Satellite map of North Carolina state with roads maps

Satellite maps of North Carolina state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in North Carolina.

(Former) Varner's Walgreen Drug Store (now Rocky's Grill and Soda Shop)
17 Land Tract
1902 Confederate Monument
1st Bridge North of Raven Rocks Overlooks
1st Bridge South of Raven Rocks Overlooks
20th Century Veterans Monument, Randolph County
29NC Airport
305 South Antique Mall Shopping Center
30th Street Post Office
373 Land Tract
4101 South I-85 Industrial Park
477 Land Tract
50 - 210 Community Fire Department
588 Land Tract
589 Land Tract
601 Industrial Park
704 Bridge/Hart Site
91 Land Tract
93 Land Tract
A A Rauchfuss Lake
A A Rauchfuss Lake Dam
A and W Camp Mobile Home Park
A B Combs Magnet Elementary School
A C Reynolds High School
A C Reynolds Middle School
A Canal
A G Phelps Dam
A J White Dam
A P Cobb Dam
A P Simpson House
A S U Dam
A S U Lake
A School
A T Allen School
Aaron Church
Aaron Creek
Aaron Swamp
Aarons Corner
AB Tech College
Abbey Plaza
Abbot Top
Abbotts Creek
Abbotts Creek Cemetery
Abbotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church
Abbs Creek
ABC Store
ABE Branch Church
Abecrumby (historical)
Abee Creek
Abees Chapel
Abees Grove Church
Abel Bay
Abel Creek
Aberdeen Fire and Rescue Department
Aberdeen Rescue Squad
Aberdeen Town Lake
Aberdeen Town Lake Dam
Abernathy Ball Field
Abernathy Hall
Abernathy School
Abernethy Creek
Abernethy Memorial Church
Abes Creek
Abes Mountain
Abingdon Creek
Abotts Creek (historical)
Abram Branch
Abundant Hope Christian Church
Abundant Life Child Care Center
Abundant Life Full Gospel Baptist Church
Academy Green Church
Academy Heights School
Academy Street Post Office
Ace Creek
Ace Enloe Ridge
Aces Landing
Ackland Art Museum
Acme - Delco - Riegelwood Fire and Rescue Squad
Acme Delco Elementary School
Acme Delco Middle School
Acorn Bottoms
Acorn Branch
Acorn Forest
Acorn Hill
Acorn Hill Church
Acorn Hill Millpond
Acorn Ridge Church
Acre Bridge
Acre Church
Acre Swamp
Acresville Post Office (historical)
Ad Tate Knob
Adam Mountain
Adamcamp Branch
Adams Creek Canal
Adams Creek School
Adams Farm
Adams Swamp
Adamsville Church
Adaville Baptist Church Cemetery
Adaville Church
Adcock Cemetery
Adcock Crossroads
Adcock Pond
Adcox Cemetery
Addies Branch
Addington Mill
Aden Branch
Ader Creek
Adkin Branch
Adkins Mine
Adley Church
Administration Building Helispot Airport
Advalorem Branch
Advance Fire Department Station 12
Advance Methodist Church
Advance Post Office
Advent Crossroads
Aero Plantation Airport
Aero Plantation Lake Dam Number One
Aero Plantation Lake Dam Number Two
Aero Plantation Lake Number One
Aero Plantation Lake Number Two
Afro-American Cultural Center
After Bay Reservoir
Afton - Elberon Volunteer Fire Department
Afton Run
Agape Korean United Methodist Church
Agape Word Fellowship Church
Aggie Run
Agriculture Center Volunteer Fire Department
Aho Branch
Ahoskie Church of God
Ahoskie City Hall
Ahoskie Creek
Ahoskie Free Will Baptist Church
Ahoskie Graded School
Ahoskie Middle School
Ahoskie Police Department
Ahoskie Post Office
Ahoskie Public Library
Ahoskie Rescue Squad
Ahoskie Ridge
Ahoskie Rural Volunteer Fire Department
Ahoskie Swamp
Ahoskie United Methodist Church
Ahoskie, Tri-County Airport
Aiken & Brooks Feed Store (historic)
Aiken Cemetery
Aiken Mill Creek
Aiken Mountain
Ailents Cove Branch
Air Bellows Dam
Air Bellows Gap
Air Bellows Overlook
Air Force Dare County Bombing Range
Air Harbor Airport
Air Ridge
Airlie Gardens
Airy Grove Church
Airy Grove School
Akers School
Akers Shopping Center
Akins Pond Number One
Akins Pond Number One Dam
Akins Pond Number Two
Akins Pond Number Two Dam
Al-Masjid Islamic Center and Mosque
Alabama Hills
Alamance Acres
Alamance Battleground Historic Site
Alamance Church
Alamance Community College
Alamance County
Alamance County Confederate Monument
Alamance County Emergency Medical Services
Alamance County Rescue Unit
Alamance County Sheriff's Office
Alamance Fire Department Station 44
Alamance Fire Department Station 54
Alamance Hills Subdivision
Alamance Industrial Park
Alamance Memorial Park
Alamance Post Office
Alamance Regional Medical Center
Alamance School
Alarka Creek
Alarka Dock
Alarka Mountains
Alarka School
Alarka Volunteer Fire Department
Albemarle Airport (historical)
Albemarle Baptist Church
Albemarle Beach
Albemarle City Hall
Albemarle City Lake Dam
Albemarle Correctional Institution
Albemarle Fire Department Station 1
Albemarle Fire Department Station 2
Albemarle Fire Department Station 3
Albemarle High School
Albemarle Junior High School
Albemarle Mall
Albemarle Police Department
Albemarle Police East Community
Albemarle Post Office
Albemarle Primary OPC
Albemarle Road Church
Albemarle Road Elementary School
Albemarle Road Middle School
Albemarle Road Park
Albemarle Road Recreation Center
Albemarle Sound
Albemarle West Police Community
Albermarle Academy
Albermarle Police North Community Office
Albert and Gladys Coates Hall
Albert J Ellis Airport
Albert J Ellis Airport Fire and Rescue
Albert Mountain
Albert Mountain Fire Tower
Albertson Adult Education Center
Albertson Tabernacle
