Satellite map of Pennsylvania state with roads maps

Satellite maps of Pennsylvania state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in Pennsylvania.

1 Emergency Rescue Squad
111th Fighter Wing Pennsylvania Air National Guard Fire Department
11th and Columbia Playground
12th & Cambria Playground
12th & Cambria Recreation Center
14th Ward Republican Association of Reading
15th Ward Democratic Club
20th and Tioga Ballfield
22nd and Catharine Park
22nd and Ontario Playground
29th and Chalmers Park
3-M Heliport
30th Street Station
33rd and Wallace Playground
33rd Street Station
34th Street Station
36th Street Station
37th &and Mount Vernon Playground
37th Street Station
39th and Olive Playground
3rd and Norris Playground
40th Street Station
46th Street Station
48th and Woodland Playground
49th Street Station
5 Lakes Airport
52nd Street Station
537 Horsham Plaza Shopping Center
56th Street Station
60th Street Station
63rd Street Station
69th Street Station
75th and Chelwynde Park
8th and Diamond Playground
A C Emmerick Academy
A E Oblock Junior High School Library
A F Dobler Hose and Ladder Company
A Fergusen Elementary School (historical)
A G A Farms Airport
A Goode Elementary School
A Griffin Cemetery
A H Martin Elementary School
A I R Helicopter Sales and Service Airport (historical)
A J Palumbo Science Center
A Singer Research Institute
A T A Memorial White Waltham Airport (historical)
A W Beattie Career Center
Aaron J Martin Library of the Sciences
Aaron Weiss Hall
Aaronsburg Post Office
Abbey Downs
Abbot Ridge
Abbot Run
Abbotsford Homes
Abbottstown Post Office
ABC Creative Play Center
Abdel Ross Wentz Library
Abeloff Convocation Center
Aberly Hall
Abers Creek
Abiding Hope Lutheran Church
Abington Baptist Church
Abington Executive Industrial Park
Abington Fire Training Center
Abington Free Library
Abington Friends Cemetery
Abington Friends Church
Abington Friends School
Abington Golf Course
Abington Heights High School
Abington Heights Middle School
Abington Heights South Campus High School
Abington Hill Cemetery
Abington Hills Horse Farm
Abington Library Society
Abington Memorial Hospital
Abington Post Office
Abington Presbyterian Church
Abington Shopping Center
Abington Township Bird Sanctuary
Abington Township Fire Department / Abington Fire Company - Station 100
Abington Township Fire Department / Edge Hill Fire Company - Station 400
Abington Township Fire Department / McKinley Fire Company 1 - Station 200
Abington Township Fire Department / Roslyn Fire Company - Station 500
Abington Township Fire Department / Weldon Fire Company - Station 300
Abington Township Game Preserve
Abington Township Hall
Abington Township Police Station
Abington Township Public Library
Abraham Lincoln Hall
Abraham Lincoln Hotel
Abrahams Creek
Abrams Community Chapel
Abrams Hebrew Academy
Abrams Station
Abraxas Center For Adolescent Females
Abraxas High School
Abraxas III School
Abruzzi Estates
Absolute Ambulance Service
Abundant Faith in Christ Fellowship
Abundant Mercy Ministry
Abyssinian Capernaum Baptist Church
Academia School
Academic Activities Building
Academic Affairs Center
Academic Forum
Academic Projects Building
Academy Corners
Academy Dam
Academy Garden
Academy Gardens
Academy Gardens Golf Course
Academy Hill Cemetery
Academy of Fine Arts
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Academy of Notre Dame De Namur
Academy of the New Church
Academy of the Way
Academy Park High School
Access Point
ACCI Heliport
AccuWeather CATO Park Office
Ace Emergency Medical Services
Aces Ridge
Ache Cemetery
Ache Junction
Acheson Tunnel
Acid Factory Hollow
Acker Industrial Park
Acker Run
Acker School
Ackerly Creek
Ackerly Fairgrounds
Ackerman Island
Ackley Station Post Office (historical)
Ackleys Pond
Acme Lake
Acme Mines (historical)
Acmetonia Elementary School
Acopian Engineering Center
Acosta Post Office
Acosta Volunteer Fire Department
Acre Pond
Acre Pond Dam
Active Sludge Pond
Active Uellow Boy Pond
Actors Civic Theatre
Acts of the Apostles Church in Jesus Christ
Acute Care Medical Transport
Acy Run
Ada B Cheston Elementary School
Ada Georges Hall
Adah Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Adaire School
Adam Ricci Community Park
