Satellite map of Indiana state with roads maps

Satellite maps of Indiana state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in Indiana.

25th Street Shopping Center
4 Winds Aerodrome
4-H Club Fairground
500 Airport
500 Shopping Center
A and A Township Fire Station 11
A and A Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
A and A Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
A J Thatcher Park
A L Spohn Elementary/Middle School
A.R.C.A. Conference Center-Catholic Retreat
Abbey Run
Abbot Cemetery
Abe Martin Lodge
Aberger Ditch
Abes Branch
Abington Township Fire Department
Abington Township Volunteer Fire Department
Able Ambulance
Abner Creek
Abner Creek Cemetery
Abner-Ragan Cemetery
Aboite Creek
Aboite Township Fire Department
Aboite Township Volunteer Fire Department
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School (historical)
Abshire Ditch
Abundant Life Family Church
Abundant Life Memorial Church
Abyssinian Baptist Church
Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church
Accel Emergency Medical Services
Ace Airpark
Ackeret Church
Ackerman Branch
Acre Cemetery
Acton Elementary School
Acton Run
Adam Church (historical)
Adam's Farms
Adams Central Elementary School
Adams Central High School
Adams Central Middle School
Adams Church
Adams County Emergency Medical Services
Adams County Sand and Gravel Pit
Adams Covered Bridge (historical)
Adams Ditch
Adams Hill
Adams Memorial Hospital
Adams Run
Adams Swine Farms
Adams Township Fire and Rescue
Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department
Adamson Branch
Addleman Ditch
Ade Hospital
Ade McCray Ditch
Adel Cemetery
Adler Ditch
Advance Conservation Club
Advance Fire Department Station 52
Advance Volunteer Fire Department Station 51
Advance Volunteer Fire Department Station 52
Aero Plaines Airport
Aerobatic Practice Airport
Aetna Elementary School
After Hours Care Center of Harrison County Hospital
Agnew Branch
Agnew Ditch
Agricultural Seed Airstrip (historical)
Ahlemeyer Branch
Ahlgrim Ditch
Aikman Church
Aikman Creek
Air Evacuation Lifeteam - Rushville
Air Evacuation Lifeteam 17
Air Evacuation Lifeteam 39
Air Evacuation Lifeteam 46
Air Park Field
Airline Twin Drive-In
Airport Tech Park
Airport Water Treatment Plant
Aitken Lake Dam
Akers Cemetery
Akers Ditch
Akin Ditch
Akin Park
Akron Elementary School
Alain L Locke Elementary School
Alamo Conservation Club
Albany - Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department
Albany Elementary School
Albany Emergency Medical Services
Albert Walsman Junior High School
Albin Pond
Albin Pond Dam
Albion Elementary School
Albright Church
Albright Ditch
Alcan Aluminum Fire Brigade
Alden Cemetery
Alderfer Ditch
Aldersgate Free Methodist Church
Aldrich Bend
Aldrich Ditch
Aldrich Mound
Alel Cemetery
Alex Warner Ditch
Alexander Ditch
Alexander Run
Alexandria Airport
Alexandria Cemetery
Alexandria Elementary School
Alexandria Fire Department
Alexandria-Monroe High School
Alexis Coquillard Elementary School
Alford Airpark
Alfordsville Cemetery
Alfred Beckman Middle School
Algers Cemetery
Alkire Cemetery
All Friends Missionary Baptist Church
All Souls Unitarian-Universalist Church
Alldredge Cemetery
Allen African Methodist Episcopal Chapel
Allen Airport
Allen Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Allen Chapel Church of Christ Jesus
Allen County Public Library
Allen County Public Library Dupont Branch
Allen County Public Library Georgetown Branch
Allen County Public Library Hessen Cassel Branch
Allen County Public Library Little Turtle Branch
Allen County Public Library Pontiac Branch
Allen County Public Library Shawnee Branch
Allen County Public Library Tecumseh Branch
Allen County Public Library Waynedale Branch
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Allen Crossing
Allen Ditch
Allen Mellot Ditch
Allen Whitehill Clowes Ampitheatre
Allen-Bethel Church
Allendale Camp
Allens Acres
Allens Creek Post Office (historical)
Allens Creek State Recreation Area
Allensville Cemetery
Allesee Park
Alley Oop Airport
Alleyne Chapel
Alliance Emergency Medical Services
Allison Mansion
Allison Run
Allisonville Christian Church
Allisonville Elementary School
Allman Ditch
Allstott School
Alma Creek
Alma Lake
Almond Ditch
Alpha Post Office (historical)
Alquina Elementary School
Als Hollow
Altamont Switch
Altar Creek
Alten Ditch
Altenheim Community Home
Alum Cave Hollow
Aluminum Company of America Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services
Alumni Hall and Career Center
Alverna Creek
Amazon Lake
Amazon Lake Dam
Amboy Volunteer Fire Company
Ambridge Elementary School
America Cemetery
American Park
American Run
Americare Ambulance Service - Kokomo
Americare Ambulance Service - Lafayette
Americus Cemetery
Ameriplex Business Park
Ames Chapel
Amity Branch
Amity Ditch
Amity United Methodist Church
Amo Elementary School
Amore Ditch