Albertson Volunteer Fire Department
Albian Academy (historical)
Albion Community Church
Albion Primitive Baptist Church
Albrittons Landing
Alcoa Plant
Alcohol Law Enforcement
Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency
Alcohol Law Enforcement Division
Alderidge Creek
Alderman Cemetery
Alderman Elementary School
Alderman Residence Hall
Alderman School
Aldermans Cove
Aldersgate Preschool
Aleks Branch
Aleo Church
Alex Rescue Squad and Emergency Medical Services
Alexander Central High School
Alexander Childrens Center
Alexander Correctional Institution
Alexander County Airport
Alexander County Emergency Medical Services - Bethlehem Base
Alexander County Emergency Medical Services Station 1
Alexander Graham Middle School
Alexander H Sands Jr Building
Alexander Juvenile Detention Center
Alexander Knob
Alexander Mills
Alexander Pond Dam
Alexander Residence Hall
Alexander Slave Cemetery
Alexander Street Park
Alexander Street School
Alexander Swamp
Alexander-Dunn Building
Alexandriana Historic Site
Alexanger Place
Alexis Post Office
Alexis Volunteer Fire Department Station 20 Base 1
Alexis Volunteer Fire Department Station 20 Base 2
Alfonso Elder Student Union
Alford Brothers Pond
Alfred A Cunningham Bridge
Alfred Creek
All Faith Mission
All Healing Springs
All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
All Souls Church Unitarian Universalist Church
All Star Mobile Home Park
All Wars Monument
All-American Rose Selections Garden
Allbone Branch
Alleghany Church
Alleghany County
Alleghany County Courthouse
Alleghany County Emergency Medical Services
Alleghany County Rescue Squad
Alleghany County Sheriff's Office
Alleghany High School
Alleghany Memorial Hospital
Allen Acres
Allen Airport (historical)
Allen Building
Allen Cove
Allen Creek Bridge
Allen Family Cemetery
Allen Grove
Allen H Leonard Memorial Park
Allen Hill Mountain
Allen Hills
Allen Hills Park
Allen House
Allen Jay
Allen Jay Middle School
Allen Jay Park
Allen Junior High School
Allen Memorial Church
Allen Pocket Canal
Allen Ridge
Allen Slough
Allen Steam Station Dam Number One
Allen Steam Station Dam Number Two
Allenbrook Elementary School
Allens Branch
Allens Chapel Church Cemetery
Allens Church
Allens Creek Elementary School
Allens Crossroads
Allens Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department Station 24
Allens Iron Works (historical)
Allens Level
Allens Pond
Allensville High School (historical)
Allensville Methodist Church Cemetery
Allensville United Methodist Church
Allensville Volunteer Fire Department
Allenton (historical)
Allenton Volunteer Fire Department
Alley Knob
Alliance Landing
Alligator Back
Alligator Back Parking Overlook
Alligator Canal
Alligator Cemetery
Alligator Chapel
Alligator Fire Department Station 6
Alligator Gut
Alligator River
Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
Allin (historical)
Allison Cove
Allison Ferry
Allison House
Allman Branch
Allman Hollow
Allmon Branch
Allmon Camp Branch
Allmon Creek
Alloway Cemetery
Allred Memorial Tabernacle
Alls Fork
Almond Park Dock
Almond School
Alpha and Omega Christian Center
Alpha Omega Cemetery
Alpine (historical)
Alspaugh House
Alston Chapel
Alston Grove Church
Alsups Pond
Alsups Pond Dam
Altamahaw - Ossipee Volunteer Fire Department
Altamahaw Post Office
Altamahaw-Ossipee (historical)
Altamahaw-Ossipee School
Altan Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Alterra Sterling House of Goldsboro
Alterra Sterling House of New Bern
Alton Thompson Dam
Alum Knob
Alum Ridge
Alum Springs Branch
Alum Springs Church
Alvah Hardy Jr Mobile Home Park
Alwood Post Office
Amarest Manor Mobile Home Park
Amarillo Park
Amay James Park
Amay James Pre-Kindergarten Center
Amber Park
Ame Church
American Beech Trail
American Legion Memorial Stadium
American Spinning Mills
American Telephone and Telegraph Company Airport (historical)
Ames Lake
Ames Lake Dam
Amherst Baptist Church
Amherst Post Office
Amis Chapel
Amity Gardens Shopping Center
Amity Hill
Amity Hills Farm
Amity Shoal (historical)
Ammon Bottom
Ammon Ford
Ammon Knob
Ammon Volunteer Fire Department
Ammons Branch
Ammons Branch Campground
Ammons Cove
Ammons Knob
Ammons Pond
Ammons Pond Dam
Amos Chapel
Amos Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital
Amose Grove Cemetery
Amostown School (historical)
Ananias Dare Street Bridge
Anchor View Mobile Home Estates
Anchorage Inn
Anders Cemetery
Anderson Branch Church
Anderson Cove
Anderson Creek Church
Anderson Creek Emergency Services
Anderson Creek School
Anderson Gap
Anderson Harrison Slade Wilkerson Family Cemetery
Anderson Heights
Anderson House
Anderson Point Park
Anderson Shoal
Anderson Tabernacle Church
Anderson Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Andersons Crossroads
Anderwood Estates
Andreas Branch
Andrew Jackson Memorial
Andrews Bald
Andrews Church
Andrews Elementary School
Andrews Fire Department
Andrews Geyser
Andrews Grove Cemetery
Andrews Grove Church
Andrews High School
Andrews Plaza
Andrews Rescue Squad
Andy and Opie Taylor statue
Andy Griffith-Mount Airy Monument
Angel Medical Center
Angel Ministries
Angelico Gap
Angelico Knob
Angelico Mountain
Angier and Black River Fire Department
