Satellite map of Kansas state with roads maps

Satellite maps of Kansas state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in Kansas.

119 Plaza Shopping Center
119th and Quivira Office Park
151st Street Church of Christ of Olathe
17th Street Church of Christ
1917 Community House
1950s All-Electric House
21st Century Learning Academy
45 Rock Road Industrial Park
63rd and South Seneca Church of Christ
8th and Vine
Abbey Cemetery
Abbot School (historical)
Abbott Community Center
Abbott Hall
Abbott School (historical)
Abbyville Cemetery
Abbyville Wastewater Plant
Abe Hubert Middle School
Abel Ranch Airport
Aberdeen Village Nursing Home
Aberle School (historical)
Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce
Abilene Baptist Academy
Abilene Bible Baptist Church
Abilene Brethren In Christ Church
Abilene City Hall
Abilene City Park Historic District
Abilene Convention Center
Abilene Country Club
Abilene Elementary School
Abilene Fire Department
Abilene First United Methodist Church
Abilene Middle School
Abilene Municipal Airport
Abilene Police Department
Abilene Post Office
Abilene School (historical)
Abilene Senior Citizens Center
Abilene Wastewater Treatment Facility
Abundance of Life Cathedral of Praise Church of God in Christ
Abundant Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene
Academy Airport
Accelerated Elementary School
Accelerated High School
Achembach Memorial Park
Achilles Cemetery
Acker Creek
Ackerland (historical)
Ackerman Creek
Ackley (historical)
Acme (historical)
Acorn Community Hall
Acres Mobile Home Estate Park
Acres West Mobile Home Park
Ad Astra Park
Ad Astra Pool
Ada Lutheran Church
Ada Lutheran Church Cemetery
Ada Ottawa Lincoln Station 1
Ada United Methodist Church
Adams - School District 497 Cemetery
Adams Heights Mobile Home Park
Adamson (historical)
Adat Yeshua Messianic Jewish Congregation
Adat Yeshua-Messianic
Addleman School (historical)
Adee Landing Strip
Adell (historical)
Adell Cemetery
Admatha Cemetery
Admire Cemetery
Admire Elementary School
Admire Post Office
Admire United Methodist Church
Admire Wastewater Plant
Admire-Allen City Lake
Adobe (historical)
Adrian (historical)
Adrian Cemetery
Advance School (historical)
Advent Church (historical)
Aetna Cemetery
Aetna Volunteer Fire Department
Afton (historical)
Afton Cemetery
Afton Creek
Agape Southern Baptist Church
Agenda Cemetery
Agenda Volunteer Fire Department
Agenda Wastewater Plant
Aggieville Shopping Center
Agnes City Cemetery
Agra Cemetery
Agra Church of Christ
Agra City Dam
Agra City Hall
Agra Post Office
Agra United Methodist Church
Agra Wastewater Plant
Ahavath - Achim Hebrew Congregation
Air (historical)
Air Capital Memorial Park
Air Capital Mobile Home Park
Air Capitol Industrial Park
Air-Ag Airport
Airbase East Oil Field
Airbase Oil Field
Airpark Estates Airport
Airpark Shopping Center
Aker School (historical)
Alameda Oil and Gas Field
Alamo Ditch
Alanthus Cemetery
Albany (historical)
Albany Cemetery
Albany Hill
Albee Creek
Albert Post Office
Albert Volunteer Fire Department
Albert Wastewater Plant
Albia (historical)
Albion (historical)
Albion North Oil Field
Albright (historical)
Albright Airport
Albright Oil Field
Albright Park
Albright Switch (historical)
Alcona (historical)
Alcorn Industrial Park
Alcott Academy
Alcott Arts Center
Alcott Charter School
Alcott Elementary School
Alcove Spring
Alcove Springs Park
Alcyone (historical)
Alden Elementary School (historical)
Alden Gas Storage Field
Alden Wastewater Plant
Aldersgate Village Assisted Living Facility
Aldersgate Village Health Unit Nursing Home
Alderson Cemetery
Aldrich Northeast Oil Field
Aldrich Oil Field
Alert Covenant Church
Alexander Branch
Alexander Dry Creek
Alexander Ranch Airport
Alexander Wastewater Treatment Facility
Alexanderfeld Church of God in Christ
Alexanderwohl Fried of Cemetery
Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church
Alexandria (historical)
Alexandria Township Fire Department
Aley Park
Alfalfa (historical)
Alfred Schroeder Field
Alice C Sabatini Gallery
Alida - Upland Cooperative Parish Church
Alida Cemetery
Alida School (historical)
All Nations International Church
All Saints Catholic School
All Saints Consolidated Elementary School
All Saints Consolidated School
All Saints Primary School
All Saints Roman Catholic Church
All Seasons Campground and Recreational Vehicle Park
All Seasons Mobile Home Community
Allegan (historical)
Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Church
Allen - Lambe House Museum
Allen Airpark (historical)
Allen Center School (historical)
Allen Community College
Allen County
Allen County Airport
Allen County Country Club
Allen County Courthouse
Allen County Emergency Medical Services
Allen County Emergency Medical Services Headquarters
Allen County Historical Society and Museum
Allen County Hospital
Allen County Hospital Airport
Allen County Landfill
Allen County Rural Fire District 3 Elsmore Station
Allen County Rural Fire District 3 Savonburg Station
Allen County Sheriff's Department Correctional Facility
Allen County Sheriff's Office
Allen Wastewater Plant
Allerton Baptist Church
Alley Field
Alliance (historical)
Alliance Acres Park
Allin Hill
Allison Memorial Community and Youth Center
Allison Traditional Magnet Middle School
Alma Baptist Church
Alma City Dam
Alma City Hall
Alma City Reservoir
Alma Fire Department
Alma Grade School
Alma Peace United Church of Christ
Almena Area Fire Department
Almena City Hall
Almena City Lake
Almena City Library
Almena Congregational Church
Almena Diversion Dam
Almena Diversion Wildlife Area
Almena Elementary School
Almena Post Office
Almena Wastewater Plant
Alpha (historical)
Alpha North American
Alta Brown Elementary School
Alta Mills
Alta Vista United Metrhodist Church
Alta Vista Wastewater Plant
Altamont / Mount Pleasant Fire Department
Altamont Cemetery
Altamont City Hall
Altamont Dam
Altamont Holiness Church
Altamont Idle Hour Lake
Altamont Police Department
Altamont United Methodist Church
Alter Ego Center Shopping Center
Alton Bluffs
Alton Elementary School
Alton Wastewater Plant
Alton-Osborne Junior High School
Altoona - Midway Elementary School
Altoona - Midway Middle / High School
