Flat
Ben Ross Reservoir
Bench A Canal
Bench B Canal
Bench Canal
Bench Creek Rest Area
Benchmark Hill
Bend Gulch
Bend Reservoir
Benewah Community Hospital
Benewah Community Hospital Heliport
Benewah County
Benewah County Sheriff's Office
Benewah Creek
Benewah Lake
Bengeochea Crossing
Bengoechea Cabin
Bengoechea Place
Benham Canal
Bennett Creek Basin
Bennett Creek Bridge
Bennett Lateral
Bennett Patrol Cabin Site
Bennetts Grove
Bennetts Pass
Bennetts Spring
Benning Lookout (historical)
Benning Mountain
Bennington Canyon
Bennion Gampground
Benson Drain
Benton Butte
Benton Lateral
Benton Meadows
Benton Peak
Benton Saddle
Bentz Brothers
Bentz Cow Camp
Bentz Creek
Bentz Ridge
Berel Lake
Berg Mountain
Berg-Green Gulch
Berge Creek
Berge Peak
Berger Butte
Berger Reservoir
Berger Well
Bergguist Spring
Bergh Mine
Bergs Creek
Bergstrom Place
Berlin Flats
Berlin Gulch
Bernard Bridge
Bernard Creek Guard Station
Bernard Ditch
Bernard Ferry
Bernard Overlook
Bernard Peak
Bernard Point
Bernard Wasteway
Bernard-US Forest Service Airport
Bernards Bedground
Berneathy Spring
Bernier Creek
Bernier Point
Bert Monday Reservoir
Bertha Creek
Bertha Rock
Bertram Canal
Berven Bay
Bess Creek
Bessie Gulch
Besslen Station
Best Corner
Best Hill
Bestland Cemetery
Bethel Canyon
Bethlehem Mine
Bethlehem Mountain
Bettis Dam
Bettis Number Three Dam
Bettis Number Two Dam
Bettis Reservoir
Between the Creeks
Between the Fields Spring
Bex Spring
Biby Ditch
Bicardi Place
Bickel (historical)
Bickel Elementary School
Bickel Spring
Biddle Ridge
Bieroth Canal
Big Aparejo Creek
Big Baldy Ridge Trail
Big Bear Ridge
Big Bend Campsite
Big Bend Crossing
Big Bend Ditch
Big Bend of Sheep Creek
Big Bend Reservoir
Big Black Dome
Big Blind Canyon
Big Blowout Butte
Big Blowout Creek
Big Blue Creek Dam
Big Blue Creek Reservoir
Big Bluff Picnic Ground (historical)
Big Bob Creek
Big Boggy Spring
Big Boulder Lakes
Big Boulder Meadow
Big Buck Spring
Big Buffalo Mine
Big Bulldog Creek
Big Burn Point
Big Burnett Canyon
Big Butte Reservoir
Big Butte Reservoir Number Two
Big Butte School
Big Campbell Creek
Big Canyon Fire District
Big Canyon Saddle
Big Casino Creek
Big Cedar Canyon
Big Chief Creek
Big Chief Creek Trail
Big Cinder Butte
Big Cottonwood Island
Big Cougar Creek
Big Craters
Big Craters Flow
Big Creek Cabin
Big Creek Camp (historical)
Big Creek Gorge
Big Creek Heliport
Big Creek Meadows
Big Creek Point
Big Creek Ridge
Big Creek Summit
Big Creek Summit Trail
Big Creek Work Center
Big Dave Creek
Big Dick Creek
Big Dick Point
Big Draw Reservoir
Big Drops
Big Dry Hollow
Big Eddy Campground
Big Eddy Trail
Big Eightmile Campground
Big Eightmile Creek
Big Elk Creek Campground
Big Fall Creek Lake
Big Fiddler Creek
Big Fill Reservoir
Big Fir Picnic Area
Big Fisher Lake
Big Five Creek
Big Flat Ditch
Big Fog Lake
Big Fog Mountain
Big Fog Saddle
Big Foot Bar
Big Foot Butte
Big Foot Island
Big Gallagher Creek
Big Gene Creek
Big George
Big Grassy Butte
Big Grassy Ridge
Big Gulch Creek
Big Hammer Creek
Big Hank Campground
Big Hank Creek
Big Hank Meadow
Big Hat Creek
Big Hazard Lake
Big Hill Gulch
Big Hill Rapids
Big Hole Mountains
Big Holes
Big Horse Basin Gap
Big Horse Butte