Adams Area Fire District Station 42
Adams Brook Dam
Adams Brook Reservoir
Adams County Adult Correctional Complex
Adams County Fair Grounds
Adams County Jail
Adams County Volunteer Emergency Services Training Facility
Adams Falls
Adams Intermediate School
Adams Station
Adams Street School (historical)
Adams Township Police Department
Adams Township Volunteer Fire Company 1 Dunlo
Adams Township Volunteer Fire Company 2 Saint Michael
Adams-Summerhill High School
Adamsburg and Community Volunteer Fire Department
Adamsburg Cemetery
Adamsburg Post Office
Adamstown Fire Company 1 Station 1 - 1
Adamstown Ridge
Adath Jeshurun
Adath Jeshurun Chapel
Addison Post Office (historical)
Addison Ridge
Addisville Church
Administrative Services Production Center
Admiral Harold R Stark Learning Center
Admiral Perry Park
Admissions Visitors Center
Adrian Furnace
Adrian Mines
Adrian Sandy Fire Company 3 Station 38
Adsit Cemetery
Adsit Run
Advanced Nurse Transport Service
Advanced Technology Education Center
Aerequus Airport
Aero National Air Ambulance
Afro-American Museum
Agape Center
Agape Christian Fellowship Church of Pittsburgh
Agape Learning Center
Agapeland Childrens Garden Day Care Center
Ager Tract
AGH Center for Children
Agnes Irwin School
Agnew Hospital
Agnew Pond
Agnew Run
Agora Cyber Charter School
Agricultural Administration
Agricultural Science and Industries Building
Agudath Achim Memorial Park
Agustus Church
Ahavath Achim Congregation
Ahnert Alumni Center
Aidan Hall
Aikens Hall
Air Haven Airport
Air Hill Church
Aires Run
Airglow Observatory
Airport Industrial Park South
Airport Industrial Park West
Airville Volunteer Fire Company
Airy Hill Farm
Airy Hill School
Airy View School
Aitkin Gap
Ajax Run
Ak Steel Plant Protection
Akeley Run
Akely Hollow
Akiba Academy
AKM Airfield
Akron Borough Police Department
Akron Volunteer Fire Company Station 12
Al Wright Hollow
Alabama Trail
Alan Seeger Natural Area
Alan Seeger Picnic Area
Alanconnie Lake
Alanor Farm
Alba Cemetery
Alba Creek
Albemarle Park
Albert Airport
Albert Brainard Family Cemetery
Albert Einstein Medical Center
Albert Gallatin Senior High School
Albert M Greenfield Elementary School
Albert N Raub Hall
Albert Run
Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Alberter Farms Airport
Albion Area Public Library
Albion Assembly of God Church
Albrecht Farms
Albright Athletic and Fitness Complex
Albright Church of the Brethren Cemetery
Albright College
Albright Court
Albright Woods Apartments
Albrights Lake
Albrightsville Post Office
Albrightsville Volunteer Fire Company
Alburtis Borough Police Department
Alburtis Elementary School
Alburtis Post Office
Alburtis Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Alcoa Center
Alcoa Fire Department / Alcoa Medic 141
Alcoma Golf Course
Alcorn Corners
Alcorn Elementary School
Alcorn School
Aldan Borough Police Department
Aldan Elementary School
Aldan Police Department
Alden Park Manor
Alder Marsh Brook
Alder Marsh Dam
Alder Marsh Pond
Alder Run Cemetery
Aldorf Corners
Aldrich Airport
Aldrich Airport (historical)
Aleppo Post Office
Aleppo Township Volunteer Fire Company Station 101
Alert Fire Company 1
Alert Fire Company 1 Station 24
Alert Hook and Ladder Company 2
Alex Magee Run
Alexander Spring
Alexanders Corners
Alexanders Spring Creek
Alexandria Methodist Cemetery
Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery
Alexandria Volunteer Fire Company 1
Alfarata Cemetery
Alfarata School (historical)
Alfarata Trail
Algemimen Chapel
Algerine Swamp Bog
Algerine Swamp Natural Area
Algerine Trail
Algerine Wild Area
Alice Focht Memorial United Methodist Church
Alice Lake Dam
Alice Paul Hall
Aline Creek
Aliquippa Bureau of Fire
Aliquippa Community Hospital
Aliquippa Hospital Airport
Aliquippa Police Department
Aliquippa Post Office
Aliquippa Shopping Center
Aljane Farm
All Saints Hospital
All Saints Polish National - Holy Family Cemetery
All States Church
Allan P Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Enterpreneurship
Allan P Kirby Sports Center
Allard Hollow
Allderdice High School Library
Alle Kiski Learning Center
Allegheny (historical)
Allegheny 1 Elementary School
Allegheny 2 Elementary School
Allegheny Acres
Allegheny Aqueduct
Allegheny Aqueduct Historical Park