Amos Ditch
Ams Run
Amstutz Ditch
Amy Airport (historical)
Amy Kelly Ditch
Amy Lake
Amy Lake Dam
An Open Door Church
Anchor Creek
Ancilla Domini College
Anderson Ditch
Anderson Fire Department
Anderson Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters
Anderson Fire Department Station 2
Anderson Fire Department Station 3
Anderson Fire Department Station 4
Anderson Fire Department Station 6
Anderson Fire Department Station 7
Anderson Fire Department Station 8
Anderson Memorial Park
Anderson Municipal Airport
Anderson River
Anderson Township Fire Department Station 1
Anderson Township Fire Department Station 2
Anderson Township Volunteer Fire Department
Anderson Valley Church
Anderson-Chappell Church
Andersons Ferry (historical)
Andis Ditch
Andrean High School
Andrews - Dallas Township Volunteer Fire Department
Andrews Run
Andrews Town Marshal
Andrey A Potter Laboratory Building
Angel Ditch
Angel Mounds State Memorial
Angel of Faith Missionary Baptist Church
Angeline Lemert Ditch
Angelmyer Loucke Ditch
Angola Commons Park
Angola Fire Department
Angola Police Dept
Angus Farm
Anna Brochhausen Elementary School
Anna Wilson Elementary School
Annandale Estates
Annandale Estates Lake
Annandale Estates Lake Dam
Annapolis Post Office (historical)
Ansberry Bird Ditch
Ansley Acres
Anson Branch
Anspaugh Bridge
Anspaugh Ditch
Anspaugh Flats
Anstis Ditch
Anthony Ditch
Anthony Wayne Village
Anti-Slavery Cemetery
Antioch Grange
Antioch Independent Christian Church
Antiville Ditch
Antonian Airport
Antrim Ditch
Apostolic Church (historical)
Apostolic Church of Jesus
Apostolic Church of the Lord
Apostolic Fellowship Church
Apple Church
Apple Ditch
Apple Farms
Applebutter Creek
Appleman Lake
Aqua Creek
Aqua Run
Arborview Mobile Home Park
Arbuckle Acres Park
Arbuckle Ditch
Arcadia Christian Church
Arcadia Town Hall
Arcelormittal Steel - Indiana Harbor Fire Department
Archangels Landing
Archer Cemetery
Archibald Memorial Home
Arcola Volunteer Fire Department
Arctic Springs
Arens Field
Arens Lake
Arens Lake Dam
Aretz Airport
Arganbright Hill
Argos Community Ambulance Service
Argos Community Elementary School
Argos Community Junior-Senior High School
Argos Fire Department
Argos Holstein Farm
Argos Post Office
Argos Public Library
Argos Volunteer Fire Department
Arlington Avenue Baptist Church
Arlington Heights Baptist Church
Arlington Heights Christian Church
Arlington Heights Elementary School
Arlington High School
Arlington Run
Arm Number Two Ditch
Armentrout Dredge Ditch
Armey Ditch
Armiesburg Cemetery
Armory Park
Armstrong Anderson Ditch
Armstrong Chapel
Armstrong Ditch
Armstrong Lake Dam
Armuth Ditch
Army Branch
Arnold-Stuart Cemetery
Arrow Run
Arrowhead Farm Airport
Arrowhead Fishing Site
Arsenal Technical High School
Arthington Branch
Arthur C Newby Elementary School
Arthur Cemetery
Arthur Ditch
Arthur P Melton Elementary School
Arthur S Kingman Lake
Arthur S Kingman Lake Dam
Artman Ditch
Ary-Way Northwest Shopping Center
Ash House Branch
Ash Iron Springs
Ash Run
Ashboro North Pit
Ashby (historical)
Ashby Airport
Ashby Church
Ashby Yards
Ashcraft Chapel
Ashcraft Ditch
Asher Cemetery
Ashland School
Ashley Ditch
Ashley Elementary School
Ashley Volunteer Fire Department
Ashley-Hudson Church
Ashley-Hudson Church of the Nazarene
Askren Ditch
Aspy Ditch
Assembly of God Church of Hessville
Assumption Church of the Blessed Virgin
Assumption School of the Blessed Virgin
Assyrian Presbyterian Church (historical)
Atkins Chapel
Atkins Run
Atkinson Chapel
Atkinson Creek
Atlanta Town Hall
Atlantis Water Park
Atterbury Dam East
Atterbury State Fish and Wildlife Area
Attica Fire Department
Attica Volunteer Fire Department
Atwood Elementary School
Atwood Volunteer Fire Department
Aubbeenaubbee Township Fire Department
Auburn Brook
Auburn Golf Club
Auburn Junction
Auburn Trace
Auburn-Garrett Drive-In Theatre
Auer Ditch
Augsburg Church
August Mentsel Ditch
Augusta Branch
Augusta Christian Church
Augusta Hills Golf Course
Augusta Lake
Augusta Lake Dam
Augusta Plaza
Augustana Cemetery
Ault Ditch
Aurora Bend
Aurora Casket Company Airport
Aurora Elementary School
Aurora Emergency Rescue Services
Aurora Middle School
Austin Air Ads Airport
Austin Fire Base
Austin High School
Austin Middle School
Austin Oaks
Authen Ditch
Autumn Lake
Autumn Lake Dam
Avalon Hills
Avenue Mobile Home Park
Avilla Elementary and Middle School
Avilla Fire Department
Avilla Police Department
Avon Creek
Avon High School
Avon Lower Elementary School
Avon Middle School
Avon Upper Elementary School
Awl Branch
Awl Branch Cemetery
Axel Lake
Axsom Branch
Axsom Branch Pond
Ayears Cemetery
Ayers Ditch
Ayford Ditch
Ayr-Way Lafayette Shopping Center
Ayr-Way Northeast Shopping Center
Ayr-Way South Shopping Center
Ayr-Way Washington West Shopping Center
Ayr-Way West Shopping Center
Ayres Ditch
Azalia Post Office
B and R Farms
B F Overmyer Ditch