Angier Avenue Baptist Church
Angier Middle School
Angier Police Department
Angier Post Office
Angier Rescue Squad
Angley Creek
Anglin Knob
Anglins Bridge
Angola Bay Game Land
Angola Church
Angola Creek
Angola Swamp
Angus Barn Pond
Angus Barn Pond Dam
Ann Creek
Ann Mountain
Annetts Pond
Annetts Pond Dam
Annie Bell Killian's Store (historic)
Annie Carter Lee Monument
Annie Day Shepard Dormitory
Annie Mountain
Annie Penn Hospital
Annis Run
Anointed One Church of Deliverance
Anointed Vision Christian Church
Anointed Word Ministries
Ansley Heights
Anson Community Hospital
Anson County
Anson County Airport
Anson County Rescue Squad
Anson County Sheriff's Office
Anson Emergency Medical Services
Anson Middle School
Ansonville Fire Department and Rescue Squad
Ansonville Post Office
Ansonville School
Anthony Bolick Branch
Anthony Grove Church
Anthony Mountain
Antioch - Fishing Creek Volunteer Fire Department
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery
Antioch Mission
Antioch Rural Fire Department
Anzio Acres
Aon Hewitt Office
Apache Trail
Apalachia Dam
Apalachia Lake
Apex Elementary School
Apex Emergency Medical Services
Apex Fire Department Station 1
Apex Fire Department Station 2
Apex Fire Department Station 3 Headquarters
Apex Fire Station 4
Apex Middle School
Apex Police Department
Apex Post Office
Apex Senior High School
Apostolic House of Deliverance Church
Appalachian Camp
Appalachian Hall Hospital (historical)
Appalachian School
Appalachian Ski Mountain Dam
Appalachian Ski Mountain Lake
Appalachian State University
Apple Cemetery
Apple Grove Church
Apple Hole Knob
Apple Mobile Home Park
Apple Pond
Apple Tree Branch
Apple Tree Landing
Apples Chapel
Appletree Campground
Appletree Ridge
Appletree Swamp
Apricot Creek
Aquadale Quarry
Aquadale Rural Volunteer Fire Department Station 50
Aquadale Rural Volunteer Fire Department Station 51
Aquadale School
Aragona Village
Arant Airport
Arapahoe Elementary School
Arapahoe Free Will Baptist Church
Ararat Cemetery
Ararat Missionary Baptist Church
Ararat River
Ararat Volunteer Fire Department
Arba Rural Fire Association
Arbor Acres
Arbor Dale Church
Arbor Glen Outreadh Center
Arbor Grove United Methodist Church
Arbor Hills
Arcadia - Reedy Creek - Hampton Fire and Rescue
Arcadia School
Arcadia United Methodist Church
Arch Hill
Arch Ridge
Archbell Gut
Archbell Point
Archdale County (historical)
Archdale Elementary School
Archdale Police Department
Archdale Post Office
Archdale-Trinity Middle School
Archer Lodge
Archer Lodge Volunteer Fire Department
Archer Point
Archer Woods
Archibald Murphy Elementary School
Archie Ellis Pond
Archie Ellis Pond Dam
Archie McDuffie Dam
Archies Knob
Archs Grove Church
Arcola Rural Volunteer Fire Department
Arden Plaza
Aren Beshears Dam
Arendell Parrot Academy
Areneuse Creek
Arlington Church Cemetery
Arlington Fire and Rescue
Arlington First Baptist Church
Arlington Heights Free Will Baptist Church
Arlington Street Baptist Church
Armenia Church
Armenian Church of Charlotte
Armstrong Cove
Armstrong Dock
Armstrongs Ford
Army National Guard Crash and Rescue
Arneys Chapel Methodist Church
Arneys Store
Arnie Shore Lake
Arnie Shore Lake Dam
Arnold Knob
Arnolds Mobile Home Park
Arnolds Ridge
Aromuskek Marshes
Arp Gap
Arran Hills
Arran Lake
Arran Lake Dam
Arran Lakes
Arran Lakes North
Arran Lakes West
Arriba Nuclear Engineering
Arrington Branch Church
Arrington Bridge
Arrowhead Branch
Arrowhead Dam
Arrowhead Golf Club
Arrowhead Monument to Daniel Boone
Arrowood Southern
Arrowwood Creek
Arrowwood Glade Picnic Area
Arrowwood Glade Rearing Pools
Arrwood Mill
Art Loeb Trail
Art Stewart Ridge
Arters Branch
Artesia School
Arthur Forbis Monument
Arthur Lake
Arthur Williams and Son Number One Dam
Arthur Williams and Son Number Two Dam
Arthur Williams and Sons Dam Number Three
Arthur Williams Dam
Arthur Williams Dam Number Two
Arthurs Creek
Artimus Owens Dam
Artis Cemetery
Arts and Science Museum
Arwood Cemetery
As Salaam Islamic Center
Asbury Elementary School
Asbury Memorial Church
Asbury Mountain
Asbury Temple United Methodist Church
Asbury Trail
Asbury United Methodist Church Preschool
Ascot II
Asgini Branch
Asgini Ridge
Ash - Rand Rescue Squad
Ash Bear Pen Dam
Ash Bearpen Knob
Ash Camp Creek
Ash Cove
Ash Cove Creek
Ash Flat Branch
Ash Gap
Ash Hill General Store (historical)
Ash Hill Post Office (historical)
Ash Knob
Ash Post Office
Ash Swamp
Ashbee Harbor
Ashbrook High School
Ashbrook Park
Ashburn Hall
Ashe Cemetery
Ashe Central School
Ashe County
Ashe County Airport
Ashe County Detention Center
Ashe County Rescue Squad
Ashe County Sheriff's Office
Ashe Island
Ashe Knob
Ashe Memorial Hospital
Ashe Quarry
Asheboro City Hall
Asheboro Country Club
Asheboro Country Club Lake Dam
Asheboro County Club Lake
Asheboro Fire Department Station 1
Asheboro Fire Department Station 2
Asheboro High School
Asheboro Junior High School
Asheboro Municipal Airport
Asheboro Police Department
Asheboro Post Office
Asheboro Quarry
Asheboro, Asheboro Municipal Airport
Ashebrook Park
Ashelawn Gardens
Ashelawn Memorial Gardens
Asheville Airpark
Asheville Biltmore College
Asheville Civic Center
Asheville Country Day School