Altoona Fire Department
Alum Creek
Alvamar Country Club
Alvamar Orchards Golf Course
Alvamar Public Golf Course
Amador (historical)
Amana Lutheran Church
Amanda Arnold Elementary School
Amanuel Ethiopian Church
Amar Farms Airport
Amazon Ditch
Amazon Ditch Oil Field
Ambassador Christian Church
Amber Creek
Amboy (historical)
Amelia Earhart Airport
Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum
Amelia Earhart Stadium
America City
America City Cemetery
American Church
American Eagle Mobile Home Estates
American Medical Response Alma
American Medical Response Eskridge
American Muslim Mission
American Red Cross - Riley County
Americus Elementary School / North Lyon County Junior High School
Americus Fire Department
Americus Police Department
Americus Township Library
Americus United Methodist Church
Americus Wastewater Treatment Facility
Ames Cemetery
Amesbury Lake
Amesbury Lake Park
Amesbury Park
Amherst (historical)
Amherst Cemetery
Amherst United Methodist Church
Amy Airport
Andale Care Center
Andale Elementary - Middle School
Andale High School
Andale Middle School
Andale Police Department
Andale Sewer Treatment Facility
Andale Water Tower
Anderson Animal Clinic
Anderson County
Anderson County Fire Department
Anderson County Historical Museum
Anderson County Hospital
Anderson County Junior / Senior High School
Anderson County Sheriff's Office
Anderson Mobile Home Park
Andover Assembly of God
Andover Cemetery
Andover Central High School
Andover Central Middle School
Andover Church of Christ
Andover City Hall
Andover Community Center
Andover Fire and Rescue
Andover High School
Andover Industrial Park
Andover Lutheran Church
Andover Lutheran Church Cemetery
Andover Middle School
Andover Mobile Home Estates
Andover Police Department
Andover School
Andover Senior Center
Andover United Methodist Church
Andover Wastewater Treatment Plant
Andrew (historical)
Andrews Oil Field
Angelus School
Angola United Methodist Church
Animal Clinic
Annoor Islamic School
Anson Oil Field
Anson Southeast Oil Field
Antelope County Lake
Antelope County Park
Antelope Creek
Anthony Chamber of Commerce
Anthony Christian Church
Anthony Church of Christ
Anthony City Dam
Anthony City Hall
Anthony Country Club
Anthony Fire Department
Anthony Medical Center
Anthony Medical Center Heliport
Anthony Municipal Airport
Anthony Municipal Hall
Anthony Municipal Lake
Anthony Police Department
Anthony Public Library
Anthony Wastewater Treatment Plant
Antioch Acres Park
Antioch Central Library
Antioch Christian Church
Antioch Church of the Nazarene
Antioch Community Church
Antioch Industrial Park
Antioch Justice Center
Antioch Lake North
Antioch Lake South
Antioch Library
Antioch Park
Antioch Square Park
Antique Doll Museum
Anton Flying UV Airport
Antrium (historical)
ANW Special Education Cooperative
Apache Elementary School
Apostles Way Church
Apostolic Academy
Apostolic Cemetery
Apostolic Christian Church Lamont - Gridley
Apostolic Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church
Apostolic Life Tabernacle
Appanoose (historical)
Appanoose Baptist Church
Appanoose Brethren Church
Appanoose Cemetery
Appanoose Creek
Appanoose Elementary School
Appanoose School Water Tank
Appleton Cemetery
Appleton Township Cemetery
Applewood Meadows Manufactured Home Community
Aral (historical)
Arand School
Arapaho Park
Arbor Creek Elementary School
Arbor Woods at Overland Park Assisted Living Facility
Arcadia Volunteer Fire Department
Arcadia Wastewater Treatment Facility
Argentine Levee Unit
Argentine Middle School
Argentine Post Office
Argentine Yard
Argonia Bible Church
Argonia Cemetery
Argonia City Hall
Argonia Community Center
Argonia Creek
Argonia Elementary School
Argonia Emergency Medical Services
Argonia Fire Department
Argonia Friends Church
Argonia Junior / Senior High School
Argonia Municipal Airport
Argonia Police Department
Argonia Post Office
Argonia United Methodist Church
Argonia Wastewater Treatment Facility
Argyle Creek
Arispie (historical)
Ark City Christian Academy
Ark Valley Christian Church
Arkalon Cemetery
Arkansas Avenue Gateway Alternative High School
Arkansas City Area Chamber of Commerce
Arkansas City Church of Christ
Arkansas City Church of the Nazarene
Arkansas City Country Club
Arkansas City Fire and Emergency Medical Services
Arkansas City Friends Church
Arkansas City Hall
Arkansas City Middle School
Arkansas City Missionary Baptist Church
Arkansas City Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Arkansas City Post Office
Arkansas City Public Library
Arkansas City Recreation Center
Arkansas City Senior Center
Arkansas Mobile Home Park
Arlington City Library
Arlington Mennonite Church
Arlington United Presbyterian Church
Arlington Wastewater Treatment Facility
Arma City Hall
Arma City Library
Arma Community Center
Arma Police Department
Arma Post Office
Arma United Methodist Church
Arma Volunteer Fire Department
Arma Wastewater Treatment Plant
Armistead (historical)
Armourdale Levee Unit
Armstrong Draw
Arnold Divide
Arnold Harvey Canyon
Arnold Southwest Oil Field
Aroma (historical)
Arrow B Ranch Airport
Arrowhead Elementary School
Arrowhead Middle School
Artesian Pasture
Artesian Valley
Artesian Valley School (historical)
Arthur Heights
Arts and Memories Museum
Arvon Phillips Community Center
Arvonia (historical)
Arvonia Cemetery
Asa Smith Cemetery
Asbury Park - Friendly Acres
Ascension Catholic School
Ascension Lutheran Church - Tyler Campus
Ascension on the Prairie Episcopal Church
Ash Creek Oil Field
Ash Grove
Ash Grove United Methodist Church
Ash Rock Cemetery
Ash Rock Church
Ash Rock School
Ash Valley
Ash Valley Cemetery
Ash Valley Grange Hall
Ashbaugh Airport
Asher Creek
Asherville Cemetery
Ashford Place Assisted Living Facility
Ashland Bottoms
Ashland Cemetery
Ashland Community Center
Ashland Country Club
Ashland Health Center
Ashland High School
Ashland Library
Ashland Oil Field
Ashland Rural Fire Department
Ashland Wastewater Treatment Facility
Ashley (historical)
Ashley Park Towne Centre
Ashton Cemetery
Ashton Community Hall
Ashton Northwest Oil Field
Ashwood Mobile Home Park
Askren Cemetery
Askron School (historical)
Assaria City Fire Department
Assaria Lutheran Church