Allegheny Center
Allegheny Center Mall
Allegheny Clarion Valley High School
Allegheny College
Allegheny Country Club
Allegheny County
Allegheny County Airport
Allegheny County Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Allegheny County Community Service
Allegheny County Court House
Allegheny County Day School
Allegheny County Department of Human Services
Allegheny County Health Department
Allegheny County High School
Allegheny County Jail
Allegheny County Library Association
Allegheny County Library Association Bookmobile Center Library
Allegheny County Memorial Park
Allegheny County Office Building
Allegheny County Police South Park Station
Allegheny County Sheriff's Office
Allegheny Creek
Allegheny Fish Hatchery
Allegheny Furnace
Allegheny General Hospital
Allegheny General Hospital Heliport
Allegheny General Hospital Suburban Campus
Allegheny Hall
Allegheny High School (historical)
Allegheny Historic Preservation Society
Allegheny Islands State Park
Allegheny Islands Wilderness
Allegheny Ludlum Emergency Medical Services
Allegheny Lutheran Church
Allegheny Mines
Allegheny National Fish Hatchery
Allegheny National Forest
Allegheny Observatory
Allegheny Portage Creek
Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site
Allegheny Post Office
Allegheny Reservoir
Allegheny River
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Eight
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Five
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Four
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Nine
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Seven
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Six
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Three
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Two
Allegheny River Pool Eight
Allegheny River Pool Five
Allegheny River Pool Four
Allegheny River Pool Nine
Allegheny River Pool Seven
Allegheny River Pool Six
Allegheny River Pool Three
Allegheny River Pool Two
Allegheny School Library
Allegheny Square
Allegheny Township Fire Department Station 50 Canaan Station
Allegheny Township Fire Department Station 50 Foot of Ten Station
Allegheny Township Police Department
Allegheny Township Volunteer Fire Company 1
Allegheny Traditional Elementary School
Allegheny Traditional Middle School
Allegheny Tunnel
Allegheny Union Cemetery Old
Allegheny Union Church Cemetery
Allegheny United Church of Christ
Allegheny University City Avenue Hospital
Allegheny University Elkins Park Hospital
Allegheny Valley Camp
Allegheny Valley Church of Christ
Allegheny Valley Hospital
Allegheny Valley School
Allegheny West
Allegheny YMCA
Alleghenyville Church
Alleghenyville Mennonite Cemetery
Allegrippis Ridge
Allen Field
Allen Grove Camp
Allen Lane
Allen Lane Station
Allen Station (historical)
Allen Township Fire Company 1 Station 45
Allen Trail
Allen Union Cemetery
Allenberry Playhouse
Allender Run
Allenport Hollow
Allenport Post Office
Allenport Volunteer Fire Department Station 40
Allens Lane Art Center
Allens Lane Park
Allens Valley
Allensville Post Office (historical)
Allensville Volunteer Fire Department Station 25
Allentown and Sacred Heart Hospital Center Airport
Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley
Allentown Emergency Medical Services / Central Fire Department
Allentown Golf Course
Allentown High School
Allentown Plaza
Allentown Police Department
Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport
Allentown Shopping Plaza
Allentown State Hospital
Allentown VA Outpatient Clinic (693B4)
Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport
Allenwood Post Office
Allenwood Prison Camp
Alley Learning Center
Alleyne Church
Alliance Furnace
Alliance Landfill
Allied Services Complex
Allied Services Institute of Rehabilitation
Allis Hollow
Allis Hollow Cemetery
Allison Airport (historical)
Allison Corners
Allison Heights
Allison Number 1 Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Allison Number 2 Volunteer Fire Department Station 3
Allison Park Church
Allison Park Elementary School
Allison Park Post Office
Allport Post Office
Allwine Creek
Almar - Vu Farm
Alms House Run
Aloe Village
Aloysius Fitzpatrick School
Alparon Park
Alpha Chi Ro House