Big Horse Canyon Creek
Big Horse Spring
Big I Grade
Big Indian Camp
Big Jacks Creek
Big Jacks Creek Wilderness
Big Jimmy Creek
Big Jureano Creek
Big Lakes
Big Lookout Lake
Big Lost Lake
Big Lost River
Big Lost River Lower Access Area
Big Lost River Sinks
Big Lost River Upper Access Area
Big Lost River Valley
Big Malad Spring
Big Mallard Creek
Big Mallard Creek Bar
Big Mallard Creek Campground
Big Mallard Rapids
Big Mike Spring
Big Owl Creek
Big Pass Reservoir
Big Peak Creek
Big Pilgrim Gulch
Big Pipe Spring
Big Ramey Creek
Big Roaring River Lake
Big Roaring River Lake Campground
Big Rocky Island
Big Sagehen Reservoir
Big Sheepeater Creek
Big Silverlead Creek
Big Sink Waterhole
Big Sinks Reservoir
Big Siphon Wasteway
Big Six Canal
Big Smith Creek
Big Smoky Campground
Big Smoky Guard Station
Big Smoky Work Center
Big Snag Campsite
Big Soldier Mountain
Big Southern Butte
Big Southern Butte Airport
Big Spring Creek Hatching Channel
Big Springs Butte
Big Springs Lookout
Big Spruce Creek
Big Squaw Creek
Big Stew Creek
Big Sulphur Rapids
Big Table Mountain
Big Talk Lake
Big Tamarack Spring
Big Tinker Creek
Big Trinity Lake
Big Trinity lake Campground
Big Valley Elementary School
Big Water Gulch
Big Water Hole
Big Whitley Gulch
Big Willlow Spring
Big Windy Peak
Big Wood Drain Ditch
Big Wood River
Bigfoot Lake
Bighorn Bridge
Bighorn Campground
Bighorn Country
Bighorn Crags
Bighorn Point
Bilious Creek
Bilk Lake
Bilk Mountain
Bill DeAlder Draw
Bill George Spring
Bill Morgan Canyon
Bill Reservoir
Bill Williams Canyon
Billings Dam
Billings Reservoir
Billingsley Creek Wildlife Management Area
Billman Canal
Bills Creek Rapids
Billy Creek Dam
Billy Rhodes Creek
Billy Rice Public Swimming Area
Billy Shaw Slough
Billy Snipe Reservoir
Billys Hole Creek
Bim Creek
Bimerick Creek
Bimerick Meadows
Bimetallic Ridge
Binarch Creek
Binarch Mountain
Bingham County
Bingham County Sheriff's Office
Bingham Memorial Hospital
Bingman Ridge
Bingo Creek
Bingo Creek Landing
Bingo Saddle
Binney Creek
Binocular Peak
Birch Basin
Birch Creek Campground
Birch Creek Dam
Birch Creek Hatchery
Birch Creek Sinks
Birch Creek Trail
Birch Creek Valley
Birch Flat
Birch Glen Picnic Ground
Bird Gulch
Bird Number Two Airport
Birdbill Lake
Birding Island
Birdseye Butte
Birthday Creek
Bisbee Creek
Bischoff Canyon
Bishop Burn Well
Bishop Kelly High School
Bishop Saddle
Bismark Basin
Bismark Meadows
Bismark Trail
Bismark Work Center
Bissell Canyon
Bissell Spring
Biswell Creek
Bitch Creek
Bitch Creek Cow Camp
Bitch Lake
Bitterbrush Reservoir
Bitterroot Mountain
Bitterroot Mountains
Bitterroot Range
Bitterroot Springs
Bitters Butte
Bitters Creek
Bitters Peak
Bitton Ranch
Bitton Spring
Bivouac Creek
Black Butte Crater
Black Butte Hills
Black Butte Lookout
Black Butte Ranch Airport
Black Butte Trail
Black Canyon Canal
Black Canyon Saddle
Black Cap Peak
Black Cinder Gulch
Black Daisy Canyon
Black Flow
Black Hornet Mine
Black Imp
Black Jack Peak
Black Lee Campground
Black Lee Creek
Black Leg Box Canyon
Black Leg Creek
Black Leg Reservoir
Black Leopard Discovery Mine
Black Nose
Black Otter Canal
Black Pine
Black Pine Campground
Black Pine Canyon
Black Pine Cone