Assaria Police Department
Assaria Post Office
Assaria Wastewater Facility
Assembly Full Gospel Church
Assembly of God Campground
Assembly of God Faith Church
Assisted Lifestyles of Kansas
Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary - Great Plains Extension
Atchison Alternative School
Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center
Atchison Child Care Center
Atchison City Hall
Atchison County
Atchison County Community Elementary School
Atchison County Community Junior / Senior High School
Atchison County Community Schools - District Office
Atchison County Courthouse
Atchison County Dam
Atchison County Emergency Medical Services
Atchison County Fire District 1
Atchison County Fire District 3
Atchison County Fire District 5 - Huron
Atchison County Fire District 5 - Lancaster
Atchison County Historical Society Museum
Atchison County Jail
Atchison County Park
Atchison County Rescue Services
Atchison County Rural Fire District 2 - Effingham
Atchison County Rural Fire District 4 - Mount Pleasant
Atchison County Sheriff's Office
Atchison County State Park
Atchison Elementary School
Atchison Fire Department
Atchison Heritage Conference Center
Atchison High School
Atchison Hospital
Atchison Juvenile Correctional Facility
Atchison Mall
Atchison Middle School
Atchison Police Department
Atchison Post Office
Atchison Public Library
Atchison Public Schools District Offices
Atchison Public Works Department
Atchison Rail Museum
Atchison Seventh Day Adventist Church
Atchison State Fishing Lake and Widlife Area
Atchison United Methodist Church
Athelstane (historical)
Athelstane Cemetery
Athelstane School
Athens (historical)
Athens School
Athletic Park
Athol City and Rural Fire Department
Atkinson Municipal Airport
Atlanta Christian Church
Atlanta Wastewater Treatment Plant
Atonement Lutheran Church of Overland Park
Atria Hearthstone East Assisted Living Facility
Atria Hearthstone West Assisted Living Facility
Attebery Cemetery
Attic Business Park
Attica Christian Church
Attica City Library
Attica City Wells
Attica District 1 Fire Department
Attica Landing Field (historical)
Attica Police Department
Attica United Methodist Church
Attica Wastewater Plant
Attucks School (historical)
Atwater (historical)
Atwater Neighborhood City Hall
Atwood Baptist Church
Atwood City Hall
Atwood Country Club
Atwood Fire Department
Atwood Police Department
Atwood Post Office
Atwood Public Library
Atwood United Methodist Church
Atwood Wastewater Treatment Facility
Atwood-Rawlins County City-County Airport
Aubel Bickle Park
Aubry Animal Clinic
Aubry Bend Middle School
Aubry Cemetery
Auburn Hills Golf Course
Auburn Washburn Unified School District 437 Police Office
Auburn Washburn Unified School District Office
Auburn Wastewater Plant
Auburndale Park
Audora Mobile Home Park
Augusta Airport
Augusta Chamber of Commerce
Augusta Church of the Nazarene
Augusta Country Club
Augusta Country Club Shopping Center
Augusta Department of Safety
Augusta Historical Museum
Augusta Learning Center
Augusta Medical Complex (historical)
Augusta Middle School
Augusta Municipal Airport
Augusta Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Augusta North Oil Field
Augusta Oil Field
Augusta Public Library
Augusta United Methodist Church
Aulne United Methodist Church
Aurora Fire Department
Aurora Fire Station
Aurora Park
Aurora School (historical)
Aurora Wastewater Treatment Facility
Austin (historical)
Austin Harmon Park
Austin Harmon Park Pool
Avenue A Elementary School
Avery (historical)
Avignon Village Shops
Avilla (historical)
Avilla Cemetery
Avon (historical)
Avon School
Avondale Cemetery
Avondale East Elementary School
Avondale School (historical)
Avondale West Elementary School
Axley Ford
Axtell Bern Summerfield School District Office
Axtell Community Ambulance Service
Axtell Fire Department
Axtell High School
Axtell Hospital
Axtell United Methodist Church
Axtell Wastewater Treatment Plant
B and B Junior / Senior High School
B and B Unified School District Office
B And L Mobile Home Park
B N Junction
Bachelder Cemetery
Bachelor Creek
Backstop Ridge
Bacon (historical)
Baden (historical)
Badger Creek (historical)
Badger Creek Cemetery
Badger Creek Oil Field
Baehr Creek
Bagby School
Baileyville Cemetery
Bain City
Bainum Cemetery
Baker Arts Center
Baker Canyon
Baker University
Baker University - Art Affairs Building
Baker University - Bennett Art Building
Baker University - Case Hall
Baker University - Clarience L Osbourne Memorial Chapel
Baker University - Collins House
Baker University - Collins Library
Baker University - Collins Sports Center
Baker University - Constant Hall
Baker University - Denious Residence Hall
Baker University - First United Methodist Church
Baker University - Gessner Residence Hall
Baker University - Irwin Residence Hall
Baker University - Jolliffe Residence Hall
Baker University - Mabee Memorial Hall
Baker University - Mulvane Science Hall
Baker University - Old Castle Complex
Baker University - Owens Musical Arts Building
Baker University - Parmenter Hall
Baker University - Pulliam Center
Baker University - Rive Auditorium
Baker University - Spencer Library Annex
Baker University - Taft Bridge
Baker University School of Nursing - Pozez Education Center
Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies
Baker Valley School (historical)
Bakers Branch
Bala Cemetery
Balch Cemetery
Bald Mound
Baldock Farm Airport
Baldwin City
Baldwin City Cemetery
Baldwin City Dam
Baldwin City Fire Department
Baldwin City Hall
Baldwin City Lake
Baldwin City Library
Baldwin City Municipal Court
Baldwin City Police Department
Baldwin City Post Office
Baldwin City Unified School District Office
Baldwin Creek Recreation Area
Baldwin Elementary Intermediate Center
Baldwin Elementary Primary Center
Baldwin Golf Course
Baldwin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center
Baldwin Junior High School
Ballard Aviation - EagleMed
Ballard Center - Community Services
Ballard Falls (historical)
Ballou School (historical)
Balls Trailer Park
Bancroft Depot Museum
Banks (historical)
Banner Creek
Baptist Church Elm Spring
Baptist Mission (historical)
Bar P Ranch Airport
Barbeau House
Barbed Wire Museum
Barber County