Alpha Epsilon Pi House
Alpha Fire Company 1 Station 20
Alpha Fire Company College Station
Alpha Fire Company Main Station
Alpha Fire Company Patton Station
Alpha Omega Christian Academy
Alpha Phi Sorority
Alpha Pi Lambda House
Alpha Sigma Alpha House
Alpha Tau Omega House
Alpine Mountain Ski Area
Alsace Lutheran Church
Alsace Lutheran Church Cemetery
Alsace Manor
Alsace Manor Fire Company Station 8
Alsace Township Municipal Building
Alta Manor
Alta Vista Farm
Altalaha Lutheran Church
Altalaha Lutheran Church Cemetery
Altamont Fire Company
Altenburg Corners
Alterton Station (historical)
Althom Eddy
Althouse Hall
Althouse Laboratory
Altland Church
Altmans Corners
Alto Grandview Acres
Alto Rest Park
Alto Reste Burial Park
Altonah Cemetery
Altoona - James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center
Altoona Area High School
Altoona Blair County Fire Department
Altoona Center
Altoona Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters
Altoona Fire Department Station 2
Altoona Fire Department Station 3
Altoona Fire Department Station 4
Altoona Lower Number Two Dam
Altoona Mobile Emergency Department Authority
Altoona Mobile Emergency Department Authority Headquarters
Altoona Mobile Emergency Department Authority Station 400 Tyrone Substation
Altoona Mobile Emergency Department Authority Station 480 Lakemont Substation
Altoona Regional Health System
Altoona Regional Health System Bon Secours
Altoona-Blair County Airport
Altro (historical)
Alum Bank
Alum Bank Community Fire Company
Alum Bank Post Office
Alum Rock Post Office (historical)
Alum Rock Run
Alumbank Post Office (historical)
Alumni and Development Center Building
Alumni Conference Building
Alumni Engineering Laboratory
Alumni Fund Walk of Pride
Alumni Hall - Geneva College
Alumni Hall - Keystone College
Alumni Hall - King's College
Alumni Hall Student Center
Alumni House - Carnegie Mellon University
Alumni House - Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Alumni House-Bucknell University
Alumni Memorial Plaza
Alumni Pavilion
Alverda Post Office
Alvern Pond
Alvernia College
Alverno Valley Farms
Alverthorpe Park
Alverton Post Office
Alverton School
Alvin C Alderfer Recreation Area
Alvira (historical)
Alwine Civic Center
Amanda E Stout School
Amasa Station
Amasland Elementary School
Amberson Post Office
Amberson Ridge
Amberson Trail
Amberson Valley
Amberson Valley Estates
Ambler Borough Hall
Ambler Borough Police Department
Ambler Church of the Brethren
Ambler City Park
Ambler House
Ambler Police Station
Ambler Post Office
Ambler Railway Substation
Ambler Station
Ambridge Area Catholic School
Ambridge Area High School
Ambridge Borough Hall
Ambridge Country Club
Ambridge Fire Department Station 71
Ambridge Heights
Ambridge Park
Ambridge Police Department
Ambridge Post Office
Ambridge Reservoir
Ambridge Woodlawn Bridge
America Hose Hook and Ladder Company Station 53 / Bristol Volunteer Fire Company 6
American Baptist and Freedom Business Center
American Christmas Museum
American College of Physicians
American Dairy Association and Dairy Council Building
American Diabetes Association Building
American Fire Company 1
American Fire Company of Fountain Springs
American Fire Company Shoentown
American Helicopter Museum
American Hose and Chemical Fire Company Station 1
American Hose Company 1
American Hose Company 1 Tamaqua
American Hose Company 2
American Hose Company 70
American Jewish Committee Building
American Legion Leon Deck Post 991
American Legion Post 872 Borinqueneers
American Legion Post 929 General Casimir Pulaski
American Legion Speedway
American Museum of Veterinary Medicine
American Patient Transport Systems
American Swedish Historical Museum
Americus Center
Americus Hose Company Station 5 - 4
Ames Hill Cemetery
Ames Hollow
Ames Run
Amesville Mine Station
Amey Gap
Amick School
Amish Farm House
Amish Village
Amity Fiire Department Station 49
Amity Gardens
Amity Gardens Apartments
Amity Hall
Amity Industrial Park
Amity Intermediate School
Amity Manor
Amity Park Road Recreation Area
Amity Presbyterian Church
Amity Primary Center
Amity Township Athletic Club
Amity Township Athletic Club Pool
Amity Township Municipal Building
Amity Township Police Department
Amity Township Sewage Treatment Plant
