Satellite map of New Jersey state with roads maps

Satellite maps of New Jersey state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in New Jersey.

185 Monmouth Parkway Associates Helistop
24 Care Transport
A and M Medical Services
A B Z Academy School
A Chester Redshaw Elementary School
A Childs Place Preschool
A Childs Place School
A M Classics Heliport
A M Rodgers Construction Company
A M White Lodge Cemetery
A Russell Knight Elementary School
Aaron Decker Elementary School
Aaron Denny Creek
Aaron Medical Transport
Abbot Creek
Abbots Meadow
Abbott Avenue School (historical)
Aberdeen Township Fire Commissioner
Aberdeen Township First Aid Squad and Rescue Squad
Aberdeen Township Hose and Chemical Company Station 1
Abington Avenue Elementary School
Ables Run
Ablett Village
Abraham Clark High School
Abraham Levitt High School
Abram Morris Elementary School
Abram S Hewitt State Forest
Absalom Doughty Pond Dam
Absalom Grundy School
Absecon Bay
Absecon Channel
Absecon Creek
Absecon Emergency Services
Absecon Fire Safety Official
Absecon Highland School (historical)
Absecon Highlands
Absecon Inlet
Absecon Lighthouse
Absecon Police Department
Absecon State Wildlife Management Area
Absecon State Wildlife Management Areas
Absecon Volunteer Fire Department
Absegami High School
Abundant Joy Christian Center
Academy Charter High School
Academy for Allied Health Sciences School
Academy for Information Technology School
Academy for Science Math Engineering Technologies High School
Academy II School
Academy Learning Center School
Academy of Saint Benedict
Academy of Saint Elizabeth School
Academy of the Sacred Heart High School
Academy Street Elementary School
Access Ambulance
Ace Greenhouses
Acid Brook
Ackermans Creek
Ackermans Mills
Ackers Corner
Acorn Montessori School
Acutecare Specialty Hospital at Kimball
Adams Building
Adams Memorial Church of God
Adamston County Airport (historical)
Addice Park
Adelphia Elementary School
Adler Pool
Admiral Farragut Academy
Adult Learning Center School
Advocate Services Medical Transportation
Aero Ambulance Service
Aeroflex-Andover Airport
African Zion Church
Afrikan Peoples Action School
Agape Worship Center
Agapeland Childcare Center Preschool
Agros Lake
Ahavath Joseph Jewish Cemetery
Ahavath Torah Temple
Aidekman Research Center
Air Tractor Heliport
Air-List-Ads Airport (historical)
Aircraft Radio Corporation Airport
Akimbo Point
Al-Ghazaly High School
Albany Street Bridge
Albert Charles Wagner Youth Correctional Facility
Albert E Burling Elementary School
Albert E Grice Middle School
Albert G Waters Stadium
Albert Guido Memorial Heliport
Albert P Terhune Elementary School
Albertson Brook
Albertson Memorial Park
Albion Place
Albion School
Albrook Montessori School
Alcyon Lake
Alcyon Lake Dam
Alcyon Park
Alder Avenue Middle School
Alder Cove
Alderice House
Aldrich Lake Park
Alert Ambulance Service Hamilton
Alert Ambulance Service Lakewood Headquarters
Alert Ambulance Service Metuchen
Alert Fire Company Number 1
Aletta Crichton Elementary School
Alex Island
Alexander Batcho Intermediate School
Alexander D Sullivan Number 30 Elementary School
Alexander Denbo Elementary School
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hamilton Plaza
Alexander Street Elementary School
Alexanders Pond
Alexanders-Menlo Park Heliport
Alexanders-Paramus Heliport
Alexandria Middle School
Alexauken Creek
Alexian Plaza
Alfieri Hall
Alfred C MacKinnon Middle School
Alfred E Zampella Number 27 Elementary School
Alfred Reed School
Alfred S Faust Intermediate Elementary School
Alfred Vail Elementary School
Algonkin Lake
Alice Costello Elementary School
All Day Learning Centers School
All Nations Community Church
All Saints Episcopal Day School
All Saints Episcopal Parish
All Saints Memorial Episcopal Church
All Saints Regional Catholic School
All Wars Memorial Park
All Ways Memorial Park
Allaire Dam
Allaire State Park
Allamuchy - Green First Aid Squad
Allamuchy Mountain
Allamuchy Pond
Allamuchy Pond Dam
Allamuchy Post Office
Allamuchy State Park
Allamuchy Township Volunteer Fire Department
Allamuchy-Panther Valley
Allan And Michele Gorab Alumni House
Allegro School
Allen W Roberts Elementary School
Allendale Ambulance Corps
Allendale Boro Fire Department
Allendale Brook
Allendale Industrial Park
Allenhurst Fire Department and First Aid Squad
Allenhurst Police Department
Allens Corner
Allens Station
Allentown Borough Police Department
Allentown Dam
Allentown First Aid Squad
Allenwood Hospital
Allerton Creek
Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Allerton United Methodist Church
Alliance Cemetery
Alliance International Fellowship Church
Allocco Park
Alloway Airfield
Alloway Creek
Alloway Hope Halfway
Alloway Junction
Alloway Lake
Alloway Lake Dam
Alloway Post Office
Alloway Township Ambulance Corporation
Alloway Township Fire Company
Alloway Township School
Allwood Plaza Shopping Center
Allwood Post Office
Alma White College (historical)
Almonesson Creek
Almonesson Lake
Almonesson Lake Dam
Alonzo F Bonsal Wildlife Preserve
Alpaugh Brook
Alpha Borough Police Department
Alpha Care Ambulance Corporation
Alpha Volunteer Fire Company
Alpine Boat Basin
Alpine Borough Police Department
Alpine Camp
Alpine Lookout
Alpine Public Elementary School
Alps Road Park
Alquatka Branch
Als Landing Strip (historical)
Alstede Farms
Alumni Green
Alumni Theatre
Alvater Corner
Always Caring Medical Transport
Amaker and Porterfield Transportation
Amb - U - Care Ambulance
Ambassador Christian Academy Elementary School
Ambassador Christian Academy School
Ambicab Medical Transportation
Ambivan Medical Transportation Service
Ambrose Brook
Ambrose Channel
Ambrose Doty County Park
America Emergency Squad
American Boychoir School
American Cyanamid Helistop
American Cyanamid Linden Heliport
American Legion Ambulance Woodstown
American Legion Post Number 310
American Medical Response Shore Operations
Amerigo A Anastasia Elementary School
Amman Park
Amotol Race Track
Ampere Branch East Orange Public Library