Barber County Ambulance Service
Barber County Courthouse
Barber County Health Department
Barber County Jail
Barber County Landfill
Barber County Rural Fire Department Station 1
Barber County Sheriff's Office
Barber County State Lake
Barber County State Lake Dam
Barber State Fishing Lake
Barber State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area
Barclay College
Barclay College Broadhurst Student Center
Barclay College Coppock Hall
Barclay College Hockett Auditorium
Barclay College Jackson Hall
Barclay College Lemmons Hall
Barclay College Phillips Hall
Barclay College Worden Memorial Library
Barker Dam
Barker Plaza
Barkley Square Shopping Center
Barnard Airport
Barnard Library
Barnard Post Office
Barnard Rural Fire Department
Barnard Wastewater Plant
Barnes Methodist Church
Barnes Post Office
Barnes Reading Room
Barnes Southwest Oil Field
Barnes State Bank Museum
Barnes Volunteer Fire Department
Barnes Wastewater Plant
Barnesville Cemetery
Barnhill Bridge
Barrel Spring Draw
Barrel Springs Trout Pond
Barrett (historical)
Barrett Mobile Home Park
Barry (historical)
Barry Oil Field
Barry Southeast Oil Field
Bartholda School (historical)
Bartholomew Oil Field
Bartlett Christian Church
Bartlett Creek
Bartlett Dam
Bartlett Elementary School
Bartlett Grade School
Bartlett Wastewater Treatment Plant
Barton Arts Center
Barton Community College - A Building
Barton Community College - C Building
Barton Community College - F Building
Barton Community College - L Building
Barton Community College - P Building
Barton Community College - S Building
Barton Community College - T Building
Barton Community College - U Building
Barton Community College Child Development Center
Barton Community College Kirkman Student Activity Center
Barton Community College Planetarium
Barton County
Barton County Attorney's Office
Barton County Community College
Barton County Courthouse
Barton County Fairgrounds
Barton County Health Department
Barton County Historical Society Museum and Village
Barton County Jail
Barton County Landfill
Barton County Sheriff's Office
Bartondale (historical)
Base Line School (historical)
Basehor - Linwood High School
Basehor - Linwood Middle School
Basehor City Hall
Basehor Elementary School
Basehor Linwood Unified School District Offices
Basehor Municipal Court
Basehor Police Department
Basehor Post Office
Basehor Sixth Grade Center
Basehor Wastewater Plant
Basham (historical)
Basil Oil and Gas Field
Bassettville Cemetery
Bassettville School (historical)
Bassetville (historical)
Batch Creek
Bates (historical)
Bates School
Bathel Church
Battendorf Canyon
Battery Hill
Battle Canyon
Battlefield Cemetery
Batton School (historical)
Bauer Cemetery
Baugh Canyon
Baughman Farm Strip
Baughman Field (historical)
Baumgarten Oil Field
Baxter Center
Baxter Junction
Baxter School
Baxter Springs
Baxter Springs Cemetery
Baxter Springs Chamber of Commerce
Baxter Springs City Hall
Baxter Springs Community Center
Baxter Springs Golf and Country Club
Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum
Baxter Springs High School
Baxter Springs Middle School
Baxter Springs Police Department
Baxter Springs Post Office
Baxter Springs Volunteer Fire Department
Bayer Oil Field
Bayless Industrial Park
Bayless School (historical)
Baylor School (historical)
Bayne (historical)
Bazaar Cemetery
Bazaar United Methodist Church
Bazine Cemetery
Bazine City Hall
Bazine Dry Creek
Bazine Post Office
Bazine Rural Fire Department
Bazine Seventh Day Adventist Church
Bazine United Methodist Church
Bazine Wastewater Plant
Beagle Cemetery
Beagle United Methodist Church
Beattie Elementary School
Beattie Farmers Union Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 1
Beattie Farmers Union Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 2
Beattie Farmers Union Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 3
Beattie Farmers Union Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 4
Beattie Farmers Union Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 5
Beattie Post Office
Beattie Rural Fire District 3
Beattie Union Cemetery
Beattie United Methodist Church
Beattie Wastewater Plant
Beaumaster Pond (historical)
Beaumont Cemetery
Beaumont Hotel Airport
Beaumont Oil Field
Beaumont South Oil Field
Beautiful Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church
Beauty of the West School (historical)
Beaver Creek School (historical)
Beaver Flats Elementary School
Beaver North Oil Field
Beaver Oil Field
Beaver South Oil Field
Beaver Vale School (historical)
Beaver Volunteer Fire Department
Beaverton (historical)
Bebo Hill
Beck - Bookman Library
Beckys Knob
Bedford Business Park East
Bedrock Mobile Home Park
Bee Creek Lake
Beech Factory Airport
Beech Lake
Beech Lake and Park Dam
Beesley Farms Airport
Beeson Elementary School
Bel Air Southern Baptist Church
Bel Aire Church of the Nazarene
Bel Aire City Hall
Bel Aire Municipal Court
Bel Aire Police Department
Bel Aire Recreation Complex
Bel Aire Senior Center
Belcher Airport
Belfield (historical)
Belforest School (historical)
Believers Bible Church
Belinder Elementary School
Belknap Church
Belknap School
Belknap Senior Center
Bell Bogardus Cemetery
Bell Mound
Bell Mound School (historical)
Bell Racket School (historical)
Bell Spring (historical)
Bella Roe Plaza Shopping Center
Bellamy Farm Airport
Belle Plaine
Belle Plaine Cemetery
Belle Plaine Church of Christ
Belle Plaine Emergency Medical Services
Belle Plaine Middle School
Belle Plaine Presbyterian Church
Belle Plaine United Methodist Church
Belle Plaine Wastewater Treatment Plant
Belle Prairie Cemetery
Belle Spring Cemetery
Belle Vista Cemetery
Bellegarde Cemetery
Bellemont Cemetery
Bellemont School (historical)
Belleview School
Belleville Chamber of Commerce
Belleville Country Club
Belleville East Elementary School
Belleville Fire District 7
Belleville High School (historical)
Belleville Municipal Airport
Belleville Police Department
Belleville Public Library
Belleville School (historical)
Belleville Wastewater Treatment Facility
Belleville Wesleyan Church
Bellgrade (historical)
Bellview School
Bellville School
Bellvue School
Belmont Boulevard Christian Church
Belmont Center Gas Field