Amityville Community Park
Amleyn Gardens
Ammermanton School
Ammon Playground
Amorine Branch
Amos Branch Trail
Amos Hall
Amos Herr Park
Amos Playground
Amos Ridge Trail
Amosland Elementary School
Amosland Park
Amsbry Union Cemetery
Amsler School
Amsterdam School
Amwell Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 34
Amy Northwest Middle School
Anabel Lee Ralston Hall
Analomink Dam
Analomink Lake
Analomink Post Office
Anchor Crossing Shopping Center
Anchor Estates
Anchor Presbyterian Church
Ancient Oak West Recreation Area
Ancillae Academy
Andalusia Post Office (historical)
Andalusia Station
Anders Run
Anderson Amphitheater
Anderson Camp
Anderson Dining Hall
Anderson Station
Anderson Stone House
Andorra Branch Library Free Library of Philadelphia
Andorra Church
Andorra Shopping Center
Andorra Springs
Andorra Springs Golf Club
Andorra Woods
Andre Airport
Andreas Fire Company 1
Andreas Post Office
Andrew Bayne Memorial Library
Andrew Buchanan Elementary School
Andrew Carnegie Free Library
Andrew J McKelvey Campus Center
Andrew Maier Elementary School
Andrew Mellon Institute
Andrew Mitchell Hose Company 1
Andrew W Mellon Hall
Andrew W Mellon Middle School Library
Andrews Avenue Station
Andrews Bridge
Andrews Parks
Andrews Run School
Andrews Settlement
Andstadt Hill
Andy Pond
Andy Warhol Museum
Angela Jane Pavilion Rehabilitation Hospital
Angelica Lake
Angelica Lake Dam
Angelica Park
Angels Ark Childcare Center
Angle Corners
Anglemans Dam
Anglewood Lake
Angora Station
Angstadt Family Cemetery
Animal Rescue League Shelter
Anita Cemetery
Anita Station (historical)
Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium
Ankeny School (historical)
Ann Reno Mobile Home Park
Anna Welles Hollenback Hall
Annan Run
Annandale Cemetery
Annandale Sandstone Quarry
Anne Ashley United Methodist Church Cemetery
Anne Hall Apartments
Annenburg Center
Annette Evans Alumni and Faculty House
Annex Building
Annie B Nye Elementary School
Annie Halenbake Ross Library
Annin Creek
Annin Creek School (historical)
Annuciation Ukranian Catholic Church
Annunciation Hall
Annunciation of Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery
Annunication School (historical)
Annuziata Dam
Annville Elementary School
Annville Police Department
Annville Post Office
Annville-Cleona High School
Ansell Run
Anshe Labovitz Cemetery
Ansley Hollow
Ansonia Station
Answorth Field
Ant Mount Trail
Antes Creek
Antes Fort
Antes Fort Post Office
Antes Fort Volunteer Fire Company
Anthill Trail
Anthony Airport (historical)
Anthony Desilting Dam
Anthony F Ceddia Union Building
Anthony Ford
Anthony Mill Dam
Anthracite Bag Plant Station
Anthracite Museum
Anthracite Park
Anthracite Region Emergency Ambulance Services Station 90
Anthracite Steam Fire Company 1 Station 2
Antie Farm
Antietam Academy
Antietam Arms Apartments
Antietam Cove
Antietam Dam
Antietam Middle-Senior High School
Antietam Reservoir
Antietam School District Administrative Office
Antietam Valley Pool
Antietam Valley Recreation and Community Center
Antietam Valley Shopping Center
Antis Cemetery
Antis Run
Antonelli Institute
Antram Run
Antrim Mennonite School
Apfelbaum Hall
Apollo - Riverview Cemetery
Apollo 2 Mine Station
Apollo Borough Police Department
Apollo Hose Company 2
Apollo Hose Company 3
Apollo House
Apollo Memorial Library
Apollo Post Office
Apollo Rangers Club
Apollo-Ridge Elementary School
Apollo-Ridge High School
Apollo-Ridge Middle School
Apostolic Catholic Church of the Beatitudes
Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church Fellowship Temple
Apostolic Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church
Appalachian Campsites
Appalachian Overlook
Appalachian Trail Museum
Appel Infirmary
Appenzell Creek
Apple Annex
Apple Hill Ski Resort
Apple School
Apple Tree Estates
Apple Tree Farm
Apple Tree Trail
Applebee Shelter
Applebrook Golf Course
Applebutter Hill
Appleby Manor Church
Appleby Manor Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Appledale Public Golf Course
Appleford Inn
Appleseed Learning Center
Applewold Volunteer Fire Department 1
Applied Research Laboratory
Applied Science
Approach Turning
Approach Turning Basin
Aquashicola Creek
Aquashicola Post Office
Aquashicola Volunteer Fire Company