Ampere Station
Amphibious Lake
Amphibious Lake Dam
Amwell Church
Amwell First Presbyterian Church
Amwell Lake Wildlife Management Area
Amwell School (historical)
Amwell Valley Ambulance
Amwell Valley Fire Company
An Noor Academy School
Anchor Lake One
Anchor Lake Two
Anchorage Point
Ancora Fire Department
Ancora Psychiatric Hospital
Andover Borough Fire Department
Andover Junction
Andover Morris Elementary School
Andover Ponds
Andover School (historical)
Andover Township Fire Department
Andover Township Police Department
Andover Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Andre Hill
Andreas Park
Andrew Point
Andrews Ditch
Angel Perez Community Center
Angelic Baptist Church
Angelo Tomaso Elementary School
Angens Pond
Angens Pond Dam
Anglesea Island
Anglesea Marsh
Anita Metzger Memorial School
Ann A Mullen Middle School
Ann J Ferguson Towers
Ann Klein Forensic Center
Ann Street Elementary School
Anna E Scott Elementary School
Anna L Klein Elementary School
Annandale Hose Company 1 Station 1
Annandale Hose Company 1 Station 2
Annandale Reformed Church
Annaricken Brook
Annunciation Episcopal Church
Annunciation Regional School
Annunciation Roman Catholic Church
Anona Lake
Ansa Healthcare Services
Anshe Emeth Religious School
Anshe Emethodist Memorial Temple
Anthony J Infante Number 31 Elementary School
Anthony Rossi Intermediate School
Anthony Tony Canale Fire Training Center
Anthony V Ceres Elementary School
Apollo Fountain
Apple Pie Hill
Apple Pie Hill Forestry Lookout Tower
Apple Ridge Golf Course
Applegarth Middle School
Applegate Cove
Applegate Creek
Applegates Creek
Apples and Books Learning Center School
Apples Books Bugs And Sticks Preschool
Apshawa Brook
Apshawa Elementary School
Apshawa Main Dam
Aquinas Academy School
Arapaho Lake
Arbor Elementary School
Arbor Hose Company 1
Arbor Rescue Squad
Arc Ambulance Service
ARC Dorothy B Hersh High School
ARC of Essex County Stepping Stones School
Archbishop Damiano School
Archers Corner
Archibald Alexander House
Archway Lower School
Archway School - Washington Township
Archway Upper School
Arcola Golf Club
Arcola Pool
Arcorp Properties Heliport
Ardena Baptist Church
Ardena Brook
Ardena Elementary School
Argonne Park
Arleth Elementary School
Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church
Arlington Avenue School
Arlington Memorial Park
Arlington Reach
Armenian Brethren Church
Armenian Presbyterian Church
Army Research and Development Center - Picatinny Arsenal Heliport
Arneys Mount
Arneytown Veterans Cemetery Heliport
Arnold Point Shoal
Aronson Bell School
Arradcom Air Park
Arrowhead Village
Arthur L Johnson High School
Arthur M Judd Elementary School
Arthur P Schalick High School
Arthur Rann School
Arthur Stanlick Elementary School
Artlantic: Wonder Park
Arts and Sciences Center
Arts High School
Asbury Evangelistic Chapel
Asbury Fire Department
Asbury Hall
Asbury Neptune Evangel Chapel
Asbury Park - Neptune Air Terminal (historical)
Asbury Park Adult Learning Center School
Asbury Park Fire Department
Asbury Park Free Public Library
Asbury Park High School
Asbury Park Middle School
Asbury Park Police Department
Asbury Park Post Office
Asbury Tower
Asbury United Methodist Church Cemetery
Ascension Greek Orthodox Church
Aserdaten (historical)
Ash Brook Golf Course
Ash Brook Station (historical)
Ash Brook Swamp
Ash Brook Swamp Reservation
Ash Brook Swimming Club
ASH Personal Heliport
Ashbrook Elementary School
Ashbury School
Asher Holmes Elementary School
Ashland Stadium
Ashley Turkey Farm
Assign Medical Transport
Assiscong Creek
Assiscunk Branch
Assiscunk Creek
Assist Medical Service
Assumption College for Sisters
Assumption Regional Catholic School
Assunpink Creek
Assunpink Park
Assunpink Wildlife Management Area
AT and T Cedarbrook Heliport
AT and T Heliport
AT and T Helistop
Atco Dragway
Atco Elementary School
Atco Lake
Atco Lake Dam
Athenia Switching Station
Atlantic Air Ambulance
Atlantic Ambulance Corporation
Atlantic Blueberry Company Airstrip
Atlantic Cape Community College - Atlantic City Campus
Atlantic Cape Community College - Cape May Campus
Atlantic Christian School
Atlantic City
Atlantic City Aquarium
Atlantic City Art Center
Atlantic City Beach Patrol Headquarters
Atlantic City Cemetery
Atlantic City Coast Guard Station
Atlantic City Country Club
Atlantic City Evening High School
Atlantic City Fire Department Station 1
Atlantic City Fire Department Station 2
Atlantic City Fire Department Station 3
Atlantic City Fire Department Station 4
Atlantic City Fire Department Station 5
Atlantic City Fire Department Station 6
Atlantic City Fire Prevention Bureau
Atlantic City Girl Scout Camp
Atlantic City High School
Atlantic City Historical Museum
Atlantic City International Airport
Atlantic City Medical Center
Atlantic City Medical Center - Mainland Division Heliport
Atlantic City Medical Center Heliport
Atlantic City Miniature Golf
Atlantic City Municipal Airport-Bader Field
Atlantic City Racetrack
Atlantic City Railway Station
Atlantic City Reservoir
Atlantic City Speedway (historical)
Atlantic Community College
Atlantic County
Atlantic County Adult Education School
Atlantic County CBOC
Atlantic County Court House
Atlantic County Helistop
Atlantic County Institute of Technology
Atlantic County Park
Atlantic County Sheriff's Office Atlantic City
Atlantic County Sheriff's Office Mays Landing
Atlantic County Special Elementary School
Atlantic County Special High School
Atlantic Fire Engine and Truck Company 2
Atlantic Highlands
Atlantic Highlands Elementary School
Atlantic Highlands Fire Department - Administration
Atlantic Highlands Fire Department and First Aid Squad
Atlantic Highlands Yacht Harbor
Atlantic Township Grade School (historical)
Atlantic View Cemetery
Atlantic Youth Center - Harborfields
Atlanticare Regional Medical Center
Atlantis Elementary School
Atlantis Preparatory School
Atlock Flower Farm
Atrium at Somerset Heliport
Atsion Helistop
Atsion Lake
Atsion Lake Dam
Auburn Volunteer Fire Company
Audley Farms
Audrey W Clark Elementary School