B'nai-Israel Cemetery
Babcock Overmyer Ditch
Babcock Quarry
Babcocks Airport (historical)
Babe Ruth Park
Baby Creek
Baby Mountain
Baby Run
Bachelor Creek Church
Bachelor Farms
Bachelor Run
Bachelor Run Church
Bachelors Run
Bacon Post Office
Bacon Prairie Creek
Bacon Ridge
Bacon Swamp
Bad Hollow
Badger Cemetery
Badger Grove
Bagwell Cemetery
Bahr Park
Baile Church
Bailey Ditch Arm Number Three
Bailly Cemetery
Bailly Elementary School
Bailly Homestead (historical)
Bailly Middle School
Bainbridge Elementary School
Bainbridge Half Mile Airport (historical)
Bainbridge Town Marshal
Bainbridge Volunteer Fire Department
Bains Branch
Bainter Town
Bair Ditch
Baird Ditch
Baird-Wolford Airport
Baire Lake
Bakalar Air Force Base (historical)
Baker Arm
Baker Creek Cemetery
Baker Park
Bakers Camp Covered Bridge
Bakers Corner
Bakesburg Cemetery
Bakren Ditch
Bald Hill Ridge
Bald Knob Creek
Baldwin Heights Elementary School
Baldy Creek
Bales Ditch
Bales Hollow
Ball Field
Ball Knob
Ball Memorial Hospital
Ball Richard Ditch
Ball Run
Ball State University
Ball State University Police Department
Balsley Cemetery
Bandelier Ditch
Bandelier Ditch Number Two
Bandmill Field
Bangle Cemetery
Bank One Center Tower
Banks Hog Farm
Bannamon Creek
Banner Mills
Banning Corner
Banning Lake
Banta Center
Banta Creek
Baptist Hill Church
Baptist-Braddock Cemetery
Bar-Barry Heights
Bardonner Lake
Bardonner Lake Dam
Barefoot Nation Hills
Barel-and-a-Half Lake
Bargersvill Police Department
Bargersville Cemetery
Bargersville Christian Church
Bargersville Community Fire Department Station 1
Bargersville Community Fire Department Station 2
Bargersville Community Fire Station 1
Bargersville Community Fire Station 2
Bark Works Cemetery
Barker Ditch
Barker Junior High School
Barkers Chapel Cemetery
Barkers Chapel Methodist Church
Barkey Ditch
Barkley Church
Barkman Cemetery
Barn Run
Barnard Hill
Barnes Ditch
Barnes Science Hall
Barnes United Methodist Church
Barnett Ditch
Barnette Ditch
Barnetts Chapel
Barnhart Farm
Barnhart Strip Airport (historical)
Barnhart Town
Barnheisel Hollow
Barr Creek
Barr Ditch
Barre Cemetery
Barren Ditch
Barrenfork Cemetery
Barrenfork Church
Barrett Ditch
Barrick Corner
Barringer Ditch
Barrington Ridge
Barrington Ridge Baptist Church
Barrington Run
Barrydale Church
Bartee Ditch
Barten Ditch
Bartholomew County
Bartholomew County Hospital Airport
Bartinger Ditch
Bartle Knob Run
Bartle Knobs
Bartlett Airport (historical)
Bartlett Chapel United Methodist Church
Bartlett Hollow
Bartley Lake
Bartley Ridge
Bartmess Lake
Bartmess Lake Dam
Bartondale Ditch
Bartonia Cemetery
Bartonia Run
Bartons Location
Bascom Corner
Bashor Childrens Home
BASi (Bioanalytical Systems)
Bass Ditch
Bass Fox Ditch
Bass Hole
Bass Lake - California Township Fire Department Station 1
Bass Lake - California Township Fire Department Station 2
Bass Lake - California Township Fire Station
Bass Lake Church
Bass Lake State Beach
Bass Lake State Fish Hatchery
Bass Lake Station 2
Bass Station
Basset Cemetery
Bassett Ditch
Basting Airport
Bat Branch
Bat Run
Bateman School
Bates Hill Cemetery
Bates Ridge
Batesville Fire Department
Batesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and Emergency Medical Services 10
Bath Creek
Batson Church
Batson Drain
Battell Elementary School
Battell Park
Battle Brook
Battle Ground
Battle Ground Campground
Battle Ground Cemetery
Battle Ground Elementary School
Battle Ground Junior High School
Battle Point
Battleday Ditch
Bauer Creek
Baugh City
Baugher Lake
Baughman Hill
Baugo Bay
Baugo Creek
Baugo Township Fire Department Station 1
Baugo Township Fire Department Station 2
Baum Hollow
Baver Lake
Baver Lake Dam
Bayard Park
Bayliss Cemetery
Bayou Drain
Bea Run
Beach Grove Fire Department Station 101
Beacon Light Christian Reformed Church
Beacon Run
Beadens Creek
Beadles Cemetery
Beal Taylor Ditch
Beall Chapel
Bealton Ditch
Beaman Ditch
Beamer Ditch
Bean Blossom Dam
Bean Blossom Township - Stinesville Fire Department
Beanblossom Creek
Beanblossom Lake
Bear Branch Volunteer Fire Department
Bear Creek Camp
Bear Creek Cemeteries
Bear Hill
Bear Lake Chapel
Bear Lake Dam
Bear Lodge Lake
Bear Lodge Lake Dam
Bear Run
Bear Slide Creek
Bear Wallow
Bearcreek Township School (historical)
Beard Ditch
Beard Run
Beardsley Elementary School
Bearwallow Hill
Beasy Lateral
Beatty Memorial Hospital (historical)
Beatty Ridge
Beatty Walker Ditch
Beattys Corner Cemetery
Beaty Ditch
Beatys Beach
Beauty Creek
Beaver Airstrip
Beaver Center School
Beaver City
Beaver City Cemetery
Beaver Creek Lake
Beaver Creek Lake Dam
Beaver Ditch
Beaver Lake Ditch
Beaver Lake Prairie Chicken Refuge
Beaver Meadow Creek
Bebout Cemetery
Bebout Creek
Beck Airport (historical)
Beck Ditch
Beck Pond
Beck Private Airport
Beck Ward Ditch
Beckler Ditch
Becks Grove
Becks Mill
Beckwith Park
Bedel Cemetery
Bedel Ditch
Bedford Christian Camp
Bedford Church