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 1
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 10
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 11
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 2
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 3
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 4
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 5
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 6
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 7
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 8
Asheville Fire and Rescue Station 9
Asheville Mall
Asheville Police Department
Asheville Police Department Adam District West Office
Asheville Post Office
Asheville Recreation Park
Asheville Recreation Park Lake
Asheville Regional Airport
Asheville Regional Airport Department of Public Safety Rescue Fire Stations
Asheville REI
Asheville School for Boys
Asheville Specialty Hospital
Asheville Steam Plant
Asheville Surgery Center
Asheville VA Medical Center
Asheville Watershed
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Asheville-Weaverville Speedway
Asheville/Oteen maintenance area
Asheworth Branch
Ashford - North Cove Volunteer Fire Department
Ashley Chapel
Ashley Chapel School
Ashley Grove Church
Ashley High School
Ashley Park Elementary School
Ashley Place
Ashley Plaza
Ashleys Lake
Ashleys Lake Dam
Ashmore Business College
Ashon Gut
Ashpole Center Church
Ashpole Center School
Ashpole Presbyterian Church
Ashpole Swamp
Ashturn Creek
Ashville Fun Depot
Ashworth Creek
Ashworth Road Church
Askew Ridge
Askewville School
Askewville Volunteer Fire Department
Askins Creek
Asparagus Point
Assembly Lake
Aston Park
Aston Park Hospital
Atagahi Lake
Atagahi Lake Dam
Atando Junction
Atha Plaza
Athens Chapel
Athens Drive Baptist Church
Athens Drive Community Library
Atkins Dam
Atkins Island
Atkinson Island
Atkinson Landing
Atkinson Middle School
Atkinson Mill Pond
Atkinson Mill Pond Dam
Atkinson Temple
Atkinson-Needham Memorial Bridge
Atlantic Beach - Morehead City Bridge
Atlantic Beach Fire Department
Atlantic Beach Police Department
Atlantic Coastal Plain
Atlantic Field Marine Corps Outlying Field
Atlantic Mobile Home Park
Atlantic School
Atlantic, Atlantic Field Outlying Landing Field
Atlantis Station Shopping Center
Atnens Drive High School
Atoah Church
Atoah Creek
Atoah Gap
Attooga Branch
Atwell Airport
Atwell Township Volunteer Fire Department
Atwood Acres
Auberry Branch
Auberry Creek
Augen Branch
Auger Fork Creek
Augerhole Branch
Augusta Church
Augusta Post Office (historical)
Augustana Church
Aulander Church
Aulander Police Department
Aulander Post Office
Aulander Rescue Squad
Auld Farm
Auman Lake
Auman Lake Dam
Aumans Crossroads
Aunt Phoebes Marsh
Auntney Branch
Aurelian Springs
Aurelian Springs Elementary School
Aurora Fire Department and Rescue Squad
Aurora Fire Department Edward Substation
Aurora Fossil Museum
Aurora High School
Aurora Wastewater Treatment Plant
Ausbon (historical)
Ausley Branch
Ausley Cemetery
Austin Auditorium
Austin Building
Austin Family Cemetery
Austin Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Austin Grove Church
Austin Mills
Austin Mountain
Austin Pines
Austin Point
Austin Reef
Austins Pond Dam
Auten Nature Preserve
Auto Storage Dam Number One
Auto Storage Dam Number Two
Auto Storage Lake Number One
Auto Storage Lake Number Two
Autry Cemetery
Autryville Area Fire Department
Autryville Post Office
Autumn Care Nursing Home
Avalon Bench
Avalon Dam
Avalon Pier
Avalon Valley
Avent Cemetery
Avent Ferry Complex
Avent Ferry Convention Center
Avent Ferry Post Office
Avent Ferry United Methodist Church
Aventon Post Office
Aventon School (historical)
Avents Creek
Averasboro Battleground Monument
Averasboro Cemetery
Aversboro Elementary School
Avery - Mitchell Correctional Institution
Avery County
Avery County Airport/Morrison Field
Avery County Emergency and Rescue Squad
Avery County Emergency Medical Services - Banner Elk Station
Avery County Emergency Medical Services - Newland
Avery County High School
Avery County Sheriff's Office
Avery Residence Hall
Avery Sherrill School
Averys Grove Church
Avey Creek
Aviary Gardens
Avon Fire Department Station 46
Avon Landing (historical)
Avondale Methodist Church
Avondale-Henrietta School
Awl Knob
Axe Gap
Axe Ridge
Axefield Branch
Aycock Church
Aycock Creek
Aycock Crossing
Aycock Hall
Aycock High School
Aycock Junior High School
Aycock Millpond
Aycock Millpond Dam
Aycock Residence Hall
Aycock School
Aycock Swamp
Aydelette Lake
Aydelette Lake Dam
Ayden Elementary School
Ayden Fire Department
Ayden First Pentecostal Holiness Church
Ayden Golf and Country Club
Ayden Middle School
Ayden Police Department
Ayden Post Office
Ayden Rescue Squad
Ayden-Grifton High School
Aydlett Post Office
Ayers Rock
Ayersville Baptist Church
Ayersville Cemetery
Ayles Creek
Ayres Cemetery
Ayscues Pond
Ayscues Pond Dam
Azalea Church
Azalea Gardens Mobile Home Park
Azalia Garden Cemetery
Azor James Smith Cemetery
Azusa Grotto Lake
B Canal
B Everett Jordan Dam
B Everett Jordan Elementary School
B Everett Jordan Lake
B J Poultry Farm
B N Duke Auditorium
B V Hedrick Sand and Gravel Lake