Audubon Boro Hall
Audubon High School
Audubon Lake
Audubon Park Boro Hall
Audubon Park Fire Department
Augie's Tree Farm
Augusta Gardens Greenhouse
Aunt Debs Ditch
Aura Elementary School
Aura Volunteer Fire Company
Austin Academy School
Auten Road Intermediate School
Autumn Hill Park
Auxiliary Reservoir Dam
Avalon Rescue Squad
Avalon Shoal
Avalon Volunteer Fire Department
Avalon Yacht Club
Avenel and Colonia First Aid Squad
Avenel Fire District 5 Station
Avenel Middle School
Avenel Park
Avenel Station
Avenel Street Elementary School
Avis Millpond
Avis Mills
Avon - by - the - Sea First Aid and Safety Squad
Avon by the Sea Fire Department
Avon by the Sea Post Office
Axle Brook
Ayres Creek
B Bernice Young Elementary School
B E S T Academy School
B J Farms Airport
B'Nai Abraham Memorial Park
B'Nai Israel Memorial Park
B'Nai Jeshuron Cemetery
B'nai Jeshurun Early Childhood School
B'nai Jeshurun Temple
Babbage Park
Babcock Creek
Babcock Swamp
Bacharach Institute For Rehabilitation
Bacheller Avenue Park
Back Ditch
Back Neck
Back o' th' Sound
Bacons Neck
Bacons Neck School
Bacons Run
Baffin Brook
Bainbridge House
Baird Field
Bais Chinuch L'Bonos Bayis Ruchel School
Bais Faiga Park Avenue Campus School
Bais Faiga School
Bais Kaila Torah Preparatory High School
Bais Rivka Rochel School
Bais Shaindel High School
Bakelite Park
Baker Shoal
Bakersville Station
Baldwin State Park
Baldwin State Wildlife Management Area
Baldwins Corner
Baldwins Creek
Bales Mill Pond
Balesville Dam
Ballard United Methodist Church
Ballinger Creek
Ballingers Lake
Ballingers Mill
Ballingers Mill Pond Dam
Ballymere Heliport
Ballys Casino
Balson Point
Baltusrol Golf Course
Baltusrol Station
Bamber Lake
Bamber Lake Dam
Bamber Lakes Fire Department
Bamberry Estates
Banchoff Park
Bancroft Elementary Program School
Bancroft School - Cherry Hill
Bancroft School - Haddonfield
Bancroft School - Voorhees
Bancshares Helistop
Bangs Avenue Elementary School
Bankbridge Regional School
Bankier Library
Bannen Meadow Brook
Baptist High School
Baptist Regional Elementary School
Baptist Regional School
Baptistown Post Office
Barber Avenue School
Barber Elementary School
Barbour Mill Dam
Barbour Pond
Barbour Pond Park
Barbour's Park
Barclay Brook Elementary School
Barclay Farm
Barclay School
Barclay Towers
Bard Branch
Bardy Farms and Greenhouses
Baremore Quarters
Bargaintown Pond
Bargaintown Volunteer Fire Company 2 Station 1
Bargaintown Volunteer Fire Company 2 Station 2
Barley Point
Barley Point Island
Barley Point Reach
Barley Sheaf
Barley Sheaf Elementary School
Barlow Flower Farm
Barnegat Bay
Barnegat Bay Estates
Barnegat Beach
Barnegat Coast Guard Station
Barnegat Estates
Barnegat First Aid Squad
Barnegat High School
Barnegat Inlet
Barnegat Light
Barnegat Light First Aid Squad
Barnegat Light Post Office
Barnegat Light Volunteer Fire Company 1 Station 13
Barnegat Lighthouse
Barnegat Lighthouse State Park
Barnegat National Wildlife Refuge
Barnegat Pier
Barnegat Pines
Barnegat Township Police Department
Barnegat Volunteer Fire Company 1
Barnegat Volunteer Fire Company 1 Station 11 - 1
Barnert Hospital
Barnsboro Church
Barnsboro Volunteer Fire Company Station 2211
Barnsdale Park
Barr Hall
Barrel Channel
Barrel Island
Barrett Run
Barringer High School
Barrington Ambulance Association
Barrington Fire Company 1
Barry Lakes
Bartle Elementary School
Bartles Corners
Bartles Mine
Bartletts Branch
Bartletts Bridge
Bashes Creek
Basilone Bridge
Basket Flat
Basking Reservoir
Basking Ridge Fire Company 1 and First Aid Squad
Bass Harbor
Bass Lake Falls
Bass River
Bass River Neck
Bass River State Forest
Bass River Township Elementary School
Basses Bay
Basset Building
Bates Mill
Bates Mill School
Batsto Dam
Batsto Forestry Lookout Tower
Batsto Lake
Batsto Post Office
Batsto River
Batsto-Pleasant Mills United Methodist Church
Battery Alexander (historical)
Battery Arnold (historical)
Battery Arrowsmith (historical)
Battery Bloomfield (historical)
Battery Edwards (historical)
Battery Engle (historical)
Battery Granger (historical)
Battery Gregg (historical)
Battery Gunnison (historical)
Battery Halleck (historical)
Battery Harker (historical)
Battery Krayenbuhl (historical)
Battery McCook (historical)
Battery Peck (historical)
Battery Reynolds (historical)
Battery Richardson (historical)
Battery Urmston (historical)
Battin Middle School
Battle Hill Elementary School
Battleship Maine Memorial
Battleview Orchards
Baum Pond
Bay Harbor Estates
Bay Head
Bay Head Branch Post Office
Bay Head Elementary School
Bay Head Fire Company 1
Bay Head Harbor
Bay Head Junction
Bay Head Police Department
Bay Head Reading Center
Bay Lea Park
Bay Ponds
Bay Shore
Bay Shore Channel
Bay Shore Rod and Gun Club
Bay Side
Bay Way Community House
Bayard Street Presbyterian Church
Bayard Street School (historical)
Bayberry Elementary School
Bayley Hall
Bayne Park
Bayonne Bridge
Bayonne City Hall
Bayonne Engine Company 2
Bayonne Engine Company 3
Bayonne Engine Company 4
Bayonne Engine Company 5
Bayonne Engine Company 6
Bayonne Hazardous Materials Company 1
Bayonne High School
Bayonne Medical Center
Bayonne Police Department
Bayonne Post Office
Bayonne Supply Center (historical)
Baysholm County Conservation Area
Bayshore Community Hospital
Bayshore Greenhouse Farm
Bayshore Higher Education Center
Bayshore Lagoon
Bayshore Middle School
Bayshore Waterfront County Park
Bayside Community Church
Bayside State Prison
Baytul Iman Academy School
Bayview Convalescent Center
Bayview Harbors
Bayview Volunteer Fire Company Station 26 - 4
Bayview Volunteer Fire Company Station 26 - 4A
Bayville Elementary School
Bayville First Aid Squad
Bayville Volunteer Fire Company 1
Bayway Circle
Bayway Refinery Heliport
Bayway Station Elizabeth Post Office
Be-Bee Chapel
Beach Creek Meadow
Beach Creek Point
Beach Glen
Beach Haven Crest
Beach Haven Elementary School
Beach Haven First Aid Squad
Beach Haven Gardens
Beach Haven Inlet
Beach Haven Park
Beach Haven Police Department
Beach Haven Terrace
Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Company 1
Beach Haven West
Beach Thorofare
Beach View
Beachwood Elementary School
Beachwood First Aid Squad
Beachwood Police Department
Beachwood Post Office
Beachwood Volunteer Fire Company 1 Station 16
Beacon Academy Preschool and Kindergarten
Beacon Hill Country Club
Beadleston High School
Beadon Cove
Beadon Creek
Beadon Point
Beals Mill
Bear Swamp Hill
Bear Swamp Lake
Bear Swamp Lake Dam
Bear Swamp Lake Dam One
Bear Swamp Lake Dam Two
Bear Swamp River
Bear Tavern
Bear Tavern Elementary School
Bearfort Mountain
Bearfort Waters
Bears And Eagles Riverfront Stadium
Bears Head Branch
Beatrice Gilmore Elementary School
Beaver Brook
Beaver Hill Farm (historical)
Beaver Swamp Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Beck Hall
Bedbug Island
Beden Brook
Bedens Brook Country Club
Bedminster Police Department
Bedminster Reformed Church (historical)
Bedminster Reformed Church Cemetery
Bedminster Township Elementary School
Bedwell Elementary School
Bee Meadow Elementary School
Bee Meadow Park
Bee Meadow Pond
Beebe Run
Beechwood Baptist Church
Beeler Elementary School
Beemerville Fire Department / Wantage Township Company 1
Beemerville Orchards
Beers Street Elementary School
Bees Branch
Beesley's Point Beach
Beesleys Point
Behnke Brook
Beisers Pond
Beisler Lake
Beit Yisrael Library
Bel - Aire Golf Course
Belcoville Volunteer Fire Company
Belford Airport (historical)
Belford Harbor
Belford Post Office
Belford United Methodist Church
Belhaven Avenue Middle School
Bell Medical Transport
Bell Oaks Elementary School
Bellcrest Park
Belle Mead General Depot (historical)
Belle Mead Post Office
Belle Mead Quarry
Belle Mead Station
Belle Mountain
Belleplain Emergency Corps
Belleplain State Forest
Belleplain Volunteer Fire Company
Belleville Fire Department Station 2
Belleville Fire Department Station 3
Belleville High School
Belleville Park
Belleville Reach
Belleville Reformed Curch
Bellmans Creek
Bellmawr Fire and Rescue Station 32
Bellmawr Park Elementary School
Bellmawr Park Volunteer Fire Company Station 33
Bellmawr Police Department
Bellmawr Volunteer Ambulance
Bellone's Nursery
Bellot Mountain
Bells Crossing
Belmar Basin
Belmar Elementary School
Belmar Fire Department Administration
Belmar First Aid Squad
Belmar Police Department
Belmar Post Office
Belmar Presbyterian Church
Belmar Public Library
Belmont Hill Park
Belmont-Runyon Elementary School
Belvedero Beach
Belvidere Police Department
Belvidere Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Belwood Park
Ben Davis Island (historical)
Ben Davis Point
Ben Davis Point Shoal
Ben Elders Creek
Ben Hands Thorofare
Ben Shahn Center For The Visual Arts
Bender Memorial Academy
Benders Corner
Bendheim Center for Finance
Bendheim Hall
Beneath the Tree Center
Benedict A Cucinella Elementary School
Benedictine Academy
Benjamin C Gregory Elementary School
Bennett Street School (historical)
Bennetts Mill
Bennetts Mills
Bennetts Mills Dam
Bennys Landing
Bentley Brothers Greenhouses (historical)
Berdam Shopping Center
Berdan Grove
Berdan Heights Church
Berdines Corners
Bergen Boulevard School
Bergen Catholic High School
Bergen Community College
Bergen County
Bergen County Jail
Bergen County Juvenile Detention Center
Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute
Bergen County Park South
Bergen County Police and Fire Academy Heliport
Bergen County Police Department
Bergen County Sheriff's Office
Bergen County Zoological Park
Bergen Generating Station
Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church
Bergen Mall Shopping Center
Bergen Mills
Bergen Museum of Art and Science
Bergen Point
Bergen Point Community Church
Bergen Point East Reach
Bergen Regional Medical Center
Bergen Square School
Bergen Station Jersey City Post Office
Bergenfield Fire Company Number 2
Bergenfield High School
Bergenfield Municipal Building
Bergenfield Police Department
Bergenfield Station
Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corp
Berkeley Avenue Elementary School
Berkeley Heights
Berkeley Heights Fire Department
Berkeley Heights Police Department
Berkeley Heights Post Office
Berkeley Heights Rescue Squad
Berkeley Heights Station
Berkeley Island County Park
Berkeley Shores
Berkeley Terrace Elementary School
Berkeley Township Elementary School
Berkeley Township Fire Department Office
Berkeley Township Police Department
Berkeley Township Police Heliport
Berkley Church
Berkley Street Elementary School
Berkshire Valley
Berkshire Valley State Wildlife Management Area
Berlin Community Elementary School
Berlin Fire Company Number 1
Berlin Heights
Berlin Park
Berlin Quarry
Berlin Township Police Department
Bernards High School
Bernards Township Police Department
Bernardsville Fire Company 1
Bernardsville Methodist Cemetery
Bernardsville Middle School
Bernardsville Police Department
Bernardsville United Methodist Church
Bernice J Munce Tower
Berry Lawn Cemetery
Berryman Branch
Berrys Creek Canal
Bertino Heliport
Bertram F Gibbs Elementary School
Bertrand Island
Bertrand Island Amusement Park (historical)
Best Way Invalid Coach Service
Beth El Pentecostal House
Beth El Seventh Day Adventist Church
Beth Israel Memorial Park
Beth Israel School
Beth Medrash Govoha
Beth Shalom School
Beth Torah Temple
Beth-David Cemetery
Beth-El Synagogue
Beth-Kehillah Cemetery
Bethany Baptist Christian School
Bethany Browne United Methodist Church
Bethany Christian Academy School
Bethel Assembly Church
Bethel Bible Chapel
Bethel Church of Love and Praise
Bethel Mill Park
Bethel Park Cemetery
Bethel Run
Betsey Channel
Betsy Ross Fixed Bridge
Bettlewood School
Betty McElmon Elementary School
Betty Park
Beverly City Police Department
Beverly Edgewater Park Emergency Squad
Beverly Fire Department 2
Beverly Fire Department Station 1
Beverly National Cemetery
Beverly Road School
Beverly Way Park
Bey Lea Golf Course
Bezal-el Yeshiva School
Biddle Branch
Biddles Landing
Biertuempful Park
Big Brook Park
Big Elder Creek
Big Fish Thorofare
Big Flat Brook
Big Graveling Creek