Black Pine Mountain
Black Pine Mountains
Black Pine Peak
Black Pine Spring
Black Pine Well Number 1
Black Pole
Black Prince Creek
Black Ridge Crater
Black Ridge Well
Black Rock Bay
Black Rock Crossing
Black Rock Pocket
Black Sand Hollow
Black Sand Spring
Black Stone
Black Tail Canyon
Black Tip
Black Warrior
Black Warrior Creek
Black Warrior Creek Trail
Black's Airfield
Blackbird Mines
Blackbird Reservoir
Blackbird Tailings Dam
Blackburn Saddle
Blackcloud Creek
Blackdome Peak
Blackeagle Creek
Blackfoot Bridge
Blackfoot Canal
Blackfoot Dam
Blackfoot Fire Department Station 1
Blackfoot Fire Department Station 2
Blackfoot High School
Blackfoot Lava Field
Blackfoot Mountains
Blackfoot Police Department
Blackfoot Reservoir
Blackfoot River
Blackfoot River Park
Blackfoot River Park Access Area
Blackfoot Slough
Blackfoot-Equalizing Dam
Blackhawk Rapid
Blackhawk Rapids
Blackie Creek
Blacklead Mountain
Blackmare Creek
Blackmare Cutoff Trail
Blackmare Lake
Blackmare Lookout
Blackmare Summit
Blackmare Trail
Blackmon Peak
Blacknose Mountain
Blackpine Mine
Blacks (historical)
Blacks Bridge Access Area
Blacks Creek Dam
Blacks Creek Reservoir
Blacks Creek Rifle Range
Blacks Knoll
Blacks Well Number 2
Blacksmith Gulch
Blackspar Canyon
Blackstock Spring
Blackstone Desert
Blackstone Ranch
Blacktail Butte
Blacktail Creek Trail
Blacktail Lake
Blacktail Pass
Blacktail Ridge
Blacktop Mountain
Blackwell Hump
Blackwell Slu
Blaine Bridge
Blaine Canal
Blaine County Fairgrounds
Blair Trail Reservoir
Blake Gulch
Blakes Junction
Blanc Creek
Blanchard Creek Dam
Blanchard Fire Station 2
Blanchard Ridge
Blanche Rock
Blaser Station
Bleak Creek
Bleak Creek Lake
Bleas Canyon Recreation Site
Blind Creek Campground
Blind Creek Trail
Blind Fork Trail Creek
Blind Spring Creek
Blind Springs
Blind Summit
Bliss Community Church
Bliss Dam
Bliss Fire District
Bliss Point
Bliss Public School
Bliss Quick Response
Bliss Reservoir
Blister Rust Creek
Blizzard Basin
Blizzard Mountain
Blizzard Mountain Ski Area
Blodgett Mountain
Blodgett Pass
Bloise Gulch
Blonc Creek
Blonde Creek
Bloom Canyon
Bloom Meadows
Bloomington Creek
Bloomington Lake
Bloomington Lake Trail
Bloomington Peak
Bloomsburg Bay
Blossom Mountain
Blow Snake Gulch
Blowfly Campground
Blowfly Creek
Blowout Reservoir
Blue Bird Bar
Blue Bunch Creek
Blue Bunch Mountain
Blue Bunch Ridge
Blue Bunch Spring
Blue Bunch Trail
Blue Canyon Spring
Blue Clay Gulch
Blue Clay Pit Spring
Blue Creek - Upper Dam
Blue Creek Bay
Blue Creek Crossing
Blue Creek Number Four Dam
Blue Creek Number One Dam
Blue Creek Number Two Dam
Blue Creek Spring
Blue Dome
Blue Dragon Flow
Blue Eagle Creek
Blue Grouse Creek
Blue Gulch Spring
Blue Heart Springs
Blue Heaven Cabin
Blue Jay Gulch
Blue Joe Creek
Blue Joe Mountain
Blue Joint
Blue Lake Gulch
Blue Lakes Country Club
Blue Lakes Mall
Blue Lakes Shopping Center
Blue Moon Creek
Blue Plate Mine
Blue Point Public Boat Ramp
Blue Pond Spring
Blue Ribbon Mountain
Blue Ridge Cabin
Blue Star Ridge
Bluebells Creek
Bluebird Mountain
Bluebird Placer Mine
Bluebird Point
Bluegrass Lake
Bluejacket Creek
Bluejacket Mine
Bluett Creek
Bluff Divide
Bluff Lateral
Bluff Station Ferry
BM Hill
BM Hill Lookout