B&B Feed & Seed (Formerly)(Historic)
B.G. Thompson Residence (historic)
Babb-Dixon Cemetery
Babbitt Bay
Babbitts Chapel
Babcock Lake
Babcock Lake Dam
Bachelors Delight Swamp
Back Creek Chapel
Back Creek Church
Back Creek Lake
Back Creek Mountain
Back Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Back Island
Back Lake
Back Landing Bay
Back Sound
Back Swamp Church
Back Swamp Volunteer Fire Department
Backcountry Campsite #68
Backlanding Creek
Bacon Inlet
Bacon Street Building
Bad Creek Cemetery
Bad Knob
Baden School (historical)
Badin Dam
Badin Fire Department
Badin Lake
Badin Lake Campground
Badin Lake Group Campground
Badin Lake Volunteer First Response and Rescue - Blaine
Badin Lake Volunteer First Response and Rescue - Pinehaven
Badin Lake Volunteer First Response and Rescue - Uwharrie Pointe
Badin Police Department
Badin Post Office
Badin Road Drive-In
Badin School
Badin Waterworks
Baggetts Creek
Bagley Swamp
Bagley Swamp Church
Bagleys Chapel Baptist Church
Bagwell Airport
Bagwell Pond
Bagwell Pond Dam
Bagwell Residence Hall
Bahama Fire and Rescue Station 1
Bahama Fire and Rescue Station 2
Bahama Park
Bahama Post Office
Baidge Creek
Bailes Old Mill Dam
Bailes Old Millpond
Bailey Bend
Bailey Cabin Knob
Bailey Camp
Bailey Camp Church
Bailey Camp Creek
Bailey Cove
Bailey Elementary School
Bailey Fire Department
Bailey Fork
Bailey Meadows
Bailey Police Department
Bailey Ridge
Bailey Shore
Baileys Chapel Methodist Church
Baileys Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
Baileys Ferry site
Baileywick Road Elementary School
Bain Elementary School
Baine Branch
Baines Mountain
Bains School (historical)
Baird (historical)
Baird Cove
Bairds Creek Presbyterian Church
Baity Environmental Research Laboratory
Baker Creek Park
Baker Creek School
Baker Crossroads
Baker Mountain Church
Baker Pond Dam
Baker Quarry Lake
Baker Quarry Lake Dam
Baker Town Fire Department
Bakers Bridge (historical)
Bakers Creek Church
Bakers Mill (historical)
Bakers Quarry
Bakers Ridge
Bakers Ridge Mission
Bakers School (historical)
Bakers Swamp
Bakers Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Bakersville Police Department
Bakersville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 2
Bald Beach
Bald Branch
Bald Cliff
Bald Cove
Bald Creek Campground
Bald Creek Elementary School
Bald Fork
Bald Gap
Bald Head
Bald Head Channel Range
Bald Head Creek
Bald Head Island
Bald Head Island Public Safety Department - Police
Bald Head Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Bald Head Lighthouse
Bald Head Shoal
Bald Hill Bay
Bald Knob Branch
Bald Knob Ridge
Bald Mountain Campground
Bald Mountain Church
Bald Mountain Creek
Bald Mountain Lake
Bald Mountain Lake Dam
Bald Mountain Trail
Bald Rock Mountain
Bald Springs Branch
Bald Top Mountain
Baldhead Caswell
Baldhill Church
Balding Chapel
Baldwin Auditorium
Baldwin Branch Church
Baldwin Cove
Baldwin Estates Mobile Home Park
Baldwin Field Branch
Baldwin Gap
Baldwin Mill Pond
Baldwin Millpond Dam
Baldwin Pond
Baldwin Pond Dam
Baldwin Swamp
Baldwin Woods
Baldwins Pond
Bales Church
Bales Mill (historical)
Balfour Cemetery
Ball Alley
Ball Alley Creek
Ball City Church
Ball Gap
Ball Grey Landing
Ball Ground Mountain
Ball Pocosin
Ballahack Canal
Ballantyne East
Ballantyne Post Office
Ballantyne West
Ballard Crossroads
Ballard Industrial School
Ballards Bridge
Ballards Bridge Church
Ballards Crossroad
Ballards Grove Church
Ballast Bank
Ballast Bay
Ballew Cemetery
Ballew Creek
Ballew Store
Ballhoot Scar Overlook
Ballow Mobile Home Park
Balls Creek Campground
Balls Creek School
Balls Mill (historical)
Balm Grove Church
Balsam - Willets - Ochre Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Balsam - Willets - Ochre Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Balsam Cone
Balsam Corner
Balsam Corner Creek
Balsam Gap
Balsam Grove
Balsam Grove Church
Balsam Grove Post Office
Balsam Grove Volunteer Fire Department
Balsam High Top
Balsam Mountain
Balsam Mountain Campground
Balsam Post Office
Balsam Ranger Station
Balsam Ridge
Balsam Spring Gap
Baltimore United Methodist Church
Bamboo Branch
Bamboo Quarry
Bamboo School (historical)
Banalsburg (historical)
Bandeau Bay
Bandeau Creek
Bandits Roost Park
Bandon Chapel
Bandy Cove Mountain
Bandy's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department Station 9 Base 1
Bandys Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department Station 9 Base 2
Bandys Store (historical)
Bane Cemetery
Banisters Chapel
Banjo Fork (historical)
Bank Channel
Bank Mountain
Bank of America Stadium
Bank of Wayne (historic)
Bank Point
Banks Brothers Lake
Banks Channel
Banks Church
Banks Creek School
Banks Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Banner Branch
Banner Chapel
Banner Elk
Banner Elk Elementary School
Banner Elk Police Department
Banner Elk Post Office
Banner Elk Volunteer Fire Department
Banner Elk Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Bannerman Cemetery
Bannerman Fire Tower
Bannertown Baptist Church
Bannertown Elementary School (historical)
Bannertown Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters
Bannertown Volunteer Fire Department Holly Springs Station
Banoak Elementary School