Bedford Fire Department Central Station
Bedford Fire Department Englewood Station
Bedford Fire Department Station 1
Bedford Regional Medical Center
Bedford-North Lawrence High School
Bedrock Farms
Bedunnah Cemetery
Bee Camp Creek
Bee Ridge School
Bee-Acre Farm Strip
Beebe Cemetery
Beebe Ditch
Beech Brook
Beech Cemetery
Beech Church
Beech Grove Church of God
Beech Grove Fire Department Station 102
Beech Grove Middle School
Beech Grove Police Department
Beech Grove Public Library
Beech Grove Run
Beech Grove Senior High School
Beech Grove United Methodist Church
Beech Grove Wesleyan Church
Beech Park
Beecher Ditch
Beecher Hollow
Beechwood Lake
Beechwood Lake Dam
Beechy Mire Post Office (historical)
Beedell Cemetery
Beedy Ditch
Beedy Lake
Beedy Lake Dam
Beehunter Ditch
Beeler Ditch
Beem Cemetery
Beeson Covered Bridge
Beetree Run
Begeman Cemetery
Behlmer Corner
Behner Brook
Beibersteine Cemetery
Beidron Park
Beiger Elementary and Junior High School
Beigh Lake
Beiriger Elementary School
Bel East Park
Belcher Ditch
Belknap-Icarus Acres Airport
Bell Band Park
Bell Center Cemetery
Bell Conservation Lake
Bell Conservation Lake Dam
Bell Lake Dam
Bell Lake Ditch
Bell Peckham Ditch
Bell Rohr Park
Bell Run
Bella Vista Farms
Belle Arbor
Belle Fontaine Cemetery
Belle Union
Belle Union Branch
Belle Union Branch Cemetery
Belle Union Elementary School
Beller McCollum Ditch
Belleville Gardens Playground
Belleville United Methodist Church
Bellmore Fire Department
Bellmore Volunteer Fire Department
Bells Chapel Church of God
Bells Run
Belmont Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility
Belt Run
Belzer Middle School
Ben Davis
Ben Davis Creek
Ben Davis Creek Church
Ben Davis High School
Ben Davis Independent Christian Church
Ben Davis Park
Ben Davis Station
Ben F Geyer Middle School
Ben Hur Cemetery
Bench Run
Bend Run
Bender Cemetery
Bender Ditch
Bender Hollow
Bender Ridge
Bender School
Bendix Park
Bendix Woods Park
Benefiel Cemetery
Benefiel Corner
Benham Branch
Benham Cemetery
Benjamin Bosse High School
Benjamin Harrison Elementary School
Benner Ditch
Benner Field (historical)
Bennett Ditch
Bennett Strip Airport
Bennett's Greenhouse
Bennetts Branch
Bennetts Switch
Benninghoff Ditch
Bennington Lake
Bennington Levee
Benson Chapel
Benson Hollow
Benton County Emergency Ambulance Service
Benton House
Benton Township Fire Department
Bentonville Church
Bentonville Church Cemetery
Bentonville Volunteer Fire Department
Benville Post Office (historical)
Benward Ditch
Benwood Run
Benz Hill
Berean Fellowship Baptist Church
Berg Brook
Berger Ditch
Bergren Ditch
Bergs Airport
Berkey Field Airport (historical)
Berkley Ridge
Berkshire Creek
Berkshire Ditch
Berlien Ditch
Berlin Court Grand Ditch
Berling Airport
Berne Elementary School
Berne Fire Department
Berne Police Department
Berning Drain
Berry Branch Lake
Berry Branch Lake Dam
Berry Ditch
Berry Farm Lake
Berry Farm Lake Dam
Berry Ridge
Berry Run
Berthaud Ditch
Bessler Ditch
Best Ditch
Best Lock Airstrip
Beswick Cemetery
Bethal Lake
Bethal Lake Dam
Bethany Children's Home
Bethany Independent Christian Church
Bethany United Presbyterian Church
Bethel Brook
Bethel Camp
Bethel Center Church
Bethel Ditch
Bethel Faith Pentecostal Temple
Bethel Friends Meetinghouse
Bethel Home Place for Boys
Bethel Lane Church
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle
Bethel Village
Bethlehem-Trinity Lutheran School
Bett Ditch
Between-The-Lakes Park
Betzner Branch
Beulah Run
Beveridge Elementary School
Beverly Shores Fire Department
Beverly Shores Volunteer Fire Department
Bible Pentecostal Church
Bible View Church
Bible Way Apostolic Church
Bice Ditch
Bickel Ditch
Bickel's Cow Patch Airport
Bicknell Country Club
Bicknell Park Playground
Bicknell Vigo Township Fire Department
Bicknell Volunteer Fire Department
Biddle Ditch
Biddle Island
Bieker Woods Park
Bierce Ditch
Biery Ditch
Big Barbee Lake
Big Blue River
Big Bottom
Big Cedar Church
Big Cedar Cliffs
Big Chapman Lake
Big Creek Slough
Big Ditney Hill
Big Flat Rock Church
Big Four Yard
Big Hurricane Hill
Big Knoll
Big Long Lake
Big Monon Bay
Big Monon Creek
Big Monon Ditch
Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge
Big Otter Lake
Big Ox Creek
Big Piney Pond
Big Raccoon Creek
Big Run Church
Big Rusty Gut
Big Saluda Creek
Big Shawnee Creek
Big Thunder Creek
Big Turkey Lake
Big Walnut Church
Big Walnut Creek
Bilger Ditch
Bill Diddle Creek
Bill Jack Ridge
Biller Ditch
Billericay Park
Billie Creek Bridge
Billie Creek Village
Billings Creek
Billings Elementary School
Billings Veterans Administration Hospital
Billington Lake
Billman Ditch
Bills Cemetery
Bills Lakes
Bills Point
Billtown Cemetery
Billy Sunday Tabernacle
Binford Middle School
Binford Park
Bingham Elementary School
Bingo Lake
Binkley Hill
Bippus Fire Department
Birch Bed
Bird Hollow Creek
Bird Run
Birds Cemetery
Birdseye Christian Church