Aqueduct School
Aquetong Creek
Aquetong Lake
Aquetong Spring
Arab School
Arabian Farm Airport (historical)
Aramingo Square
Arbogast Church
Arbon Cemetery
Arbor Glen
Arbors at Providence
Arbutus Church
Arbutus Peak
Arcadia at Inverness Glen
Arcadia University
Arch Rock School
Arch Spring
Arch Spring Natural Bridge
Archbald Borough Police Department
Archbald Community Ambulance and Rescue Station 21
Archbald Hose Company 1
Archbald Post Office
Archbald Pothole
Archbald Pothole State Park
Archbald Shaft
Archbishop Pendergast High School
Archbishop Ryan High School
Archbishop Ryan School
Archbishop Wood High School
Archer Hall
Archey Mill Dam
Archibald Paul Akeley Building
Archie Barr Hollow
Architecture & Design Center
Architecture Studios at Ravenhill
Arcola Intermediate School
Arctic Springs Park
Ardara Post Office
Ardara United Presbyterian Church
Arden Fairgrounds
Arden Landfill
Arden Mines
Arden Trolley Museum
Ardery Hollow
Ardmore Avenue Elementary School
Ardmore Avenue Station
Ardmore Junction Station
Ardmore Library
Ardmore Presbyterian Church School
Ardmore Station
Ardsley Burial Park Cemetery
Ardsley Community Chapel
Ardsley School
Area 52 Airport
Areford School
Arendtsville Community Fire Company 5
Arendtsville Elementary School
Arendtsville Post Office
Arendtsville Vocational School Community Center
Arens Corners (historical)
Aria Frankford Hospital
Aria Health Hospital Bucks County Campus
Aria Health Hospital Torresdale Campus
Ariel Creek
Aries Park
Ario Pardee Hall
Aristes Fire Company 1
Aristes Post Office
Arium Chapel Presbyterian Church
Ark Bible Chapel
Ark Ministry
Arksill Run
Arlington Knolls
Arlington Lake Dam
Arlington Middle School Library
Armagh Cemetery
Armagh East Wheatfield Volunteer Fire Company
Armagh Post Office
Armagh Township Elementary School
Armbrust Post Office
Armbrust School
Armco Country Club
Armenia Mountain
Armenian Church of America
Armitage and Artman Delmont Airport (historical)
Armitage Golf Course
Armitage Newmansville Airport
Armitage School (historical)
Armond Run
Armsby Building
Armstrong Bridge
Armstrong County
Armstrong County Memorial Hospital
Armstrong County VA Outpatient Clinic
Armstrong Playground
Armstrong Tunnel
Armstrong Valley Bible Church
Army-Navy Museum
Arnaud C Marts Sports and Conference Center
Arndt School
Arndts and Messinger Cemetery
Arndts Church
Arnecliff Fine Arts Center
Arnold Airport (historical)
Arnold and Sandy Riflin Hall
Arnold Borough Hall
Arnold City
Arnold Farm Dam
Arnold Fire Emergency Medical Services
Arnold Hall of Music
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport Fire Department
Arnold United Methodist Church
Arnold Volunteer Engine Company 2
Arnot Post Office
Arnot Run
Arnots Addition
Arona Post Office
Aronimink Elementary School
Aronimink Golf Club
Aronimink Station
Arrowhead Knoll
Arrowmink Creek
Arsenal Middle School
Arsenal Middle School Library
Arsenal Post Office
Art and Design Center
Art Barn Complex
Art Center 2
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Art of Life Ambulance
Art Studio
Artcraft Recreation Association Dam
Artemas Village Post Office
Arter Hall
Arthur Hoyt Scott Amphitheature
Arthur Hufnagel Public Library of Glen Rock
Arthur McGill Elementary School
Arthur School
Arthur Shadek - B F Fackethal Library
Arthur T Howells Middle School
Artisan Fire Company
Artman School
Arts Trail
As Wee Care
Asa Packer Elementary School
Asaph Peak
Asaph Run
Asaph Run Picnic Area
Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
Ascension of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Cemetery
Ascension of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church
Ascension School of the Community
Ash - Snyder Cemetery
Ash Hollow Trail
Ash Pond Number Three
Ash Ridge Spur
Ash Shahid Islamic Private School
Ash Tree Hollow
Ashbourne Country Club
Ashbourne School
Ashbridge Farms
Ashbridge Park
Ashbridge Run
Ashbridge Square Shopping Center
Ashcom Quarry
Ashcraft Run
Ashelman Run
Ashford Green
Ashgrove School
Ashland Anticline
Ashland Area Elementary School
Ashland Borough Police Department
Ashland Mountain
Ashland State General Hospital Heliport
Ashlawn Airport
Ashley Ambulance
Ashley Borough Police Department
Ashmead Village