Board Gulch
Boardman Pass
Boatman Spring
Bob Moore Creek
Bob Sewell
Bobby Anderson Mine
Bobby Anderson Ridge
Bobcat Bar
Bobtail Peak
Boche Spring
Bock Creek
Bodenstein Creek
Bodie Canyon
Bodie Canyon Mine
Boehls Butte
Bog Forest Service Station
Boggeman Dam
Boggy Spring
Boghole Spring
Bogle Draw
Bogus Basin
Bogus Basin State Park
Bohannon Dam
Bohannon Spring
Bohlson Lateral
Bohns Rock
Boiler Grade Creek
Boiling Springs Campground
Boiling Springs Driveway
Boiling Springs Work Center
Boise Air Terminal
Boise Air Terminal Air Guard Station
Boise Bar
Boise Basin
Boise Basin Experiment Station
Boise Cascade Heliport
Boise Cascade Lake
Boise Christian School
Boise City Canal
Boise City Fire Department Station 1
Boise City Fire Department Station 10
Boise City Fire Department Station 11
Boise City Fire Department Station 12 Region 4 Hazardous Materials Team
Boise City Fire Department Station 14
Boise City Fire Department Station 2
Boise City Fire Department Station 22
Boise City Fire Department Station 3
Boise City Fire Department Station 4
Boise City Fire Department Station 5
Boise City Fire Department Station 6
Boise City Fire Department Station 7
Boise City Fire Department Station 8
Boise City Fire Department Station 9
Boise County
Boise County Sheriff's Office
Boise Diversion Dam
Boise Fire Department Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Unit
Boise Fire Department Station 17
Boise Hills Village
Boise Junction
Boise Mountains
Boise Mounted Patrol
Boise National Forest
Boise Peak
Boise Police Department
Boise Police Department Boise State University
Boise Police Department Headquarters
Boise Post Office
Boise REI
Boise Ridge
Boise River
Boise River Wildlife Management Area
Boise Senior High School
Boise State University
Boise Towne Square
Boise Trail (historical)
Boise Valley
Boise Valley Adventist School
Boise Valley Canal
Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Boller Lateral
Bolton Canal
Bolton Lateral
Bonami Creek
Bonami Number 1 Mine
Bonanza Guard Station
Bonaparte Mine
Bone Post Office (historical)
Bonehead Creek
Bonehead Hill
Bongus Basin Winter Sports Area
Boni Spring
Boni Table
Bonner County
Bonner County Emergency Medical Services
Bonner County Fairgrounds
Bonner County Sheriff's Office
Bonner General Hospital
Bonner Lake Access Area
Bonner Mall
Bonners Ferry
Bonners Ferry Fire Department Station 1
Bonners Ferry Fire Department Station 2
Bonners Ferry High School
Bonners Ferry Police Department
Bonners Ferry Post Office
Bonners Ferry Ranger Station
Bonners Ferry Substation
Bonneville County
Bonneville County Sheriff's Office
Bonneville High School
Bonneville Hot Springs
Bonneville Park
Bonneville Peak
Bonneville Point
Bonneville Point Historical Site
Bonus Cove Ranch
Boodry Place
Books Creek
Books Spring
Boom Creek
Boomer Canal
Boomer Slough
Boomerang Creek
Boone Peak
Booneville Gulch
Boorn Lakes
Boosinger Spring
Booth Canyon
Booth Memorial School
Boothe Park Public Boat Ramp
Bootjack Pass
Bootleg Creek
Boquet Creek
Boquet Ridge
Boquet Springs
Borah Elementary School
Borah Peak
Borah Post Office
Borah Senior High School
Border Summit
Borrow Pit Gulch
Borthill Ferry