Belmont Center School (historical)
Belmont Mobile Home Estates
Belmont Square
Beloit Church of Christ
Beloit Country Club
Beloit Fire Department
Beloit First Christian Church
Beloit Junior - High School
Beloit Juvenile Correction Facility
Beloit Police Department
Beloit Wastewater Plant
Belpre Community Center
Belpre Township Fire Department
Belton School (historical)
Belvidere Cemetery
Belvoir (historical)
Belvoir Elementary School
Belvoir School (historical)
Belvue Cemetery
Belvue Fire Department
Belvue Post Office
Belvue United Methodist Church
Belvue Wastewater Plant
Bemis Creek
Bemis-Shutts Oil Field
Bemoan Cemetery
Ben Day Elementary School
Ben S Paulen Elementary School
Bendena Fire Department
Bender Mounds
Benedict Creek
Benedict Junction
Benedictine College
Benfield School
Benham School (historical)
Benninghoven Elementary School
Bennington Ambulance Service
Bennington Bible Church
Bennington High School
Bennington Wastewater Plant
Benningtons Lake
Benoits Dusty Creek
Benson Historical Museum
Benson Oil and Gas Field
Bent Nail Ranch Airport
Bentley City Hall
Bentley Fire and Emergency Management Services
Bentley Police Department
Bentley Primary School
Bentley United Methodist Church
Benton Grade School
Benton Wastewater Treatment Facility
Bentwood Elementary School
Bentwood Golf Course
Berean Academy
Berean Christian Mission
Berg Cemetery
Bergtal Cemetery
Bergtal Oil and Gas Field
Bergthal Mennonite Church
Berkley Airport
Berkley Brothers Airport
Berkly (historical)
Bern City Hall
Bern Community Center
Bern Community Library
Bern Post Office
Bern Schools
Bern Wastewater Plant
Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center
Bernard Branch
Berry Hill
Berryton Elementary School
Berryton Post Office
Berryton United Methodist Church
Bert Nash Intermediate School Atchison Juvenile Correctional Facility
Bert Wettar
Bertram Caruthers Elementary School
Berwick (historical)
Berwick Airport
Berwick School
Beth - Eden Baptist Church
Beth Torah Park
Bethal Community Church
Bethany Center Cemetery
Bethany Chapel
Bethany Church of the Nazarene
Bethany College
Bethany College Alma Swenson Hall
Bethany College Anna Marm Hall
Bethany College Burnett Center for Religion and Performing Arts
Bethany College Deere Hall
Bethany College Gregory Hall
Bethany College Mingenback Art Center
Bethany College Nelson Science Center
Bethany College Pihlblad Memorial Union
Bethany College Presser Hall
Bethany College Stroble - Gibson Centennial Center
Bethany College Wallerstedt Learning Center
Bethany College Wallerstedt Social Science Center
Bethany College Warner Hall
Bethany Hospital
Bethany Lutheran Church of Overland Park
Bethany Lutheran Church of Stilwell
Bethany Park
Bethany Place Church Conference Center
Bethany United Methodist Church
Bethel Christian Cemetery
Bethel Church of God in Christ
Bethel College
Bethel College Haury Hall
Bethel College Leisy Welcome Center
Bethel College Mantz Library
Bethel College Mennonite Church
Bethel College Mennonite Library and Archives
Bethel College Voth Hall
Bethel Elementary School
Bethel Friends Church
Bethel Life Center
Bethel Life School
Bethel Mennonite Church
Beto Junction
Betts Creek
Bevan Education Center
Beverly Community Church
Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Center of Spring Hill
Beverly Junior High School (historical)
Beverly Rural Fire Department
Beverly United Methodist Church
Beyer Farm Airfield
Bi - State Business Park
Biays (historical)
Bible Christian Church
Bible Tabernacle
Bibleway Community of Faith Church
Bibleway Pentecostal Assembly Church
Bicentennial Center
Bichel School (historical)
Bickel School (historical)
Bickerdyke Cemetery
Bickerdyke Elementary School
Biddle Oil Field
Biehler - Ecklund Farms
Biehler Gravesite
Big Badger Creek
Big Basin
Big Bow
Big Bow Elementary School
Big Candy Lake
Big Creek Golf Course
Big Creek United Methodist Chapel
Big Dutchman Lake
Big Eight Lake
Big Eleven Lake
Big Elm Creek
Big Four School
Big Hill Dam
Big Hill Lake
Big Hill Siding
Big Hill Wildlife Area
Big Noxie Creek
Big Rimber Creek
Big Salt Marsh
Big Sandy Oil Field
Big Shunga Park
Big Sinkhole
Big Sugar Creek
Big Timber Cemetery
Big Timber Creek
Big Windy Creek
Bigelow (historical)
Biller Cemetery
Billings School
Billington Library
Birch (historical)
Bird City
Bird City Cemetery
Bird City Fire Department
Bird City Golf Club
Bird City Post Office
Bird City Public Library
Bird City Town Hall
Bird City Wastewater Plant
Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery
Biscuit Creek
Biscuit Mound
Bishop (historical)
Bishop Carroll Catholic High School
Bishop Miege High School
Bishop Seabury Academy
Bishop Ward High School
Bismark Grove
Bison City Hall
Bison Community Library
Bison Post Office
Bison United Methodist Church
Bison Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bissell Creek
Bissell Point School
Bitner Cemetery
Bitter Creek Oil Field
Bittersweet Trail
Bixler School (historical)
Black Bob Elementary School
Black Bob Pool
Black Canyon
Black Crook Creek
Black Jack School (historical)
Black Kettle Creek
Black Marsh (historical)
Black Squirrel Mobile Home Park
Black Swan Dam
Black Swan Lake
Black Traditional Magnet Elementary School
Black Vermillion Crossing (historical)
Black Vermillion River
Black Wolf
Black Wolf School (historical)
Blackbob Park
Blackbob Park Pond
Blackbob School Park
Blackbob Village Shopping Center
Blackford School (historical)
Blackjack Spring
Blacksmith Creek
Blackstone (historical)
Blackwell Oil Field
Blake Quarry
Bland Airport
Blankenship Oil Field
Blanton (historical)
Blaser's Airport
Blaze Fork
Blazing Star School (historical)
Blessed Hope Bible Baptist Church
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church
Blessed Sacrament School (historical)
Blessing Heights Church of God of the Apostolic Faith
Blindman Canyon
Block Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
Blodgett Creek
Blood Creek
Bloody Creek
Bloody Run
Bloom Oil Field
Bloom Township Cemetery
Bloomer Oil Field
Bloomer School (historical)
Bloomington Cemetery
Bloomington Church
Blosser Municipal Airport
Blue Hill Southeast Oil Field
Blue Hills
Blue Hills Upland
Blue Jacket Crossing
Blue Jacket Park