Ashmore Station
Ashmore Yards
Ashs West Branch
Ashtola School
Ashton Corners
Ashton House
Ashton Wooden Bridge
Ashville Borough Police Department
Ashville Post Office (historical)
Ashville Volunteer Fire Company 1
Ashworth Trail
Asian Indian Christian Church of Pittsburgh
Askon Hollow
Askon Hollow Dam
Aspen Trail
Asper School
Aspers Fire and Emergency Medical Services
Aspers Post Office
Aspinwall Airport
Aspinwall Borough Hall
Aspinwall Police Department
Aspinwall Seaplane Base (historical)
Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department
Asplundh Airport (historical)
Assemblies of Yahweh International Headquarters
Assist Hall
Association Dam
Assumption Cemetery - Soldier Hill
Assumption Commons
Assumption Hall
Assumption Vale Novitiate
Astleys Contractor Postal Unit
Aston - Beechwood Volunteer Fire Company Station 72
Aston Arms
Aston Elementary School
Aston Industrial Park
Aston Library
Aston Post Office
Aston Township Building
Aston Township Police Department
Astor Shopping Center
Asylum Run
Atglen Fire Company
Atglen Post Office
Athena House
Athenaeum of Philadelphia
Athens Borough Fire - Diahoga Hose Company 6
Athens Borough Fire Department Protection Hose Company 1
Athens Township Police Department
Athens Township Volunteer Fire Company
Athens Township Volunteer Fire Company Substation
Athens-Sayre Reservoirs
Athletic and Recreation Center
Athletic Recreation Center
Atkins Hall
Atkinson Mills Church
Atlas Colliery Station
Atlas Fire Company
Atlasburg Elementary School
Atlasburg Post Office
Atrium Mall Shopping Center
Attins Islands
Attorney George L Fenner Hall
Attorney Gilbert Stuart McClintock Hall
Atwater Kent Museum
Atwells Crossing
Atwoods Pond
Auberle Education Center
Auberle Girls Group Home
Auberle Girls Semi Independent Home
Auberle Memorial Home for Boys
Auberle Shelter Group Home
Aubreys Golf Course
Auburn Dam
Auburn Fire Company
Auburn Four Corners
Auburn School
Aubury School
Aucheys School
Audenried Colliery (historical)
Audenried Junior High School
Audobon Gardens
Audubon Gardens
Audubon Library
Audubon Shrine
Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania
Audubon Village Shopping Center
Auge Run
Auges Corners
Aughanbaugh Run
Aughenbaugh Church
Aughwick Creek
August-Menzies-Monroe Airport
Augustana Camp Association
Augustaville Church
Augustus Lutheran Cemetery
Augustus S Van Wickle Hall
Auker Cemetery
Aulds Run
Aulenbach Cemetery
Aultman Volunteer Fire Association
Aultmans Run
Aulworth Farms
Auman Hollow
Aunt Clara Fork
Aurand Airport
Aurand School
Auriga Airport (historical)
Aurora Mine Station
Ausar-Auset Church School
Austin Dock Number Four
Austin Emergency Services
Austin Farm / Old Charleston Cemetery
Austin Heights
Austinburg Pioneer Cemetery
Autumn Leaves
Avallon at Moyers
Avallon at Moyers Golf Course
Avalon Borough Hall
Avalon Elementary School Library
Avalon Police Department
Avalon Public Library
Avalon Volunteer Fire Company
Ave Maria Cemetery
Avella Area Junior Senior High School
Avella Highlands
Avella Post Office
Avella Volunteer Fire Department Station 35
Avery Mountain
Aviat Hall
Aviator Park
Avis Elementary School
Avis Post Office
Avis Volunteer Fire Company 1
Avis Yard
AVM Estates
Avoca Ambulance
Avoca Boro Police Department
Avoca Hose Company 1
Avon Grove High School
Avon Heights
Avona School
Avondale Fire Company
Avondale Hill
Avonmore Boro Police Department
Avonmore Life Savers Emergency Medical Services
Avonmore Post Office
Avonmore Public Library
Avonmore Station
Avonmore Volunteer Fire Department
Avonworth Junior-Senior High School
Awbury Arboretum
Awbury Recreation Center
Axe Factory Hollow
Axe Factory Run
Axemann Spring
Ayers Crossroads
Ayers Hill Cemetery
Ayers Shanty Run
Aylesworth Creek
Aylesworth Creek Dam
Aylesworth Creek Lake
Aylesworth Park
Azorsky Hall
B and B Airport
B and O Terminal
B and S Trail
B and W Junction Station
B F Jones Memorial Library
B Reynolds Falls
B Y Recreational Park Lake
B'nai B'rith Camp
B'nai Brith Apartments
B'nai Emunoh - Iwo Cemetery
B'Nai Emunoh Congregation
B'nai Jacob Cemetery
B-D Mining Company Pond Number Two Wmf Dam
Babcock Corners
Babcock Picnic Area
Babcock State Forest
Babylon (historical)
Babylon Business Center
Babylon Industrial Complex