Boss Canyon
Bostetter Campground
Bostetter Forest Service Station
Bostetter Pasture Spring
Bostetter Spring
Boston Mountain Lake
Bostonian Creek
Bostrum Canal
Botha Creek
Bottle Bay
Bottle Bay Point
Bottle Bay Seaplane Base
Bottle Lake Research Natural Area
Bottolfsen Park
Bouffard Flat
Bouffard Ridge
Boulder Chain Lakes
Boulder Chain Lakes Creek
Boulder City (historical)
Boulder Creek Airstrip
Boulder Creek Cemetery
Boulder Divide
Boulder Driveway Trail
Boulder Lake Trail
Boulder Lakes
Boulder Meadow Dam
Boulder Meadows Reservoir
Boulder Mountains
Boulder Summit
Boulevard Christian School
Boundary Campground
Boundary Community Hospital
Boundary County
Boundary County Airport
Boundary County Junior High School
Boundary County Sheriff's Office
Boundary Creek Recreation Site
Boundary Gulch
Boundary Peak Trail
Bourbon Spring
Bovard Station
Bovill Cemetery
Bovill Elementary School
Bovill Fire Department
Bovill Post Office
Bow Lateral
Bowen Canyon
Bowen Well
Bower Reservoir
Bowery Creek Trailhead Camp
Bowery Guard Station
Bowery Peak
Bowknot Lake
Bowl Butte
Bowl Crater
Bowl Reservoir
Bowman Field (historical)
Bowman Flat
Bown Canyon
Bowns Campground
Bowns Creek
Box Bailey Corral Canyon
Box Car Creek
Box Car Mountain
Box Gulch
Box Lake Trail
Box Sing Creek
Box Spring Gulch
Boy Scout Camp Campground
Boyd Creek Campground
Boyer Slough
Boyle Canyon
Boyle Creek Reservoir
Boyle Mountain
Boyle Ranch
Boyles Gulch
Bozanta Tavern Bay
Bozard Creek
Brace Flat
Brace Ranch
Brace Reservoir
Brackenbury Campground
Bracket Gulch
Bradbury Creek
Bradbury Flat
Bradbury Gulch
Bradbury Mine
Bradley Gulch
Bradley Memorial Camp
Bradley Siding
Bradley Summit
Bradshaw Basin
Bradshaw Gulch
Brady Gulch
Brailsford Ditch
Brailsford Well
Brainard Creek
Braithwaite Canyon
Branch North Gold Creek
Brandon Lakes
Brass Creek
Brassey Ranch
Brassfield Canyon
Braun Creek
Braxon Lake
Braxon Peak
Bray Lake Dam
Bray Lake Ranch
BRC Creek
Bread Loaf Rock
Bread Loaves
Breadwinner Creek
Breakdown Reservoir
Breakwater Campground
Breakwater Creek
Breast Cancer Detection Centers
Breazeale Spring
Brebner Flat
Bredding Ranch Landing Area
Breeching Creek
Breezy Saddle
Bremner Creek
Bremner Trail
Bresheres Lateral
Brett Creek
Bridal Wreath Springs
Bridge Creek Campground
Bridge of Tears
Bridge of the Moon
Bridger Spring
Bridgeview Alternative High School
Bridgeview Creek
Brier Canyon
Brig Campground
Briggs Spring
Brigham Lake Reservoir
Brigham Point
Brigham Point Lake
Brigham Point Trapper Cabin
Brim Canyon
Broad Canyon Recreation Site
Broad Mouth Canyon
Brockie Lake
Brockie Ranch
Brockman Guard Station
Brockmiller Gulch
Brocky Canyon
Brodie Gulch
Broken Circle Ranch
Broken Leg Forest Cabin
Broken Leg Trail
Broken Nose Creek
Broken Ridge Creek
Broken Tank Spring
Broken Top
Broken Top Butte
Broken Wagon Creek
Broken Wagon Draw
Broken Wagon Flat
Broken Wagon Flat Reservoir
Brokie Lake
Bromaghin Peak
Bronco Beach
Bronco Point
Bronson Meadow
Bronson Meadows
Bronx Substation
Brooklyn Intermediate Elementary School
Brooks Lateral
Brooks Seaplane Base
Broomtail Creek
Broten Post Office (historical)
Brown Bear Creek
Brown Bull Mine
Brown Creek Mill
Brown Creek Moto Cross Area