Blue Mound Cemetery
Blue Mound Church
Blue Mound Reservoir
Blue Mound United Methodist Church
Blue Oaks and Live Oaks Mobile Home Park
Blue Rapids
Blue Rapids Fire District 7
Blue Rapids Police Department
Blue Rapids Post Office
Blue Rapids United Methodist Church
Blue Ribbon School (historical)
Blue Ridge School Number 130
Blue River Elementary School
Blue River Wildlife Area
Blue Sky Airport
Blue Stem (historical)
Blue Stem Community Fellowship
Blue Stem Creek
Blue Stem Unified School District 205 Police Department
Blue Township Fire Department Station 2
Blue Township Fire District Pottawatomie County 5
Blue Valley Academy
Blue Valley Activity Center
Blue Valley Animal Hospital
Blue Valley Baptist Church
Blue Valley Business Center
Blue Valley Christian Church
Blue Valley Church of The Nazarene
Blue Valley Community Hall
Blue Valley High School
Blue Valley High School Public Safety Office
Blue Valley Library
Blue Valley Memorial United Methodist Church
Blue Valley Middle School
Blue Valley Mobile Home Park
Blue Valley North High School
Blue Valley North High School Public Safety Office
Blue Valley Northwest High School
Blue Valley Northwest High School and District Stadium Complex
Blue Valley Northwest High School Public Safety Office
Blue Valley Recreation Complex
Blue Valley School District Offices
Blue Valley Southwest High School
Blue Valley West High School
Blue Valley West High School Public Safety Office
Bluegill Point
Bluejacket / Flint Elementary School
Bluejacket Fountain and Sculpture Plaza
Bluemont Elementary School
Bluemont Hill
Bluestem and Mid-Am Nazarene Pond
Bluestem Elementary School
Bluestem Junior / Senior High School
Bluestem Middle School
Bluff Run
Blum (historical)
Blume School (historical)
Boan Cemetery
Bob Faler Airport (historical)
Bob Park Airport
Bob Sosa Recreation Center
Bob Wilson Memorial Grant County Hospital
Bock Lake
Bocks School (historical)
Bodenhausen Farms
Boeing Hi - Tech Office Park
Boeing Industrial Park
Boenitz Cemetery
Bogle Cemetery
Bogue Elementary School (historical)
Bogue Town Hall
Bogue United Methodist Church
Bogue Wastewater Plant
Bohemian Cemetery
Bohemian Center School (historical)
Bohemian Church
Bohemian National Cemetery
Boicourt Lake
Bois D Arc Park
Bois d' Arc
Bolack Oil Field
Boldt Bluff Public Use Area
Boling (historical)
Bolinger Oil Field
Bolling Creek
Bommer Creek
Bondurant Oil Field
Bone Creek Reservoir
Bone Springs (historical)
Bonjour Elementary School
Bonner Field Airport (historical)
Bonner Shops
Bonner Springs
Bonner Springs Baptist Church
Bonner Springs Cemetery
Bonner Springs Church of Christ
Bonner Springs City Hall
Bonner Springs City Hall Holding Cell
Bonner Springs City Library
Bonner Springs Community Center
Bonner Springs Elementary School
Bonner Springs Emergency Medical Services
Bonner Springs Estates Mobile Home Park
Bonner Springs Fire Department
Bonner Springs High School
Bonner Springs High School (historical)
Bonner Springs Industrial Park
Bonner Springs Interchange
Bonner Springs Police Department
Bonner Springs Post Office
Bonner Springs Unified School District Central Offices
Bonner Springs United Methodist Church
Bonner Springs YMCA
Bonnie Brae
Bonnie Doon (historical)
Boon (historical)
Boone Ranch
Boot Hill Museum
Booth Early Childhood Preschool
Booth Hospital
Boothe Hall
Border Queen Museum
Borin Creek
Borland Cemetery
Bosna (historical)
Bosna School
Bostic Traditional Magnet Elementary School
Boston Mills - Cox Cemetery
Boston Mills Bridge
Boston Mills School (historical)
Boston Park
Boswell Creek
Boswell Junior High School (historical)
Bosworth Mobile Home Park
Botanica - The Wichita Garden
Botham Mobile Home Park
Boughton Creek
Boulevard Bend Shopping Center
Boulware Cemetery
Bourbon County
Bourbon County Chapter American Red Cross
Bourbon County Courthouse
Bourbon County Dam
Bourbon County Fire District 3 Station 1
Bourbon County Fire District 3 Station 3
Bourbon County Fire District 3 Station 4
Bourbon County Fire District 3 Station 5
Bourbon County Fire District 3 Station 6
Bourbon County Fire District 3 Station 8
Bourbon County Fire District 4 Redfield Station
Bourbon County Public Works
Bourbon County Sheriff's Department Jail
Bourbon County Sheriff's Office
Bourbon County State Lake
Bourbon County State Lake Dam
Bourbon County State Park
Bourbon State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Refuge
Bourbonnais Creek
Bovinair Airport (historical)
Bow Creek Cemetery
Bower (historical)
Bowies Branch
Bowman and Adgate Cemetery
Bowmans Branch
Bown Corby Elementary School
Box Oil Field
Boxberger West Oil Field
Boxelder Creek
Boy Creek
Boyce Farm
Boyd Center
Boyer Museum
Boyers Lake
Boyle Cemetery
Boyle Lakes
Boys Industrial School Cemetery
Brackett School (historical)
Bradford Memorial Library
Bradford Pet Hospital
Bradley Springs (historical)
Bradshaw Draw
Bradshaw Gas Field
Brady-Pippin Airport
Braeburn Golf Course
Braid (historical)
Brainerd Cemetery
Braman Hill (historical)
Branch Comb Cemetery
Brandon Woods Retirement Center
Brandt-Sensenbaugh Oil Field
Brandy Lake
Branscom Cemetery
Branson Creek
Brantford Cemetery
Brantford Covenant Church
Brauer School
Brazil Creek
Brazilton Cemetery
Brazilton Ruritan Fire Department
Breakneck Canyon
Breakneck Dam
Breakneck Lake
Breakpoint Church
Breakpoint Community Church
BreakPointe Community Church
Breckenridge School (historical)
Bredfeldt Oil Field
Breece School (historical)
Breeze Cemetery
Breezy Hill
Breezy Hill School (historical)
Brehm Oil and Gas Field
Brenner Heights Baptist Church
Brenner Heights Creek
Brenner School
Brenner Station (historical)
Bressler Field
Brethren Cemetery
Brethren Church (historical)
Brethren in Christ Cemetery
Brett (historical)
Bretz's Mobile Home Park
Brewery Creek
Brewster City Marshal's Office
Brewster Community Church
Brewster Fire Department
Brewster High School
Brewster Place Assisted Living Facility
Brewster Place Church
Brewster United Methodist Church
Brewster Wastewater Plant
Briarcliff Residential Care Center
Briarwood Elementary School
Briarwood Professional Park
Brick School
Bridal Veil Park
Bridenstine Medical Building
Bridge (historical)
Bridge Pasture
Bridge Point Community Church