Birdseye Fire Station
Birdseye Post Office
Birk Lake
Birk Lake Dam
Birkey Private Airport
Bischoff Reservoir
Bischoff Reservoir Dam
Bishop Chartrand Memorial Chapel
Bishop Chatard High School
Bishop Dwenger High School
Bishop Island
Bishop Luers High School
Bishop Roberts Park
Bishop Run
Bison Branch
Bit Run
Bittersweet Bridge
Bittersweet Lake
Bittersweet Lake Dam
Bittner Lake
Bittner Lake Dam
Bixler Lake
Bixler Lake Ditch
Blachly Cemetery
Black Armuth Ditch
Black Brook
Black Chapel
Black Creek Ditch
Black Ditch
Black Hawk Airport
Black Oak Church of Christ
Black Oak Elementary School
Black Oak Picnic Grove
Black Oak Pond
Black River Church
Black Run
Black School
Black Township Fire and Rescue Station 1
Black Township Fire and Rescue Station 2
Black Water Branch
Blackfoot Landfill
Blackfoot Mine
Blackford Community Hospital
Blackford County
Blackford High School
Blackhawk Beach
Blackhawk Creek
Blackiston Mill
Blackiston Run
Blackiston Village
Blackwell Church
Blackwell Lake
Blackwell Pond Campground
Blad Ditch
Blair Airport (historical)
Blair Ditch
Blair Hollow
Blaize Cemetery
Blake Cemetery
Blakeman Hollow
Blanchard Ditch
Blanche Chapel
Blanche E Fuqua Elementary School
Blau Ditch
Blessed Hope Independent Baptist Church
Blice Point
Blickenstaff Ditch
Blind Horse Hollow
Blinn Ditch
Bliss Cemetery
Blissville Church
Block Creek
Block Ditch
Block Field
Block Island
Blomenberg Airport
Blood Ditch
Bloods Wood Crossing
Bloomer's Greenhouse
Bloomfield Elementary School
Bloomfield High School
Bloomfield Hills School
Bloomingdale Cemetery
Bloomingport Creek
Bloomington Fire Department Station 1
Bloomington Fire Department Station 2
Bloomington Fire Department Station 3
Bloomington Fire Department Station 4
Bloomington Fire Department Station 5
Bloomington Hospital
Bloomington Hospital of Orange County
Bloomington Meadows Hospital
Bloomington Quarry
Bloomington South High School
Bloomington Speedway
Bloomington Township Department of Fire and Rescue Station 15
Bloomington Township Department of Fire and Rescue Station 5 Headquarters
Bloomington Township Fire Department Station 15
Bloomington Township Fire Department Station 5
Blooms Eddy (historical)
Blossom Hollow
Blountsville - Stoney Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department
Bloxsom Cemetery
Bloxsom Ditch
Blue Babe Branch
Blue Ball Church
Blue Brook
Blue Creek Amish School
Blue Grass Church
Blue Hole Pond
Blue Lick
Blue Lick Church
Blue Lick Creek
Blue Pond (historical)
Blue Pond Ditch
Blue Ridge Post Office (historical)
Blue River
Blue River Chapel
Blue River Church
Blue River Church Cemetery
Blue River Fire Department
Blue River German Church
Blue River Hicksite Cemetery
Blue River Mound
Blue River Quaker Church
Blue River Quaker Orthodox Cemetery
Blue River Township Fire Department
Blue River Township Volunteer Fire Department
Blue Sea Community Building
Blue Wells Hollow
Blue Woods Creek
Bluebird Park
Bluecast Spring
Bluegill Pond
Bluff Acres
Bluff Avenue School
Bluff Creek Christian Church
Bluffton Regional Medical Center
Bluhm Ditch
Blunk Cemetery
Blunk Point
Blythe Chapel
Board Park
Boathouse Grill
Bob Arnold Northside Park
Bob Creek
Bobay Ditch
Bobb Branch
Bobilya Park
Bock Arm
Bockhorst Ridge
Bockoven Ditch
Bodin Airport
Bodley Branch
Boehmer Church
Boehne Hospital
Boesche Ditch
Bogan Cemetery
Bogard Bottoms
Bogard Cemetery
Bogard Church
Bogard Creek
Bogart Cemetery
Boger Ditch
Boggs Creek Cemetery
Boggs Ditch
Boggstown Cemetery
Bogle Corner
Bogus Hollow
Bogus Island Ditch
Bogus Run
Bohley Cemetery
Bohn Ditch
Bohnke Ditch
Bohnke Flauch Drain
Bolen Ditch
Bolin Hollow
Boll Hill Church
Bolley Ditch
Bollinger Ditch
Bon Air Elementary and Middle School
Bon Well Hill
Bonds Chapel
Bone Bank
Bone Run
Bonebrake Cemetery
Boner Lake
Bonfiglio's Mobile Home Park
Bonham Ditch
Bonjour Ditch
Bonnell Number Two Ditch
Bonneyville Cemetery
Bonneyville Mills
Bono Cemetery
Bontrager Cemetery
Bontrager Ditch
Bontragger Cemetery (historical)
Boocher Cemetery
Booco Cemetery
Booe Airport
Booher Stone Quarry
Book Run
Boone Cave
Boone Grove
Boone Grove Elementary School
Boone Grove Junior-Senior High School
Boone Township Volunteer Fire Department
Boone Village Shopping Center
Boone-Hutcheson Cemetery
Boones Landing (historical)
Boonesville Church
Boonville Airport
Boonville Country Club
Boonville High School
Boonville Junior High School
Boot Run
Booth Tarkington Elementary School
Booth-Setser School
Boots Creek
Boots Ditch
Borden - Wood Township Fire Department
Borden Wood Township Volunteer Fire Department
Border Ditch
Borkholder Farm
Borkholder School
Borntraeger Airstrip (historical)
Boro Brook
Borris Cemetery
Bortsfield Cemetery
Borum Run
Bosler Ridge
Bosma Ditch
Bosman Ditch
Bosse Field
Bosse High School
Bosserman Creek
Bossung Ditch
Bost Run
Bostetter Cemetery
Boston Corner
Boston Fire Department
Boswell Grant Township Fire Department