Brown Creek Ridge
Brown Creek Saddle
Brownell Spring
Brownlee Ranger Station
Brownlee Reservoir
Browns Basin
Browns Bench
Browns Camp Creek
Browns Rock Saddle
Browns Spring Creek
Bruce Dam
Bruce Eddy
Bruce Meadows
Bruce Meadows Airport
Bruce Meadows Campground
Bruce Young Spring
Bruces Eddy
Bruces Eddy Campground
Bruin Creek Campground
Bruin Mountain
Bruin Ridge
Brundage Dam
Brundage Mountain
Brundage Mountain Lodge
Brundage Mountain Resort
Brundage Reservoir
Bruneau Arm
Bruneau Canyon
Bruneau Desert
Bruneau Duck Ponds
Bruneau Dunes
Bruneau Dunes State Park
Bruneau Elementary School
Bruneau Fire Department
Bruneau Guard Station
Bruneau Post Office
Bruneau River
Bruneau Valley
Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness
Bruno Cabin Ruins
Brunt Creek
Brunzell Mine
Brunzell Spring
Brush Corral Reservoir Number Two
Brush Creek Rapids
Brush Creek Saddle
Brush Lake Campground
Brushy Fork Lake
Brushy Gulch Trail
Brust Creek
Bubb Canal
Buccal Gulch
Buck Brush Reservoir
Buck Canyon Trail
Buck Corral Creek
Buck Creek Saddle
Buck Flat Draw
Buck Flat Well
Buck Gulch Spring
Buck Lake Creek
Buck Mountain Campground
Buck park Guard Station
Buck Saddle
Buck Springs Wells
Buck Trough Spring
Buckaroo Creek
Buckaroo Dam
Buckaroo Ditch
Buckaroo Spring
Buckboard Gulch
Buckbrush Draw
Buckbrush Flats
Buckbrush Reservoir
Buckhorn Bar
Buckhorn Bar Campground
Buckhorn Bar Creek
Buckhorn Campground
Buckhorn Corrals
Buckhorn Hot Spring
Buckhorn Mountain Lake
Buckhorn Roadside Rest
Buckhorn Substation
Buckhorn Wildlife Habitat Area
Buckhouse Creek
Buckles Mountain
Buckroo Spring
Bucks Basin
Buckshot Point
Buckskin Morgan Ridge
Bud Lewis Hill
Budge Spring
Buffalo Campground
Buffalo Caves Flow
Buffalo Idaho Mine
Buffalo Lodge
Buffalo River Access Area
Buffulo Skull Lake
Bug Slope
Buggy Spring
Bugle Creek
Bugler Reservoir
Bugtown (historical)
Buhl Cemetery
Buhl City Hall
Buhl City Police Department
Buhl Fire Department Station 1
Buhl Fire Department Station 2
Buhl High School
Buhl Junior High School
Buhl Library
Buhl Middle School
Buhl Municipal Airport
Buhl School (historical)
Buhl Senior High School
Buhler Drain
Bull Basin Camp
Bull Basin Creek
Bull Camp Butte
Bull Camp Reservoir
Bull Corral Creek
Bull Creek Bar
Bull Creek Crossing
Bull Creek Hot Springs
Bull Creek Point
Bull Creek Ridge
Bull Elk Creek
Bull Elk Ridge
Bull Frame Creek
Bull Frame Reservoirs
Bull Horn Creek
Bull of the Woods Gulch
Bull Run Cove
Bull Run Creek Falls
Bull Run Lake Access Area
Bull Summit Waterhole
Bull Trout Lake
Bull Trout Lake Campground
Bull Trout Point
Bullet Spring
Bullhead Basin
Bullhead Reservoir
Bullion (historical)
Bullion Creek
Bulls Fork
Bullshot Reservoir
Bullwhacker Canyon
Bumblebee Campground
Bumblebee Meadow
Bumblebee Peak
Bummer Creek
Buncel Basin
Buncel Place
Buncel Reservoir
Bunco Corners
Bundy Station
Bungalow Canal
Bungalow Cow Camp
Bungalow Ranger Station
Bunker Hill Tailings Number One Dam
Bunker Hill Tailings Number Three Dam
Bunker Hill Tailings Number Two Dam
Bunkhouse Creek
Bunnel Creek
Bunney Gulch
Bunting Reservoir
Burbank Spring
Burchertt Canyon
Burchertt Spring
Burchett Lake
Bureau of Land Management Boise District