Bridgeport Missionary Baptist Church
Bridgeport School
Bridges / Wyandot Academy
Briggs (historical)
Briggs School
Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Center
Brighton Gardens of Prairie Village Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home
Briner Library
Briney Landing Field (historical)
Bristol Hill United Methodist Church
Bristow (historical)
Brit Spaugh Park
Brites Creek
Brittain Industrial Park
Brittany Hills Office Park
Brittany Place Mobile Home Park
Broadmoor Square Shopping Center
Broadmoor Technical Center Shawnee Mission Public Schools
Broadmore Elementary School
Broadview School (historical)
Broadway 47 Plaza
Broadway Baptist Church - Shawnee Mission Kansas
Broadway Oil and Gas Field
Broadway West Oil and Gas Field
Brogan School (historical)
Broken Arrow Elementary School
Broken Arrow Park
Broker Creek
Brollier Airport
Bronson Baptist Church
Bronson Reservoir
Bronson United Methodist Church
Bronson Water Storage Dam
Brookdale (historical)
Brookdale Senior Living Assisted Living Facility
Brookhaven Mobile Home Village
Brookhollow Business Park East
Brooklyn (historical)
Brooklyn School
Brookridge Branch Post Office
Brookridge Day School
Brookridge Elementary School
Brookridge Golf and Country Club
Brooks Landfill
Brooks Technology and Arts Magnet Middle School
Brooks Tract Park
Brookside Mobile Home Estates
Brookside School
Brookville Cemetery
Brookville United Methodist Church
Brookville Wastewater Plant
Brookwood Covenant Church
Brookwood Shopping Center
Bross (historical)
Bross School (historical)
Brotherhood Presbyterian Church
Brougham Elementary School
Brougham Park
Broughton (historical)
Brown County Agriculture Museum
Brown County Historical Society and Museum
Brown County State Lake
Brown County State Lake Dam
Brown Grand Opera House
Brown Grove School
Brown Mackie College - Kansas City
Brown Mackie College - Salina
Brown Mansion
Brown Memorial Home
Brown Memorial Park
Brown State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area
Brown Thrush Park
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
Browndale School
Brownell Fire Department
Brownell Post Office
Brownell Public Library
Browning Oil Field
Brownlow Cemetery
Browns Mobile Home Park
Browns Spur
Brownville (historical)
Brownwell Cemetery
Bruck Cemetery
Bruck School (historical)
Bruderthal School (historical)
Brumbaugh Cemetery
Brunn Business Park
Bruno Creek
Bruno Creek School (historical)
Brush Lake (historical)
Brushy Draw
Bryant Core Knowledge Magnet School
Bryant Elementary School (historical)
Buchan (historical)
Buchanan Brown Cemetery
Buck Creek School
Buck Point School
Buck Run Community Center
Buck Run School (historical)
Buck's Grove United Methodist Church
Bucklin Airport
Bucklin Cemetery
Bucklin Christian Church
Bucklin City Fire Department
Bucklin City Hall
Bucklin Elementary School
Bucklin First Presbyterian Church
Bucklin High School
Bucklin Police Department
Bucklin Post Office
Bucklin Public Library
Buckman Landing Strip
Buckner (historical)
Buckner Creek
Buckner Performing Arts Magnet Elementary School
Bucks Grove Church Cemetery
Bucksnort Creek
Bucyrus Elementary School (historical)
Bucyrus Wastewater Plant
Buda (historical)
Buda Cemetery
Buda Community Hall
Buel (historical)
Buena Terra Airport
Buena Vista (historical)
Buff Mound
Buffalo Bill Park
Buffalo Church of the Nazarene
Buffalo Dunes Golf Course
Buffalo Hills Mobile Home Park
Buffalo Jones Elementary School
Buffalo Mound
Buffalo Ridge Center
Buffalo School
Buffalo Senior Center
Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Buffalow-Depew Amtrak
Buford M. Watson, Hr. Park
Buhler Adult Community Center
Buhler Ambulance Service
Buhler City Hall
Buhler Grade School
Buhler High School
Buhler Mennonite Brethren Church
Buhler Mennonite Church
Buhler Municipal
Buhler Police Department
Buhler Post Office
Buhler Public Library
Buhler Thiessen Cemetery
Buhler Wastewater Plant
Bull Creek Oil Field
Bullard School
Bullfoot Creek
Bullington Creek
Bulls Ford Bridge
Bullseye Business Park
Bumgardner School
Bunion Creek
Bunker Hill Wastewater Plant
Bunker School
Bunty School (historical)
Burbank Airport
Burch Oil Field
Burchfiel United Methodist Church
Burden City Hall
Burden Oil Field
Burden Police Department
Burden United Methodist Church
Burden Wastewater Plant
Burdett City Hall
Burdett Community Airport
Burdett Fire Department
Burdett Wastewater Plant
Burdgeville (historical)
Burdick and Diamond Valley Township Fire Department
Burdick Post Office
Burdick United Methodist Cemetery
Burdick United Methodist Church
Burger Creek
Burger School (historical)
Burger's Valley Airport
Burk (historical)
Burkett Oil Field
Burkton School (historical)
Burlingame City Cemetery
Burlingame City Hall
Burlingame Community Library
Burlingame Elementary School
Burlingame Junior / Senior High School
Burlingame Police Department
Burlingame Schuyler Museum
Burlingame Unified School District Office
Burlingame Wastewater Plant
Burlington Church of the Nazarene
Burlington Elementary School
Burlington High School
Burlington Municipal Airport (historical)
Burlington Northern Industrial Center
Burlington Recreation Center
Burlington Senior Center
Burlington Wastewater Plant
Burnett Mound
Burnham Industrial Park
Burning Tree Golf Club
Burnley Memorial Library
Burns City Hall
Burns Community Historical Museum
Burns Elementary School
Burns Police Department
Burns Public Library
Burns Wastewater Plant
Burntwood (historical)
Buros Creek
Burr Oak
Burr Oak Bottom
Burr Oak Branch
Burr Oak Cemetery
Burr Oak Church
Burr Oak Community Library
Burr Oak Creek
Burr Oak High School (historical)
Burr Oak School
Burr Oak Wastewater Plant
Burris Draw
Burroughs Creek
Burrton Ambulance Department
Burrton Cemetery
Burrton City Building
Burrton Elementary School
Burrton Gas Field
Burrton Mennonite Church
Burrton Middle / High School
Burrton Oil Field
Burrton Police Department
Burrton Post Office
Burrton Senior Center
Burrton United Methodist Church
Bursch Private Airport
Burtgestown (historical)
Burys Creek
Bush City
Bush City Fire Station
Bush-Denton Oil Field
Bushong Cemetery
Bushton City Hall
Bushton Museum
Bushton Police Department
Bushton Post Office