Bottern Ditch
Bottoff Cemetery
Bottoms Brothers Airport
Boughey Ditch
Boulder Run
Boulevard Bay
Bound Cemetery
Boundary City
Boundary Hill
Boundary Line Church
Boundary Mound
Bourbon Emergency Medical Service and Fire Department
Bourbon Post Office
Bourbon Public Library
Bourbon Town Volunteer Fire Department
Bourne Williams Ditch
Bours Points
Bouslog Branch
Bovard Cemetery
Bow Run
Bowen Center
Bowen Ditch
Bowen Hollow
Bowen Run
Bower Ditch
Bower Lake
Bowers Creek
Bowers Knob
Bowery Cemetery
Bowery Creek
Bowlen Branch
Bowles Lake
Bowles Lake Dam
Bowlin Airport
Bowman Acres
Bowman Ditch
Bowsher Ford Bridge
Bowton Ditch
Bowyer Cemetery
Box Ditch
Boy Scout Pond
Boyd Brook
Boyle Ditch
Boyle Lake
Boyles Ditch
Boyll Lake Dam
Boys Club Camp
Bracht Ditch
Brackney Lake
Bradbury Ditch
Bradfield Corner
Bradford Court
Bradford Hills Church
Bradford Park
Bradford Wood Lake Dam
Bradford Woods State Reservation
Branan Creek
Branch Number Six
Branch Run
Branchville Correctional Facility Fire Department
Brand Hollow
Brand Sand Pit
Brandon Ditch
Brandywine Church
Brandywine Elementary School
Brandywine Fork
Brannaman Branch
Branson Ditch
Brant Ditch
Brantwood Park
Brashear Cemetery
Braun Farms
Brauns Airport
Brave Creek
Brave Hollow
Brave Run
Braxtons Siding
Bray Ditch
Bray Lake
Braysville Cemetery
Brazil City Fire Department
Brazil Clay County Airport
Brazil High School
Brazil Junior High School
Brazils Lake
Brazils Lake Dam
Break-O-Day Elementary School
Breaks Cemetery
Brebeuf Preparatory School
Breckenridge Ditch
Breckenridge Park
Breckinridge Cemetery
Breece Ditch
Breeding Ditch
Breedlove Hollow
Breeze Hill Church
Breier Arm
Breier Creek
Breiner Joint Ditch
Breitfield Ditch
Bremen Elementary/Middle School
Bremen Public Library
Bremen Senior High School
Bremerton Mobile Home Park
Brendan Wood
Breneman Farms
Brenneke Airport
Brent Ditch
Brent Woods
Brenton Chapel
Brenton Chapel Cemetery
Bresee Church
Bret Kimberlin Lake
Bret Kimberlin Lake Dam
Brethren Run
Bretzville Cemetery
Brevoort Levee
Brewer Ditch
Brewery Hill
Brewster Ditch
Breyfogel Ditch
Briar East Baptist Church
Briar Ridge Country Club
Briarwood Lake Dam
Brick Chapel
Brick Church Cemetery
Brick Creek
Brick House Pond
Brick Memorial Park Cemetery
Bricker Drain
Brickyard Crossing Golf Course
Bridge Brook
Bridge Cemetery
Bridge Church
Bridgepoint Elementary School
Bridgeport Friends Cemetery
Bridgeport Nazarene Church
Bridgeton Bridge
Bridgeton Elementary and Junior High School
Bridgeton Fire Department
Bridgeton Volunteer Fire Department
Briedenbaugh Lake
Briedenbaugh Lake Dam
Brien Park
Brier Cemetery
Brierwood Hills
Bright Run
Bright Volunteer Fire Company Station 1
Bright Volunteer Fire Company Station 2
Bright Volunteer Fire Company Station 3
Bright Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Bright Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Brights Station
Brightwood (historical)
Brightwood Branch Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
Briley Chapel
Brimstone Corners
Brindle Ditch
Brinegar Cemetery
Brinkmeyer Ditch
Brinnemans Headacres Airport (historical)
Brisco Cemetery
Bristleridge Cemetery
Bristol Lake
Bristol Police Dept
British Petroleum Products - North America Whiting Fire Station
Brittanham Cemetery
Britton Golf Course (historical)
Britton Ridge
Broad Park
Broad Pond
Broad Ripple
Broad Ripple Baptist Church
Broad Ripple Bridge
Broad Ripple Camp
Broad Ripple High School
Broad Ripple Nazarene Church
Broad Ripple Park
Broad Ripple United Methodist Church
Broadie Lake
Broadmoor Country Club
Broadway Baptist Church
Broadway Interchange
Broadway United Methodist Church
Brock Ditch
Brock Ridge
Brockton Manor
Brockway Cemetery
Brodie Cemetery
Brokesha Lake
Bronnenberg Cemetery
Bronnenberg Ditch
Bronson Airport
Brook Creek
Brook Ditch
Brook Elementary School
Brook Fire Department
Brook Park Elementary School
Brook Side Park
Brook Volunteer Fire Department
Brookhaven Addition Lake
Brookhaven Addition Lake Dam
Brooklyn Elementary School
Brooklyn Fire Station 41
Brooklyn Heights
Brooklyn Police Department
Brooklyn Rest Park
Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Brookshire Golf COurse
Brookside Creek
Brookside Estates
Brookside Industrial Center
Brookside Methodist Church
Brookside Park
Brookston Place
Brookston Police Department
Brookston Prairie Township Volunteer Fire Department
Brookstone Park of Carmel
Brookville Business Park
Brookville Elementary School
Brookville Heights
Brookville High School
Brookville Junior High School
Brookville Lake
Brookville Lake Dam
Brookville Volunteer Fire Department
Broom Hill
Broomsage Lake
Broomsage Ranch Airport
Broomsage Ranch Lake Dam
Broshears Cemetery
Broughton Lake Dam
Brouilletts Creek
Browdy Lake
Brower Ditch
Brown - Vernon Fire District
Brown Airport
Brown Arm
Brown County Church
Brown County Public Library
Brown County State Park