Big Greaves Creek
Big Mannington Hill
Big Muckshaw Pond
Big Neal Branch
Big Pine Lake
Big Sheepshead Creek
Biles Island Channel
Billingsport Elementary School
Billingsport Range
Billingsport Volunteer Fire Company
Bills Gut
Biological Sciences Building
Bioresource Engineering Buildings
Biotechnology High School
Birch Grove Park
Birch Hills
Birch Swamp Brook
Birches Elementary School
Birchwood Elementary School
Birchwood Lake
Birchwood Lake Dam
Birchwood Lakes
Bishop Dougherty Student Center
Bishop Eustace Preparatory School
Bishop George Ahr Saint Thomas High School
Bishop Guilfoyle Regional Catholic School
Bishop Janes Cemetery
Bishop Janes United Methodist Church
Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School
Bishop Wood
Bishops Rock
Bisphams Mill Creek
Bissell School (historical)
Bissett's Recreation Area
Bittern Brook
Blachleys Hill
Black Creek Farm
Black Horse Pike Shopping Center
Black Horse Ranch
Black Meadows
Black River Middle School
Black River Pond
Black River Wildlife Management Area
Black Tom
Black's Dairy Farm
Blackberry Bay
Blackberry Bay Park
Blackbird Gut
Blackbrook Park
Blackman Island
Blackmans Branch
Blackwater Branch
Blackwells Mills
Blackwood Elementary School
Blackwood Lake
Blackwood Terrace
Blair Academy
Blairstown Airport
Blairstown Ambulance Corps
Blairstown Community Center
Blairstown First Presbyterian Church
Blairstown Hose Company 1
Blairstown Station
Blairstown Township Elementary School
Blairstown Township Municipal Building
Blairstown Township Police Department
Blake Hall
Blanton Hall
Blauguard Island
Blawenburg Cemetery
Blawenburg Post Office
Blawenburg Reformed Church
Blaziers Corner
Blessed Sacrament Regional Elementary School
Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic School
Blews Airport
Blews Run
Bliss Hall
Blizzard Neck Gut
Blood Point
Bloodgoods Pond
Bloodgoods Pond Dam
Bloomberg Office Complex
Bloomer Beach
Bloomfield Ambulance
Bloomfield College
Bloomfield Fire Department
Bloomfield Fire Department Station 2
Bloomfield Fire Department Station 3
Bloomfield Fire Department Station 4
Bloomfield Middle School
Bloomfield Park Volunteer Fire Company 1
Bloomfield Presbyterian Church
Bloomfield Station
Bloomfield Volunteer Emergency Squad
Bloomingdale Avenue Elementary School
Bloomingdale Fire Department Main Station
Bloomingdale Fire Department Station 2
Bloomsbury Elementary School
Bloomsbury Hose Company 1 Station 43
Bloomsbury Post Office
Bloomsbury Rescue Squad
Blossom Cove
Blue Anchor
Blue Anchor Brook
Blue Anchor Cemetery
Blue Bell
Blue Crest Farms
Blue Fish Harbor
Blue Heron Camp
Blue Heron Lake Dam
Blue Jay Heliport
Blue Mine Brook
Blue Mountain Lakes
Blue Ridge Rescue Squad
Blue Star Shopping Center
Bluebird Branch
Bluefish Brothers
Bluefish Creek
Blumenthal Student Services Building
Board of Proprietors State Historic Site
Boardwalk Hall
Bob Roggy Field
Bobbys Run
Bobbys Run Elementary School
Bodman Park
Bog and Vly Meadows
Bog Branch Creek
Bogans Cove
Bogart Memorial Reformed Church
Bogert Pond
Bogerts Ranch Estates
Bogota Boro Hall
Bogota First Aid Squad
Bogota High School
Bogota Hook and Ladder Company 1
Bogota Hose Company 2
Bogota Hose Company 3
Bogota Police Department
Bogota Public Library
Bogues Pond
Bohn Hall
Boiler Creek
Boland Hall
Boling Cemetery
Bond House
Bond Street School (historical)
Bonds Bar Island
Bonds Half-Way House
Bonhamtown Grade School (historical)
Bonita Tideway
Bonnel House Historical Museum
Bonnet Island
Bonnie Burn Sanatorium (historical)
Bonsall Elementary School
Bonygutt Brook
Booker T Washington Alternative School
Boonstra Park
Boonton Fire Department Boonton Avenue Firehouse
Boonton Fire Department South Boonton Firehouse
Boonton High School
Boonton Kiwanis First Aid Squad
Boonton Police Department
Boonton Reservoir
Boonton Reservoir Dam
Boonton Township Police Department
Boonton Township Volunteer Fire Department
Boonton Township Volunteer Fire Department Satellite Station
Boot Island
Bordens Mill Branch
Bordentown Police Department
Bordentown Range
Bordentown Regional High School
Bordentown Regional Middle School
Bordentown Seminary
Bordentown Township Emergency Medical Services
Bordentown Township Fire District 1 Mission Fire Company Station 321
Bordentown Township Fire District 2--Derby Volunteer Fire Company
Bordentown Township Police Department
Borough Elementary School
Borough of Allendale
Borough of Allenhurst
Borough of Allentown
Borough of Alpha
Borough of Alpine
Borough of Andover
Borough of Atlantic Highlands
Borough of Audubon
Borough of Audubon Park
Borough of Avalon
Borough of Avon-by-the-Sea
Borough of Barnegat Light
Borough of Barrington
Borough of Bay Head
Borough of Beach Haven
Borough of Beachwood
Borough of Bellmawr
Borough of Belmar
Borough of Belmar Fire Department Goodwill Fire House
Borough of Belmar Fire Department Hook and Ladder Fire House
Borough of Belmar Fire Department Union Fire House
Borough of Bergenfield
Borough of Berlin
Borough of Berlin Volunteer Fire Department
Borough of Bernardsville
Borough of Bloomingdale
Borough of Bloomsbury
Borough of Bogota
Borough of Bound Brook
Borough of Bradley Beach
Borough of Branchville
Borough of Brielle
Borough of Brooklawn
Borough of Buena
Borough of Butler
Borough of Caldwell
Borough of Califon
Borough of Cape May Point
Borough of Carlstadt
Borough of Carteret
Borough of Chatham
Borough of Chesilhurst
Borough of Chester
Borough of Clayton
Borough of Clementon
Borough of Cliffside Park
Borough of Closter
Borough of Collingswood
Borough of Cresskill
Borough of Deal
Borough of Demarest
Borough of Dumont
Borough of Dunellen
Borough of East Newark
Borough of East Rutherford
Borough of Eatontown
Borough of Edgewater
Borough of Elmer
Borough of Elmwood Park
Borough of Emerson
Borough of Englewood Cliffs
Borough of Englishtown
Borough of Essex Fells
Borough of Fair Haven
Borough of Fair Lawn
Borough of Fairview
Borough of Fanwood
Borough of Far Hills
Borough of Farmingdale
Borough of Fieldsboro
Borough of Flemington
Borough of Florham Park