Bushton United Methodist Church
Bushton Volunteer Fire Department
Bushton Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bussen Airport
Buster Cemetery
Butcher Children's School
Butcher Falls
Butler Airpark
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 100
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 1000
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 1100
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 1300
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 1500
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 1600
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 1800
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 1900
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 200
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 300
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 400
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 500
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 700
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 800
Butler Community College Main Campus Building 900
Butler Community College Main Campus Library
Butler Community College of Rose Hill
Butler County / Haverhill Special Education School
Butler County Butler County Emergency Medical Services Station 2
Butler County Community Building
Butler County Community College
Butler County Emergency Medical Services
Butler County Fire District 10 Station 1
Butler County Fire District 10 Station 2
Butler County Fire District 3 Station 1
Butler County Fire District 3 Station 2
Butler County Fire District 4 - Cassoday
Butler County Fire District 5 Rosalia
Butler County Fire District 6 Latham
Butler County Fire District 7 - Benton
Butler County Fire District 8 - Douglass
Butler County Health Department
Butler County History Center and Kansas Oil Museum
Butler County Judicial Center
Butler County Sanitary Landfill
Butler County State Lake Dam
Butler County State Park
Butler State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area
Butner Cemetery
Butterfield Trail Museum and Historical Museum
Button Airport
Button Cemetery
Butts School
Butts-Wakefield Cemetery
Buu Quang Temple
Buxton Christian Church
Byers Fire Department Township 8
Bykota Southern Baptist Church
C - 4 Elementary School
C A J Dairy Farms
C L Hoover Opera House
C P and W School (historical)
C W Parker Carousel Museum
C-14 School
Cabin Valley Oil Field
Cable Creek
Cactus (historical)
Cactus Creek
Cadillac Lake
Cadmus Cemetery
Cadmus School
Cair Paravel Latin School
Cairo Cemetery
Caisson Hill
Cal - Ann Farms
Calamity Line Park
Caldwell Fire Department
Caldwell Middle / High School
Caldwell Municipal Airport
Caldwell Police Department
Caldwell Public Library
Cale (historical)
Caley Cemetery
Calf Creek Oil Field
Caliche Pit
California Acres Church of Christ
California Acres Shopping Center
California Trail Middle School
Callaway Airpark
Calling Winds Farm
Calorific (historical)
Calvary Apostolic Pentecostal United Church
Calvary Chapel Assembly of God
Calvary Chapel Kansas City
Calvary Chapel Manhattan
Calvary Chapel of Johnson County
Calvary Chapel Wichita
Calvary Evangelical United Brethren Church
Calvary Lutheran Church
Calvary Mennonite Church
Calvary Tabernacle First United Pentecostal Church
Cambria Mills (historical)
Cambridge Mobile Home Park
Cambridge Presbyterian Church
Cambridge Wastewater Plant
Camden Woods Center
Camelot Court Animal Clinic
Camelot Court Shopping Center
Camelot Trailer Park
Cameo Care Center Nursing Home
Cameron Springs Lake
Camp Ascension
Camp Aubrey Henning
Camp Cauble
Camp Chippewa Airport
Camp Christy
Camp Concordia (historical)
Camp Crawford
Camp Creek United Methodist Church
Camp Eureka
Camp Funston
Camp Hammond
Camp Haven
Camp Hyde
Camp Jayhawk
Camp Kanza
Camp Ko-Ha-Me
Camp Lark
Camp Loga Vista
Camp Mattingly
Camp Mennoscah
Camp Moon Lake
Camp Moon Lake Dam
Camp Naish
Camp Number Fortytwo (historical)
Camp Number Six (historical)
Camp Number Two (historical)
Camp Pawnee
Camp Quaker Haven
Camp Ta Wa Ko Ni
Camp Tawasee
Camp Towanyak
Camp Wa-Ja-To
Camp Webster
Camp Whitside
Camp Wiedemann
Camp Win E Mar
Camp Wood
Campbell Draw
Campus High School
Campus Shopping Center
Cana Tabernacle
Canaan Christian Fellowship
Canada School (historical)
Canema (historical)
Caney Airpark
Caney Church of the Nazarene
Caney City Hall
Caney City Library
Caney Country Club
Caney Emergency Medical Services
Caney First Christian Church
Caney Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Caney Police Department
Caney Post Office
Caney Shepherd Center Heliport
Caney United Methodist Church
Caney Valley High School
Caney Valley Historical Museum
Caney Volunteer Fire Department
Caneyville Cemetery
Canfield Oil Field
Canina (historical)
Canning Creek
Canning Creek Cove Recreation Area
Cannon Park
Cannonball Golf Course
Cannonball Trail Chapter American Red Cross
Canterbury Academy at Shawnee Crossings
Canterbury Infant Academy
Canterbury Preparatory School
Canton - Galva Junior / Senior High School
Canton - Galva Middle School
Canton Ambulance Service
Canton Carnegie Township Library
Canton Christian Church
Canton North Oil Field
Canton Police Department
Canville Creek
Capioma Cemetery
Capital View Elementary School (historical)
Capitol City Community Church of God
Capitol View School (historical)
Capper Draw
Capron School (historical)
Captain Creek
Captain Creek Church
Captain Jack Thomas/El Dorado Airport
Car wood Cemetery
Caravan Mobile Park
Carbolyn State Park
Carbon (historical)
Carbon Hill (historical)
Carbon Post Office (historical)
Carbondale Attendance Center
Carbondale Cemetery
Carbondale Church of Christian Fellowship
Carbondale City Library
Carbondale Community United Church of Christ
Carbondale Police Department
Carbondale Wastewater Facility
Carbondale Water Tower
Card Creek
Card Creek Public Use Area
Card Creek School (historical)
Cardinal Park Shopping Center
Carey Park Golf Course
Cariboo (historical)
Carlisle Church (historical)
Carlisle School (historical)
Carlson Cemetery
Carlton First Presbyterian Church
Carlton Grade School
Carlyle Creek
Carlyle Presbyterian Church
Carmel (historical)

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