Banton Branch
Baptist Chapel
Baptist Church Fellowship Building
Baptist Home Church
Baptist Tabernacle Church
Baptist University for Women (former location)
Bar-Fly Corporation Airport (historical)
Barb Crest Trailer Park
Barbara Bolling Flynn Assisted Living Facility
Barbecue Bay
Barbecue Creek
Barbee Church
Barbees Church
Barbees Mill (historical)
Barbees Pond
Barbees Pond Dam
Barbeque Swamp
Barber Landing
Barber's Orchards
Barber-Scotia College
Barberry Heights
Barberville Church
Barbour Chapel
Barbours Lake
Barbours Lake Dam
Barbourton Church
Barclay Downs
Barclay Hills
Barclaysville Field
Barco Post Office
Barden Bay
Barden Cemetery
Barden Inlet
Bare Hill
Bare Sand Beach
Barefoot Bridge
Barefoot Cemetery
Barefoot Residence Hall
Baregrass Island
Barfield Ferry (historical)
Barge Landing Basin
Barium Spring Orphanage Dam
Barium Springs
Barium Springs Post Office
Bark Camp Ridge
Barker Butt
Barker Heights
Barker House
Barker Road Gap
Barker Ten Mile
Barker Tenmile School
Barkers Branch
Barkers Church
Barkhouse Picnic Area
Barksdale Bridge
Barlow High Top
Barlow Vista Church
Barnabless Church
Barnard Bridge
Barnard Building
Barnard Knob
Barnard's Station Post Office
Barnards Creek
Barnardsville Church
Barnardsville Elementary School
Barnardsville Post Office
Barnardsville Volunteer Fire Department
Barnes (historical)
Barnes Auditorium
Barnes Hill Church
Barnes Mill Creek
Barnett Creek Landing
Barnett Gut
Barney Slue Beacon
Barnhill Mountain
Barns Cove
Barnwell Church
Barnwell Mountain
Barrett Mill (historical)
Barrett Mountain
Barretts Crossroads
Barricks Dam
Barricks Lake
Barriers Mill
Barringer Elementary School
Barringer Field
Barrington Cemetery
Barrington Hills
Barris Creek
Barrow Point
Barrows Millpond
Barry Bay
Barry Gold School
Bart Branch
Bart Cove
Bartlett Mountain
Bartlett Yancey Elementary School
Bartley Island
Barton College
Bartons Mill (historical)
Basal Creek
Basal Creek Church
Bascoms Chapel
Bashan Church
Bashavia Creek
Basin Coves Overlook
Basin Creek Church (historical)
Baskerville School
Basnight Canal
Bass Bridge
Bass Chapel
Bass Church (historical)
Bass Pond Dam
Bass-Walters Cemetery
Basset House
Bassett School
Bastian Elementary School
Bastogne Gables
Bat Cave
Bat Cave Post Office
Bat Cave Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department
Bat Fork
Batarora Branch
Batchelor Bay
Batchelor Crossroads
Bateman Branch
Bateman Creek
Bateman Gap
Batemans Beach
Bates Brunch
Bates Gap
Batey Branch
Bath Christian Church
Bath Church of God
Bath Community Rescue Squad
Bath County (historical)
Bath School
Baton Elementary School
Batsaw Branch
Battalina Creek
Battalina Point
Batten Cemetery
Battery Island Channel
Battle - Lindsey Cemetery
Battle Cemetery
Battle Community Building
Battle Cove
Battle Hall
Battle of Bentonville Monument
Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads Monument
Battle School
Battleboro Cemetery
Battleboro Post Office
Battleboro Rural Fire Department
Battleground Elementary School
Battleground Post Office
Battleground Road Church
Battles Bridge
Battles Bridge (historical)
Battley Pond
Battley Pond Dam
Batts Chapel Cemetery
Batts Court
Batts Crossroads
Batts Island (historical)
Batts Mill Creek
Batts Pond
Baucom Family Cemetery
Baucom Lake
Baucom Lake Dam
Baucom School
Baucoms Bridge
Baucoms Cemetery
Baugas Mill (historical)
Bauguess Cemetery
Baum Bay
Baum Cemetery
Baum Creek
Baum Point
Baum Point Island
Baumrucker Dam
Baumrucker Lake
Baums Creek
Baux Mountain
Baux Mountain Church
Bawdy Creek
Baxter Cliff
Baxter Creek Trail
Bay Beach
Bay Branch Church
Bay Creek Airport
Bay Leaf School (historical)
Bay Leaf Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Bay Leaf Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Bay Leaf Volunteer Fire Department Station 3
Bay Marsh (historical)
Bay Meadows Lake
Bay Meadows Lake Dam
Bay River
Bay Shore Landing
Bay Tree
Bay Tree Lake
Bay Tree Lake State Park
Bay Tree Lakes Volunteer Fire Department
Bay View Cemetery
Bay Woods
Bayberry Bluffs
Bayboro Post Office
Baybush Swamp
Baycock School
Baylam Cemetery
Bayleaf Church
Baymarsh Thorofare
Baymount Meadows
Baynes Church
Baynes Dormitory
Baysden Chapel
Bayshore Park
Bayside Church
Baysville Church
Baysville School
Bayview Church
Bayview Nursing Center
BB&T Field
Beach Island
Beach Land Landing
Beach Marsh
Beach Mountain
Beach Slue
Beach Springs
Beacham Savanna
Beacon Height Parking Area
Beacon Island
Beacon Island Roads
Beacon Lake
Beacon Light Church
Beacon Reservoir
Beacon Reservoir Dam
Bead and Lace Falls
Beal Knob
Beal Ridge
Beals Chapel
Beam Dairy Farm
Beam Lake
Beam Lake Dam
Beam Mill
Beam School (historical)
Beaman Crossroads
Beaman Lake
Beaman Run
Beamans Mill (historical)
Beams Lake
Beams Mill (historical)
Bean Island
Bean Shoals
Bean Shoals Academy (historical)
Beans Creek
Beans Creek Church
Beantown Creek
Bear Branch Bridge
Bear Cave Branch
Bear Cove
Bear Creek Baptist Church
Bear Creek Hunter Camp
Bear Creek Lake W/S Lake Number Six
Bear Creek Ridge
Bear Creek W/S Lake Number Eleven
Bear Creek W/S Lake Number Fifteen
Bear Creek W/S Lake Number Four
Bear Creek W/S Lake Number Thirteen
Bear Creek W/S Lake Number Three