Borough of Folsom
Borough of Fort Lee
Borough of Franklin
Borough of Franklin Lakes
Borough of Freehold
Borough of Frenchtown
Borough of Garwood
Borough of Gibbsboro
Borough of Glassboro
Borough of Glen Gardner
Borough of Glen Ridge
Borough of Haddon Heights
Borough of Haddonfield
Borough of Haledon
Borough of Hamburg
Borough of Hampton
Borough of Harrington Park
Borough of Harvey Cedars
Borough of Hasbrouck Heights
Borough of Haworth
Borough of Hawthorne
Borough of Helmetta
Borough of Hi-Nella
Borough of High Bridge
Borough of Highland Park
Borough of Highlands
Borough of Hightstown
Borough of Hillsdale
Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus
Borough of Hopatcong
Borough of Hopewell
Borough of Interlaken
Borough of Island Heights
Borough of Jamesburg
Borough of Keansburg
Borough of Keansburg Water Works
Borough of Kenilworth
Borough of Keyport
Borough of Kinnelon
Borough of Lake Como
Borough of Lakehurst
Borough of Laurel Springs
Borough of Lavallette
Borough of Lawnside
Borough of Lebanon
Borough of Leonia
Borough of Leonia Ambulance Corp
Borough of Lincoln Park
Borough of Lindenwold
Borough of Little Ferry
Borough of Little Silver
Borough of Lodi
Borough of Longport
Borough of Madison
Borough of Magnolia
Borough of Manasquan
Borough of Mantoloking
Borough of Manville
Borough of Matawan
Borough of Maywood
Borough of Medford Lakes
Borough of Mendham
Borough of Merchantville
Borough of Metuchen
Borough of Middlesex
Borough of Midland Park
Borough of Milford
Borough of Millstone
Borough of Milltown
Borough of Monmouth Beach
Borough of Montvale
Borough of Moonachie
Borough of Morris Plains
Borough of Mount Arlington
Borough of Mount Ephraim
Borough of Mountain Lakes
Borough of Mountainside
Borough of National Park
Borough of Neptune City
Borough of Netcong
Borough of New Milford
Borough of New Providence
Borough of Newfield
Borough of North Arlington
Borough of North Caldwell
Borough of North Haledon
Borough of North Plainfield
Borough of Northvale
Borough of Oakland
Borough of Oaklyn
Borough of Ocean Gate
Borough of Oceanport
Borough of Ogdensburg
Borough of Old Tappan
Borough of Oradell
Borough of Palisades Park
Borough of Palmyra
Borough of Paramus
Borough of Park Ridge
Borough of Paulsboro
Borough of Peapack and Gladstone
Borough of Pemberton
Borough of Pennington
Borough of Penns Grove
Borough of Pine Beach
Borough of Pine Hill
Borough of Pine Valley
Borough of Pitman
Borough of Point Pleasant
Borough of Point Pleasant Beach
Borough of Pompton Lakes
Borough of Princeton
Borough of Ramsey
Borough of Raritan
Borough of Red Bank
Borough of Ridgefield
Borough of Ringwood
Borough of River Edge
Borough of Riverdale
Borough of Riverton
Borough of Rockaway
Borough of Rockleigh
Borough of Rocky Hill
Borough of Roosevelt
Borough of Roseland
Borough of Roselle
Borough of Roselle Park
Borough of Rumson
Borough of Runnemede
Borough of Rutherford
Borough of Saddle River
Borough of Sayreville
Borough of Sea Bright
Borough of Sea Girt
Borough of Seaside Heights
Borough of Seaside Park
Borough of Shiloh
Borough of Ship Bottom
Borough of Somerdale
Borough of Somerville
Borough of South Bound Brook
Borough of South Plainfield
Borough of South River
Borough of South Toms River
Borough of Spotswood
Borough of Spring Lake
Borough of Spring Lake Heights
Borough of Stanhope
Borough of Stockton
Borough of Stone Harbor
Borough of Stratford
Borough of Surf City
Borough of Sussex
Borough of Swedesboro
Borough of Tavistock
Borough of Tenafly
Borough of Teterboro
Borough of Tinton Falls
Borough of Totowa
Borough of Totowa Fire Department Fire Rescue Company 4
Borough of Totowa Fire Department Lincoln Fire Company 2
Borough of Totowa Fire Department Riverview Park Company 3
Borough of Totowa Fire Department Volunteer Fire Company 1
Borough of Tuckerton
Borough of Union Beach
Borough of Upper Saddle River
Borough of Victory Gardens
Borough of Waldwick
Borough of Wallington
Borough of Wanaque
Borough of Washington
Borough of Watchung
Borough of Wenonah
Borough of West Cape May
Borough of West Long Branch
Borough of West Wildwood
Borough of Westville
Borough of Westwood
Borough of Wharton
Borough of Wildwood Crest
Borough of Wood-Ridge
Borough of Woodbine
Borough of Woodbury Heights
Borough of Woodcliff Lake
Borough of Woodland Park
Borough of Woodlynne
Borough of Woodstown
Borough of Wrightstown
Borton Landing
Boss Road
Bossert Estates
Bostwick Lake
Bostwicks Pond Dam
Boswell Park
Bottom Lake
Boudinot School (historical)
Bound Brook Borough Hall
Bound Brook Fire Department America Hose and Engine Company 2
Bound Brook Fire Department Hose Company 1
Bound Brook Fire Department Relief Fire Company 4
Bound Brook Fire Department Watchung Fire Company 3
Bound Brook High School
Bound Brook Junction
Bound Brook Memorial Library
Bound Brook Mountain Avenue Cemetery
Bound Brook Number 1 Heliport
Bound Brook Number 2 Heliport
Bound Brook Police Department
Bound Brook Presbyterian Church
Bound Brook Rescue Squad
Bound Brook United Methodist Church
Bowcraft Amusement Park
Bowen Materials Institute
Bowkers Run
Bowlby Pond
Bowling Green Golf and Tennis Club
Bowman Manor
Bowne Memorial Gateway
Bowne Munro Elementary School
Boxwood Farm (historical)
Boyd-McGuiness Park
Boyds Hotel
Boylan Early Childhood Center
Boys Club of Paterson
Boys Vocational School
Braddocks Mill
Braddocks Mill Dam
Braddocks Millpond
Bradford Field (historical)
Bradley Beach Elementary School
Bradley Beach Fire Bureau
Bradley Beach First Aid Squad
Bradley Beach Police Department
Bradley Beach Post Office
Bradley Beach Public Library
Bradley Beach Volunteer Fire Department
Bradley Gardens
Bradley Gardens Elementary School
Bradley Gardens First Aid and Rescue Squad
Bradley Gardens Volunteer Fire Department
Bradley Park School (historical)
Braeburn Heights
Bragaw Avenue Elementary School
Brainards School
Brainerd Lake
Brainerd Lake Dam
Brainerd School
Bramell Point
Branch Back Brook
Branch Brook Park
Branch Brook School
Branch Brook Skating Rink
Branch of Pond Run