Brown County Volunteer Fire Department
Brown Ditch
Brown Jug Corner
Brown Landing
Brown Levee Ditch
Brown Run
Brown School Number 6 (historical)
Brown Township Fire and Rescue
Brown Township Fire Station 21
Brown Township Fire Station 22
Brown Wolf Ditch
Browning School Number 73 (historical)
Browns Corner Church
Browns Wonder Church
Browns Wonder Creek
Brownsburg Airport (historical)
Brownsburg Cemetery
Brownsburg Church of the Nazarene
Brownsburg Fire Territory Headquarters and Training Facility
Brownsburg Fire Territory Station 131
Brownsburg Fire Territory Station 132
Brownsburg Fire Territory Station 133
Brownsburg High School
Brownsburg Intermediate School
Brownsburg Junior High School
Brownsburg Police Department
Brownsburg Shopping Center
Brownsburg South Elementary School
Brownsburg Square Shopping Center
Brownstown Creek
Brownstown Volunteer Fire Department
Broxon Cemetery
Bruce Ditch
Bruce Lake Cemetery
Bruce Lake Outlet
Bruce Lake Station
Bruin Cemetery
Brumfiel Cemetery
Brumm Ditch
Brummett Creek
Brummett Creek Church
Brummitt Acres
Brummitt Elementary School
Bruner Ditch
Brunk Ditch
Brunner Cemetery
Brunner Hill
Brunot Cemetery
Brunswick Community Club
Brunswick Elementary School
Brunswick Park
Brush Creek Airport
Brush Creek Reservoir
Brush Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area
Brush Heap Creek
Brushwood Church
Brushy Chapel (historical)
Brushy Chapel Cemetery
Brushy Fork Church
Bruster Branch
Bruster Branch Cemetery
Bryant Community Building
Bryant Creek Lake
Bryant Creek Lake Dam
Bryant Leininger Ditch
Bryner Cemetery
Bube Ditch
Buchanan Corner
Bucher Cemetery
Bucher Hog Farm
Buchta Airport (historical)
Buck Creek Christian Cemetery
Buck Creek Ditch
Buck Creek Independent Christian Chapel
Buck Creek Lodge
Buck Creek Pond
Buck Creek Township Fire Department
Buck Run Ditch
Bucker Knob
Buckey Ridge
Buckhall Creek
Buckles Lake
Buckles Run
Buckley Branch
Buckley Homestead County Park
Buckner Branch
Buckskin Barton Township Volunteer Fire Department
Buckskin Church
Buckskin Pond
Bud Davis Hollow
Budd Fisher Ditch
Budd Run
Budnick Building
Buenavista Church
Buente Creek
Buescher Farms
Buffalo Liberty Township Volunteer Fire Department
Buffalo Stream
Buffaloville Cemetery
Buffer Park Golf Course
Buffington Harbor
Buffington Harbor Breakwater Light
Buffington Harbor Pierhead Light
Buffington Harbor Range Front Light
Buffington Harbor Range Rear Light
Buffington Park
Bugh Ditch
Bugtown Airport
Bules Farms
Bulhman Schoder Ditch
Bull Fork
Bull Rapids
Bull Rapids Bridge
Bullard Creek
Bullerman Branch
Bullerman Cemetery
Bullerman Ditch
Bullet Branch
Bullivant Park
Bullock Ditch
Bulls Point
Bulls-Eye Lake
Bunch Nurseries
Bunker Cemetery
Bunker Creek
Bunnell Branch
Bunnell Cemetery
Buntin Ditch
Burbank Ditch
Burberry Place
Burch Ditch
Burcham Branch
Burchard Davison Ditch
Burchard Foreman Ditch
Burdette Park
Burdick Lake
Bureau Baptist Church
Burge Terrace
Burge Terrace Independent Baptist Church
Burger Cemetery
Burgett Ditch
Burgoon Church
Burk Personal Use Airport
Burke's Airport (historical)
Burket Elementary School
Burket Firemans Training Center
Burket Volunteer Fire Department
Burkey Ditch
Burkhardt School
Burkhart Creek
Burks Chapel Cemetery
Burlington Beach
Burlington Church
Burlington Run
Burnet Pond
Burnett Hollow
Burnetts Creek
Burnettsville Volunteer Fire Department
Burney - Clay Township Volunteer Fire Department
Burns City
Burns Ditch Rest Park (historical)
Burns Harbor
Burns Harbor East Light
Burns Harbor Fire Department
Burns Harbor North Light 2
Burns Harbor South Light 3
Burns Haror West Light 4
Burns International Harbor
Burns Waterway East Jetty North Light
Burns Waterway East Jetty South Light
Burns Waterway East Pier Light
Burns Waterway Harbor
Burns Waterway West Pier Inner Light
Burns Waterway West Pier Outer Light
Burnside Pit
Burr Street Interchange
Burrier Ditch
Burris Chapel
Burris Ditch
Burris Elementary School
Burris School
Burrows Fire Department
Burstrom Cemetery
Burton Church
Burton Hollow
Burton Ridge
Burtons Christian Methodist Episcopal Temple
Busard Ditch
Buscher Cemetery
Buscher Ditch
Busenburg Ditch
Bush Stadium
Bushong Lake
Bushs Run
Busick Ditch
Busseron Creek
Busseron Dam Number B-2
Busseron Dam Number D-4
Busseron Dam Number D-9
Busseron Dam Number F-2
Busseron Dam Number G-10
Busseron Dam Number G-4
Busseron Dam Number G-5
Busseron Dam Number I-2
Busseron Dam Number L-1
Busseron Dam Number L-S
Butcher Branch
Butcher Cemetery
Butcher Hollow
Butler Athletic Fields
Butler Bowl
Butler Field
Butler University
Butlers Run
Butterfield Cemetery
Buttermilk Creek
Buttermilk Point
Butternut Run
Butternut Springs
Butternut Springs Girl Scout Camp
Buttontown Cemetery
Butts Lake
Buzan Cemetery
Buzz Gully
Buzzard Pond
Buzzard Roost Hill
Buzzard Roost Lookout Tower
Buzzard Roost Overlook
Buzzard Roost Recreation Area
Buzzard Run
Byler Ditch