Bear Creek W/S Lake Number Twelve
Bear Den Branch
Bear Den Campground
Bear Drive Branch
Bear Ford
Bear Ford Swamp
Bear Garden Bay
Bear Garden Point
Bear Grass
Bear Grass Fire / Rescue
Bear Grass High School
Bear Grass Point (historical)
Bear Grass Swamp
Bear Hug Creek
Bear Hug Ridge
Bear Inlet
Bear Marsh Branch
Bear Marsh Church
Bear Mountain Gap
Bear Path Bay
Bear Paw
Bear Paw Resort Dock
Bear Pen Airport
Bear Pen Islands
Bear Pen Islands Swamp
Bear Pocosin
Bear Poplar
Bear Prong
Bear Swamp Bridge
Bear Swamp Church
Bear Swamp Creek
Bear Swamp Post Office (historical)
Bear Wallow Creek
Bear Wallow Knob
Bear Wallow Springs
Beard Airport
Beard Chapel
Beard Hall
Beard Island Point
Beards Bridge
Beargarden Pocosin
Beargrass Point
Bearhead Creek
Bearmeat Branch
Bearpaw Church
Bearpen Creek
Bearpen Gap
Bearpen Knob
Bearpen Mountain
Bearpen Rock
Bearpond Volunteer Fire Department
Bearskin Creek
Bearskin Missionary Baptist Church
Bearskin Swamp
Beartown Mountain
Beartown Ridge
Beartrail Ridge Gap
Beartrap Island
Beartrap Knob
Beartrap Ridge
Bearwallow Bald
Bearwallow Brook
Bearwallow Creek
Bearwallow Gap
Bearwallow Knob
Bearwallow Mountain
Bearwallow Ridge
Bearwallow Stand Ridge
Bearwell Branch
Bearwell Pocosin
Beasley Bay
Beasley Cove
Beasley Point
Beasley Store
Beasleys Millpond
Beason Stoltz Dam
Beason Stoltz Lake
Beaten Branch
Beatties Ford Memorial Gardens
Beatty Bridge
Beatty Ford Access Area
Beatty Ford Islands (historical)
Beattys Ford (historical)
Beaty Spring Knob
Beau Rivage Resort and Golf Club
Beaucatcher Mountain
Beaucatcher Tunnel
Beauchamp Lake
Beauchamp Lake Dam
Beaufort Biological Laboratory
Beaufort Channel
Beaufort County
Beaufort County Developmental Center
Beaufort County Sheriff's Office
Beaufort Docks
Beaufort Elementary School
Beaufort Emergency Medical Services
Beaufort Fire Department
Beaufort High School
Beaufort Inlet
Beaufort Inlet Channel
Beaufort Meadows
Beaufort Middle School
Beaufort Restoration Grounds
Beaufort Town Hall
Beaufort, Michael J Smith Field Airport
Beaugard Ridge
Beaulah Church Cemetery
Beaulah Hill Cemetery
Beautiful Valley Church
Beauty Spot Church
Beaux (historical)
Beaver Creek Commons Shopping Center
Beaver Creek Dam
Beaver Creek High School
Beaver Creek Pond
Beaver Creek Spruce Pine Supply Dam
Beaver Dam Bay
Beaver Dam School
Beaver Dam Volunteer Fire Department
Beaver Hill Cemetery
Beaver Island Baptist Church
Beaver Island Cemetery
Beaver Lake Golf Course
Beaver Lane Volunteer Rescue and Fire Department Station 8
Beaver Lodge Dam Number One
Beaver Lodge Lake Number One
Beaver Top
Beaverdam Baptist Church
Beaverdam Dismal
Beaverdam Gap
Beaverdam Lake Dam
Beaverdam Pocosin
Beaverdam Ridge
Beaverdam School
Beaverdam Swamp Canal
Beaverdam Volunteer Fire Department of Watauga County
Beaverdam Wildlife Restoration Area
Beaverpond Creek
Beavers Branch
Beck Dining Hall
Beck Knob
Becker Village Shopping Center
Beckford Junction
Becks Bald
Becks Lutheran Church
Becks Reformed Church
Becks Spring Branch
Beckworth Hill
Becky Creek
Becky Hill
Becky Mountain
Beckys Creek
Becton Residence Hall
Bectons Old Field Landing
Beddingfield High School
Bee Cove
Bee Cove Knob
Bee Cove Lead
Bee Island Bay
Bee Knobs
Bee Log
Bee Log Elementary School
Bee Rock Creek
Bee Tree Bay
Bee Tree Canal
Bee Tree Creek
Bee Tree Knob
Bee Tree Overlook
Bee Tree Reservoir
Beebranch Mountain
Beech Cove Branch
Beech Cove Knob
Beech Creek Mountain Church
Beech Creek Ridge
Beech Creek School (historical)
Beech Creek Seed Orchard
Beech Flats Branch
Beech Flats Prong
Beech Glen
Beech Grove Mobile Home Park
Beech Knob
Beech Lake Dam
Beech Mountain
Beech Mountain Church
Beech Mountain Police Department
Beech Mountain School
Beech Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Beech Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Beech Nursery Creek
Beech Nursery Gap
Beech Ridge Pork Farm
Beech Spring Gap
Beechey Ridge
Beechflat Creek
Beechnut Gap
Beechwood Country Club
Beechwood Shores
Beef Creek
Beef Market Top
Beers School
Beeson Cross Roads Fire and Rescue
Beeson Crossroads
Beetree Church
Beetree Gap
Beetree Knob
Beetree Reservoir
Beetree Ridge
Begonia (historical)
Beirut Memorial
Beks Bay
Bel-Air Forest
Bel-Air Pond
Bel-Air Pond Dam
Belch Branch
Belcross Lookout Tower
Belding House Branch
Belews Creek Dam
Belews Creek Post Office
Belews Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Belews Lake
Belfast Elementary School
Belfast School
Belfast Volunteer Fire Fighters
Belford (historical)
Belford Cemetery
Belford Church
Belford Church (historical)
Belgrade Quarry
Belhaven Elementary School
Belhaven Fire and Rescue
Belhaven Memorial Museum
Belhaven Police Department
Belhaven Post Office
Believers Assembly Christian Church
Believers Destiny Church
Belk Building
Belk Department Store (historic)
Belk Dining Hall
Belk Field
Belk Hall
Belk Residence Hall
Belk Theater
Belk Tower
Belk Track Statues
Bell Arthur
Bell Arthur Volunteer Fire Department
Bell Collar Cove
Bell Coney Branch
Bell Coney Mountain
Bell Fork Church of Christ
Bell Fork Homes
Bell Fork Park
Bell Fork School
Bell Form Landing
Bell Island Recreation Area
Bell Medical Research Building
Bell Mission School