Bureau of Land Management Bruneau Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Burley Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Challis Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Coeur d'Alene District
Bureau of Land Management Coeur d'Alene Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Cottonwood Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Four Rivers Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Idaho Falls District
Bureau of Land Management Idaho State Office
Bureau of Land Management Jarbidge Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Pocatello Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Salmon Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Shoshone Field Office
Bureau of Land Management Twin Falls District
Bureau of Land Management Upper Snake Field Office
Burgdorf Campground
Burgdorf Creek
Burgdorf Guard Station
Burgdorf Post Office (historical)
Burgdorf Summit
Burgess Canal
Burgess Flats
Burke Lateral
Burke Summit
Burkhart Reservoir
Burley Butte
Burley Fire Department
Burley Junior High School
Burley Municipal Airport
Burley Senior High School
Burley Wildlife Habitat Area Southwest
Burnam Flat
Burned Creek
Burnt Aspen Creek
Burnt Basin
Burnt Butte
Burnt Cabin Mine
Burnt Cedar Creek
Burnt Creek Lake
Burnt Knob Creek
Burnt Knob Lakes
Burnt Log Creek
Burnt Log Trail
Burnt Ridge Cemetery
Burnt Spring Gulch
Burnt Strip Mountain
Burnt Wagon Basin
Burnt Wood Creek
Burntlog Creek
Burpee Mine
Burpee Mountain
Burris Lateral
Burro Ridge Trail
Burst Creek
Burts Reservoir
Buschham Spill
Bush Ranch
Business Gulch
Bussard Creek
Bussard Lake
Bussard Mountain
Bussel Peak
Buster Butte
Buster Gulch
Buster Lake Dam
Buswell (historical)
Butch Reservoir
Butcher Bar
Butcherknife Ridge
Buttars Spring
Butte Arm Canal
Butte County High School
Butte County Middle School
Butte County Sheriff's Office
Butte Crater
Butte Creek Landing
Butte Creek Saddle
Butte Market Lake Canal
Butte Ranch
Butte View Elementary School
Butte Wildlife Habitat Area North
Butte Wildlife Habitat Area South
Butter Gulch
Buttercup Mine
Buttercup Mountain
Butterfield Gulch
Buttermilk Campground
Buttermilk Draw
Butterworth Draw
Button Beach Access Area
Button Butte
Button Hook Group Camp
Buttrey-Osco Family Center
Butts Creek Point
Butzien Butte
Buxton Bridge
Bybee Dam
Bybee Reservoir
Bypass Canal
Bypass Hydroelectric Facility
Byrns Stratton Canal
Byron Creek
C Ben Ross Dam
C C C Spring
C Ditch
C J Strike Dam
C J Strike Reservoir
C J Strike Wildlife Management Area
C Line Canal
C Main Drain
C-1 Canal
C-1 Ditch
C-2 Canal
C-55 Spill
C-Line Canal
C-Line Canal East
C-Line Canal West
Cabarton Station
Cabin Creek Peak
Cabin Creek Trail
Cabin Creek-US Forest Service Airport
Cabin Spring Creek
Cabin Spring Number Two
Cabinet Dam Viewpoint
Cabinet Gorge
Cabinet Gorge Dam
Cabinet Gorge Hatchery
Cabinet Gorge Reservoir
Cabinet Pass
Cable Car Crossing
Cable Ferry
Cable Hole Campsite
Cable Peak
Caboose Creek
Cache Bar
Cache Bar Campground
Cache Clawson Cemetery
Cache Creek Cabin
Cache Creek Lakes
Cache Meadows
Cache Mountain Camp
Caddy Canyon

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