Branchburg Rescue Squad
Branchburg Township
Branchburg Township Police Department
Branchport Creek
Branchport Park
Branchport Station
Branchville Hose Company 1
Branchville Junction (historical)
Branchville Reservoir
Branchville Reservoir Dam
Brandes Field Playground
Brandriff Beach
Brandywine Range
Brandywine Shoal
Brandywine Shoal Light
Brant Beach
Brass Castle
Brass Castle Creek
Brass Castle Elementary School
Brayton Elementary School
Brazilian Seventh Day Adventist Church
Bread and Cheese Run
Breeches Branch
Brennan Field
Bresinger School
Breslin Auditorium
Brewster House
Briant Park
Briant Park Dam
Briant Pond
Briar Manor
Briarhill Welfare Home
Brick Avon Academy
Brick Center Vocational School
Brick Church Plaza Shopping Center
Brick Community Primary Learning Center School
Brick Mall Shopping Center
Brick Post Office
Brick Township Bureau of Fire Safety
Brick Township Fire Department Breton Woods Fire Company Station 21
Brick Township Fire Department Breton Woods Fire Company Station 21 - 1
Brick Township Fire Department Fire Training Center
Brick Township Fire Department Herbertsville Fire Company Station 24 - 1
Brick Township Fire Department Laurelton Fire Company 1 Station 23
Brick Township Fire Department Laurelton Fire Company 1 Substation 23 - 1
Brick Township Fire Department Laurelton Fire Company 1 Substation 23 - 2
Brick Township Fire Department Pioneer Hose Fire Company Station 22 - 1
Brick Township First Aid Squad
Brick Township High School
Brick Township Memorial High School
Brick Township Municipal Building
Brick Township Police Department
Brick Township Police Emergency Medical Services
Bridegroom Run
Bridge Academy School
Bridge Creek (historical)
Bridge Pond
Bridge Street Bridge
Bridgepoint Lake
Bridgeport Speedway
Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Bridgeport-Cahill Field
Bridges Sticks Creek
Bridgeton Christian School
Bridgeton City Fire Department
Bridgeton City Park
Bridgeton Inspira Health Center
Bridgeton Junction
Bridgeton Police Department
Bridgeton Senior High School
Bridgeville Station
Bridgewater Commons Shopping Center
Bridgewater Raritan High School
Bridgewater Raritan Middle School
Bridgewater Rescue Squad
Bridgewood Lake
Brielle Circle (historical)
Brielle Elementary School
Brielle Fire Company 1
Brielle Fire Inspector
Brielle First Aid Squad
Brielle Police Department
Brielle Post Office
Brigadier General William C Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery
Brigantine Beach
Brigantine Beach Patrol
Brigantine Central School
Brigantine Channel
Brigantine City Hall
Brigantine Country Club
Brigantine Fire Department
Brigantine Inlet
Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge
Brigantine North School
Brigantine Shoal
Brigantine Wilderness
Bright Beginnings Learning Center School
Bright Beginnings Learning Center School Annex II
Bright Beginnings Preschool
Brighton at Barnegat Mobile Home Park
Brighton Avenue Preschool
Brighton Beach
Brills Yard
Brimfield Crossing
Brimm Medical Arts High School
Brisbane State Child Treatment Center
Bristol - Myers Squibb Emergency Services
Bristol Range
Bristol-Myers/Squibb Heliport
Broad Acres Golf Course (historical)
Broad Lane
Broad Meadow Nurseries (historical)
Broad Street Lake
Broad Street School
Broad Street School (historical)
Broad Thorofare
Broad Thoroughfare
Broadway Professional Building
Broadway Tabernacle (historical)
Brockaways Branch
Bromley Park
Brook Avenue Cemetery
Brookaloo Swamp
Brookdale Administration Center
Brookdale Avenue Elementary School
Brookdale Baptist Church
Brookdale Community College
Brookdale Community College Eastern Monmouth Campus
Brookdale Community College Northern Monmouth Campus
Brookdale Community College Wall Campus
Brookdale Community College Western Monmouth Campus
Brookdale County Park
Brookdale Farm (historical)
Brookdale Post Office
Brookdale Reformed Church
Brookfield Academy School
Brooklake Country Club
Brooklake Elementary School
Brooklawn Emergency Medical Services
Brooklawn Fire Company
Brooklawn Fire Company Substation
Brooklawn Middle School
Brooklawn Police Department
Brooks Crossing Elementary at Deans School
Brooks Crossing Elementary School
Brookside Community Church
Brookside Engine Company 1
Brookside Heights
Brookside Place Elementary School
Brookside Post Office
Brophy Field
Brotherhood Cemetery
Brothers College
Brothers Creek
Brotherton Hall
Brower Student Center
Brown Street Elementary School
Browns Mills
Browns Mills Emergency Squad
Browns Mills Fire Company 1
Browns Mills Junction
Browntown Shopping Center
Brownwood Pond
Bruce Hall
Brunswick Acres Elementary School
Brunswick Acres Park
Brunswick Gardens
Brunswick Square Shopping Center
Bruriah School for Girls
Brushwood Pond
Bubbling Spring Lake
Bubs Creek
Buccleuch Park
Buck Bar
Buck Hill Station
Buck Landing
Buck Pit
Buckabear Pond
Buckhole Creek
Buckingham Park School
Buckingham Village
Buckmire Pond
Bucks Airport
Bucks Cove Run
Bucks Ditch
Bucks Mill Dam
Buckshutem Creek
Buckshutem Road Elementary School
Buckshutem Swamp
Budd Lake Airport (historical)
Budd Lake First Aid Squad
Budd Lake School
Budd Lake State Wildlife Management Area
Budd Lake Volunteer Fire Department Company 1
Buena Borough Police Department
Buena Regional High School
Buena Vista Township Emergency Medical Services
Bulks Lake
Bull Thorofare
Bulls Island State Park
Bunker Hill Dam
Bunker Hill Middle School
Bunker Hill Pond
Bunnvale School (historical)
Bunting Sedge
Bunting-Cobb Hall
Burch Hall
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Atlantic City
Bureau of Fire Inspection
Bureau of Fire Safety
Burleigh Church
Burlington Bristol Bridge
Burlington Bristol Bridge Police Station
Burlington City High School
Burlington County
Burlington County Alternative High School
Burlington County Bridge Commission Police Tacony - Palmyra Bridge
Burlington County CBOC
Burlington County College - Mount Laurel
Burlington County College - Pemberton
Burlington County Department of Public Safety Communications Tower