Byrd Branch
Byrd Ridge
Byrne Field
Byron Sanatorium
C and C Beach
C H Lawshe Hall
C Moore Lake
Cable Run
Cable School Number 4 (historical)
Cadiz - Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department
Cadiz Run
Cady Marsh Ditch
Cagle Mill
Cagles Mill Lake
Cagles Mill Lake Dam
Cahill Shore Ditch
Cain Ditch
Cains Lake
Calcar Quarry
Calcutta Cemetery
Calcutta Run
Caldwell Field
Caldwell Hollow
Cale Cemetery
Caleb Mills Elementary School
Caledonia (historical)
Caledonia Church
Caley Church
Calf Run
Calico Slash Ditch
California Community Church
California Elementary School
Callahan Ditch
Callahan Hollow
Callahan Park
Callicotte Cemetery
Callon Hollow
Calloway Station (historical)
Calumet Avenue Interchange
Calumet Baptist Schools
Calumet Bar
Calumet College of Saint Joseph
Calumet Golf Course
Calumet Harbor
Calumet Harbor Breakwater South End Light
Calumet Harbor Entrance South Side Light
Calumet Harbor Light
Calumet Lake
Calumet Lake Dam
Calumet Park Cemetery
Calumet Run
Calumet Shopping Center
Calumet Township Emergency Medical Services
Calvary Bible Wesleyan Church
Calvary Evangelical Church
Calvary Evangelical Free Church
Calvary Institutional Baptist Church
Calvary Lutheran School
Calvary Temple Pentecostal Church
Calvary United Pentecostal Tabernacle
Calvert Air Park (historical)
Calverts Chapel
Calvertville Cemetery
Calvin N Kendall Elementary School
Cam Branch
Cam-Air Airport (historical)
Camblin Ditch
Cambridge City
Cambridge City Pit
Cambridge City Police Department
Cambridge City Volunteer Fire Department
Camby Creek
Camden - Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department
Camden Cemetery
Camelot Manor Estates
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital
Cammie Thomas Ditch
Camp Alexander Mack
Camp Area Number Five
Camp Arthur
Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center
Camp Berean
Camp Bradford
Camp Brook
Camp Brosend
Camp Buffalo
Camp Carnes
Camp Carson
Camp Chelan
Camp Christina
Camp Christina Lake
Camp Christina Lake Dam
Camp Clifty
Camp Crosley
Camp Dellwood
Camp Dick Runyan
Camp Duesner Ditch
Camp Elm
Camp Farr
Camp Flat Rock
Camp Fork Creek
Camp George Cullom
Camp Ground Lake
Camp Gulick
Camp Honor Bright
Camp Illana
Camp Indi-Co-So
Camp Indogan
Camp Kikthawenund
Camp Koch
Camp Lawrence
Camp Lenmary
Camp Livingston
Camp Livingston Lake
Camp Livingston Lake Dam
Camp Louis Ernst
Camp Mallory
Camp Maumee
Camp Meeting Ground
Camp Millhouse
Camp Munsee
Camp Na-Wa-Kwa
Camp Newheart
Camp Olden
Camp Otto Lake
Camp Otto Lake Dam
Camp Pahoka
Camp Palawopec
Camp Paxton
Camp Pyoca
Camp Rancho Framasa
Camp Red Mill Lake Dam
Camp Redwing
Camp Reveal
Camp Riley
Camp Roberts
Camp Romona
Camp Run
Camp Saint Joseph
Camp Sertoma
Camp Shor
Camp Tecumseh
Camp Tippecanoe
Camp To-Pe-Ne-Bee
Camp To-Wa-Ki
Camp Victor
Camp Wakinda
Camp Walter S Fowler
Camp Wapehani
Camp Wapi Kamigi
Camp Weeapahko
Camp Whitley
Campbell African Methodist Episcopal Zion Chapel
Campbell Corner
Campbell Friendship House Community Center
Campbell Siding
Campbell Township Volunteer Fire Department
Campbells Run
Campfire Creek
Cana Post Office (historical)
Canaan Elementary School
Canaan Run
Canaan Volunteer Fire Company
Canada Hollow
Canada Lake
Canal Lakes
Canal Way Pond
Canary Ditch
Canary's Airport
Candleglo Village
Candy Brook
Cane Creek School
Cane Green Bottom
Cane Ridge
Cane Run
Cannelton Volunteer Fire Department
Cannon Ditch
Cannon-Goyer Ditch
Canyon Sand and Gravel Pit
Cap Run
Cape Sandy
Cape Sandy Quarry Number 1
Cape Sandy Quarry Number 2
Capitol Hill Cemetery
Carbaugh Cemetery
Carbon Stream
Card Run
Carder Creek
Cardinals Nest Airport
Cardonia Run
Carefree Estates
Carl G Fisher Elementary School
Carl Gjemre Ditch
Carl J Polk Elementary School
Carl Wilde Elementary School
Carlin Branch
Carlin Park School
Carlisle - Haddon Township Fire Department
Carlisle Elementary and Junior High School
Carlisle Lions Community Ambulance Service
Carlisle Run
Carlos Drain
Carlson Ditch
Carlson Farm Airport (historical)
Carlson Pond
Carmack Cemetery
Carmel Apostolic Church
Carmel Assembly of God Church
Carmel Chapel
Carmel Creek
Carmel Executive Office Park
Carmel Fire Department Station 42
Carmel Fire Department Station 43
Carmel Fire Department Station 44
Carmel Fire Department Station 45
Carmel Fire Department Station 46
Carmel Fire Department Steven A. Couts Fire Headquarters Station 41
Carmel Friends Church
Carmel Ice Skadium
Carmel Lutheran Church
Carmel Middle School
Carmel Performing Arts Center
Carmel Post Office
Carmel Public Library
Carmel Ridge
Carmel Shopping Center
Carmel Walk Shopping Center
Carmel-Clay County Park
Carmel-Clay Schools Central Administration Building
Carmel/Clay Community Soccer Complex
Carmen Cemetery
Carmichael Ditch
Carnahan Ditch Number Two
Carnegie Center for Art and History

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