Bell Mountain Airport
Bell Strip
Bell Swamp
Bell Swamp School
Bell Yeager Freewill Baptist Church
Bellamy Lake
Bellamy Landing
Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts
Bellamys Bridge
Bellamys Lake
Bellamys Lake Dam
Bellarthur Post Office
Bellcollar Gap
Belle View Cemetery
Bellefont Church
Bellefont School
Bellevoir School
Bellevue Terrace
Bellhaven Water Treatment Plant
Bellows Bay
Bells Fork Square Shopping Center
Bells Island
Belmont Abbey Cemetery
Belmont Abbey College
Belmont Central Elementary School
Belmont Church Cemetery
Belmont Drive-In
Belmont Fire Department Station 43
Belmont Junction
Belmont Junior High School
Belmont Regional Center
Beloved Tabernacle of God
Belton Creek Church
Belva Cemetery
Belvedere Golf and Country Club
Belvedere School
Belvidere - Chappell Hill Volunteer Fire Department
Belview Community Center
Belview Mountain
Belvoir Church
Belvoir Fire Department
Belvoir School
Belwood High School
Ben Bolen Church
Ben Bolen Creek
Ben Cox Knob
Ben Johnson Lake
Ben Johnson Lake Dam
Ben Lippen School
Benaja Church
Benaja Creek
Benbo Branch
Benbow Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Benbow Lake
Benbow Lake Dam
Bench Mountain
Bending Brook
Bends Grove Church Cemetery
Benefit (historical)
Benefit Church
Benevenue Country Club
Benfield Cemetery
Benfield Creek
Benge Gap
Benge Knob
Benge Maintenance Area
Bengston Lake Dam Number Three
Benham Church
Benhaven Emergency Services Station 1
Benhaven Emergency Services Station 2
Benhaven High School
Benjamin J Martin Elementary School
Benjamin Lake Dam
Benn Knob
Bennett - Bivens Cemetery
Bennett Bridge
Bennett College
Bennett Hall
Bennett Knob
Bennett Little Field
Bennett Mill Pond
Bennett Mill Pond Dam
Bennett Millpond
Bennett Mountain
Bennetts Bay
Bennetts Bridge
Bennetts Lake Dam
Benneys Creek
Bennies Branch
Benny Cove
Benny Ridge
Bens Cove
Bens Point
Bens Ridge
Bensalem Church
Benson Building
Benson Elementary School
Benson Grove Church
Benson Islet
Benson Memorial Church
Benson Mill Pond
Bensons Point
Bent Creek Church
Bent Creek Experimental Forest
Bent Creek Experimental Station
Bent Creek Gap
Bent Creek Ranch Lake
Bent Knee Knob
Benthalls Bridge
Bentley Dam
Bentley Knob
Benton Convention Center
Benton Family Cemetery
Benton Farm Airport
Benton Heights
Benton Heights School
Benton Hills
Benton's Airfield (historical)
Bentons Crossroads
Bentons Crossroads Cemetery
Bentonsville Beasley Post Office
Bentonville Battleground
Benvenue Church
Benvenue Country Club
Benvenue Middle School
Benvenue School
Bera Church
Berea Church Cemetery
Bergen Mountain
Berkeley Ball Park
Berkeley Mall
Berkeley Manor Area
Berkeley Village
Berkley Place
Bermuda Run
Bermuda Run Golf Course
Bern Cemetery
Bernal Branch
Bernard Mountain
Bernice Creek
Bernwood Mobile Home Park
Berry Mill
Berry Residence Hall
Berry Water Gardens
Berryhill Hall
Berryhill Park
Berrys Bay
Berrys Gap
Berrys Grove Church
Bert Creek Lead
Bert Mountain
Bertie Ambulance Service
Bertie Correctional Institution
Bertie County
Bertie County Rescue Squad
Bertie County Sheriff's Office
Bertie High School
Bertie Junior High School
Bertie Martin Regional Jail
Bertie Mobile Homes
Berties Falls
Bertram Mobile Home Park
Berts Airport
Bervard banking Company ( Historic)
Bess Chapel
Bess Elementary School
Bess Landing
Bessember City Central Elementary School
Bessemer City
Bessemer City High School
Bessemer City Post Office
Bessemer City Primary School
Bessemer City Quarry
Bessemer City Reservoir
Bessemer City Volunteer Fire Department
Bessemer Elementary School
Bessemer Shopping Center
Bessies Chapel Baptist Church
Bessies Chapel Cemetery
Best Center
Best Cove
Best Grove Church
Best High School
Best Pond Dam
Best School
Bests Church
Beth Car Church
Beth Schmidt Park
Bethabara Creek
Bethan Church
Bethania Golf Course
Bethania Post Office
Bethania Station
Bethany Community Fire Department
Bethany Crossroads
Bethany Hills Baptist Church
Bethany Volunteer Fire Department
Bethel AME Zion Church Cemetery
Bethel Branch Church
Bethel Community Fire Protection Association Station
Bethel Family Worship Center
Bethel High School (historical)
Bethel Hill
Bethel Hill Baptist Church
Bethel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Bethel Hill Church (historical)
Bethel Hill Elementary School
Bethel Hill High School
Bethel Light Church
Bethel Police Department
Bethel Rescue Squad
Bethel Road Park
Bethel Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department
Bethesda Baptist Church at the Park
Bethesda Baptist Church Mission House
Bethesda Church Cemetery
Bethesda Tabernacle
Bethesda Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Bethesda Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Bethlehem Community Center
Bethlehem Community Volunteer Fire Department
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Faith Church
Bethlehem United Church of Christ
Bethlehem United Holy Church
Bethney Heights
Betholite Church
Bethpage Church
Bethpage School
Bethsada Church
Bethware Elementary School
Betseys Rock Falls
Betseys Rock Falls Parking Overlook
Betsy Burgh Island
Betsy Creek

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