Burlington County Detention Center
Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center
Burlington County Institute of Technology School - Medford
Burlington County Institute of Technology School - Westampton
Burlington County Juvenile Detention Center
Burlington County Sheriff's Office
Burlington County Special Services Junior Senior High School
Burlington County Special Services School Lumberton Campus
Burlington County Special Services School Westampton Campus
Burlington Fire Department Headquarters
Burlington Generating Station Heliport
Burlington Township Fire Department Station 302 Beverly Road Fire Company 2
Burlington Township Fire Department Station 303 Relief Fire Company 3
Burlington Township High School
Burlington Township Middle School at Springside
Burlington Township Police Department
Burnet Hill Elementary School
Burnet Street Elementary School
Burnett Brook
Burnt Fly Bog
Burnt Hill Road School
Burr Hall
Burrill Mine
Burroughs Hole
Burrs Mill
Burrs Mill Brook
Burrs Mill Brook Reservoir
Busch Campus Center
Busch-Livingston Health Center
Bushkill Brook
Bushnells Riding Academy (historical)
Bustleton Creek
Butler Avenue School
Butler Fire Department / Kinney Hose Company 1
Butler Fire Department Station 2
Butler Park Fire Rescue Company
Butler Police Department
Butler Reservoir
Butler United Methodist Church
Butlers Park
Butlers Place
Butterfly Bogs Wildlife Management Area
Butterworth Farms
Buttonwood Corners
Buttonwood Hospital of Burlington County
Byram Bay
Byram Bay Church
Byram Center
Byram Cove
Byram Quarry
Byram Township Fire Department
Byram Township Fire Department Station 2
Byram Township Fire Department Station 3
Byram Township Intermediate Elementary School
Byram Township Police Department
C and T Helistop
C F Seabrook Elementary School
C Richard Applegate Elementary School
Cabbage Thorofare
Cabin Island
Cabin Ridge
Cabinfield Branch
Cabrini Hall
Cadwalader Elementary School
Cadwalader Park
Caesars Casino
Cage Hill
Caille Lake
Cains Mill Lake
Cains Mill Pond Dam
Cakepoulin Creek
Calabro Primary School
Calais Crossroads
Calais Mountain
Calais School
Calcia Fine Arts Building
Caldwell College
Caldwell College President's House
Caldwell Field House
Caldwell Playground
Caldwell Plaza
Caldwell Police Dept
Caldwell Station
Caldwell-Wright Airport (historical)
Califon Boro Fire Company
Califon Borough Elementary School
Califon Borough Police Department
Califon First Aid Squad
Califon Post Office
Califon United Methodist Church
Calno School
Calvary Academy School
Calvary Baptist Community Health Center
Calvary Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Calvary Korean United Methodist Church
Calvary Lutheran Church of Verona
Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church
Calvary Pentacostal Church
Calvary Presbyterian Church of Amwell
Calvin Coolidge Elementary School
Calvin Hall Hungarian Reformed Church
Cambridge Park School
Camden Academy Charter High School
Camden and Petty Island Bridge
Camden Catholic Elementary School
Camden Catholic High School
Camden Center for Youth Development Alternative School
Camden City Police Department
Camden Community Center
Camden Community College City Campus
Camden Community College Rohrer City
Camden Company 3 Fire Station
Camden Company 9 Fire Station
Camden County Airport
Camden County College
Camden County Correctional Facility
Camden County Department of Public Safety
Camden County Fire Department
Camden County Health Services Center
Camden County Park
Camden County Park Police Headquarters
Camden County Regional Emergency Training Center Lakeland Complex
Camden County Technical Vocational School
Camden County Vocational Technical School
Camden County Youth Center
Camden County Youth Detention Center
Camden Forward School
Camden Home for Children
Camden Street Elementary School
Camden Tower
Camden VA Outpatient Clinic
Camden-Burlington County
Camdens Promise Charter School
Camp Acquackanonk
Camp Agnes DeWitt
Camp Aheka
Camp Alverna
Camp Beisler
Camp Beisler Dam
Camp Bethel Church
Camp Brady
Camp Chadbourne (historical)
Camp Charles Wood
Camp Coles (historical)
Camp Columbus
Camp Edge
Camp Elsinore
Camp Endeavor
Camp Evans (historical)
Camp Evans Historic District
Camp Glenwood
Camp Ha-Lu-Sa
Camp Hlond Reservoir
Camp Hollybrook
Camp Housman
Camp Inawendiwin
Camp Inawendiwin Dam
Camp Inawendiwin Lake
Camp Karney
Camp Karney Dam
Camp Kearney
Camp Ken-Etiwa-Pec
Camp Kettle Run
Camp Kilmer (historical)
Camp Kimble
Camp Kimikomuk
Camp Kitta-Tinny
Camp Lincoln Laurel
Camp Lyon
Camp Marudy
Camp Marudy Lake
Camp Merritt Memorial Monument
Camp Minisink
Camp Mogiska
Camp Mohican
Camp Morris
Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco
Camp Olympia
Camp Osborne
Camp Pokano-Rainona
Camp Ranger
Camp Saint Benedict
Camp Saint John
Camp Schutte
Camp Veritans
Camp Wanda
Camp Watchung
Camp Weygadt
Camp Wilson
Camp Yaw Paw
Camp Zehnder
Campbells Corner
Campbells Pond Dam
Campgaw Mountain
Camplain Road School
Camplain Road Volunteer Fire Company 2
Campus Club
Canal Channel
Canann Baptist Church
Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Canfield Avenue Elementary School
Canistear Cemetery
Canistear Reservoir
Cannistear Reservoir Dam Number One
Cannistear Reservoir Dam Number Two
Cannon Club (historical)
Cannon Green
Cannonball Lake
Cannonball Trail
Canns Lake
Canoe Beach
Canoe Brook Dam
Canoe Brook Golf Course
Canoe Brook Reservoir Number 1
Canoe Brook Reservoir Number 2
Canoe Brook Reservoir Number One
Canoe Brook Reservoir Number Two
Canton Drain
Canton School
Cantys Lake
Cantys Lake Dam
Canute Branch
Cap and Gown Club
Cape Christian Academy Elementary School
Cape Horn
Cape Island Creek
Cape Island Marina
Cape Liberty
Cape May Beach Patrol
Cape May Canal
Cape May Channel
Cape May City Elementary School
Cape May Coast Guard Station
Cape May County
Cape May County Airport
Cape May County Alternative High School
Cape May County CBOC
Cape May County Correctional Center

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