Babylon Run
Bach Hollow
Bache School
Bachman Hollow
Bachman Run
Back Mountain
Backup Corners
Backus Corners
Bacon Family Burial Ground Cemetery
Bacon Mill
Bad Hill
Baden Borough Hall
Baden Memorial Library
Baden Police Department
Baden Post Office
Baden Volunteer Fire Department Station 47
Baders Hollow
Baederwood Park
Baederwood Shopping Center
Bagdad School
Baggaley Dam
Baggaley Elementary School
Baghdad Run
Bagpiper Theatre
Bahr's Mill
Bailer Dam
Bailey Corners
Bailey Covered Bridge
Bailey Run Reservoir
Baily Airport (historical)
Baily Hall
Bainbridge Fire Company Station 71
Bainbridge Green
Bair Island
Baird Run
Baird-McClintock Hall
Bairdford Post Office
Bake Oven Mountain
Bake Oven Trail
Bakeless Center for the Humanities
Bakemans Run
Baken Creek
Baker Path
Baker Run Trail
Baker Station
Baker-Sell Airport
Bakers Church
Bakers Church Cemetery
Bakers Crossroad
Bakers Knob
Bakers Summit
Bakerstown Alliance Church
Bakerstown Cemetery Company
Bakerstown Post Office
Bakerstown Presbyterian Cemetery
Bakerstown Presbyterian Childrens Center
Bakerstown Station
Bakerstown United Methodist Church
Bakersville Volunteer Fire Company
Bakerton Elementary School
Bakerton Reservoir
Bala Cynwyd Branch Lower Merion Township Library
Bala Cynwyd Post Office
Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center
Bala Golf Course
Bala Station
Bala-Cynwyd Junior High School
Balch Institute
Bald Barren
Bald Barren Trail
Bald Eagle Area Middle / Senior High School
Bald Eagle Cemetery
Bald Eagle Lookout
Bald Eagle Mine Station
Bald Eagle School
Bald Eagle State Forest
Bald Eagle State Forest Ranger Station
Bald Eagle State Park
Bald Eagle Volunteer Fire Company Station 36
Bald Hill Hunting Club
Bald Hill Run
Bald Hill Station (historical)
Bald Hill Swamp
Bald Hill Trail
Bald Lookout
Baldi Middle School
Baldoo Hills Country Club
Baldwin Boro Independent Fire Company 1
Baldwin Borough Hall
Baldwin Emergency Medical Services
Baldwin Flats
Baldwin Furnace
Baldwin Point Trail
Baldwin Post Office (historical)
Baldwin Township Community Library
Baldwin Township Police Department
Baldwin Trail
Baldwin United Presbyterian Church
Baldy Hollow
Ball Ridge Hollow
Balliard Creek
Ballibay Cemetery
Ballibay School (historical)
Balliet Run
Ballingomingo Baptist Church
Balls Eddy
Balls Mills
Bally Borough Hall
Bally Borough Police Department
Bally Community Ambulance
Bally Community Swimming Pool
Bally Mennonite Church
Bally Post Office
Balsbaugh Church
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Terminal
Baltimore Pike Station
Banbury Crossing
Banbury Mews
Band Rock
Band Rock Vista
Bandel Airport
Banderson School
Bandshell Amphitheatre
Baney Settlement
Baney's Airport
Bange Farms
Bangor Elementary School
Bangor Fire Department - Liberty Fire Company 2
Bangor Fire Department - Rescue Fire Company 1
Bangor Fire Department - Second Ward Fire Company
Bangor Junior-Senior High School
Banian Junction
Banian Run
Bank Run
Banks Childrens Learning Center
Banksville Elementary School
Bannan Run
Banner Ridge Church
Bannerville Fire Company
Bantz Park
Baptist Institute
Baptist Narrows Cemetery
Bar Bottom Hollow
Bar Mac Ramp Station
Baratta Heliport
Barbadoes Island
Barbara D'Iorio Martino Hall
Barbara Mines
Barber Run
Barbertown (historical)
Barbeys Playground
Barbour Rock
Barclay Station
Barclay White Dam
Barco Law Building
Bardascino Park
Barden Brook
Bare Rock
Bare-Garver Cemetery
Barefoot Run
Bareville Fire Company Station 31
Bareville Post Office (historical)
Barger Run
Bargers Run
Barix Clinics of Pennsylvania
Bark Cabin Natural Area
Bark Cabin Run
Bark Shanty Hollow
Bark Shed Trail
Bark Slide Trail
Barking Rock Farm
Barkley Ridge
Barklie School
Barkman School
Barkridge School
Barkshed Run
Barlett Junior High School
Barlett Run
Barley Church
Barley Lane
Barley Lutheran Church Cemetery
Barlietz School
Barlow Heights
Barlow Hill
Barlow Knoll
Barlow Volunteer Fire Company Station 22
Barmore Lake
Barmore Lake Dam
Barmore Run
Barmouth Station
Barn Brook
Barn Hills School
Barn Plaza Shopping Center
Barnard Post Office (historical)
Barner Gap
Barner Run
Barners Church
Barners Hill
Barners School
Barnes - Kasson County Hospital
Barnes and Loney Park
Barnes Farmland Airport
Barness Park
Barnestown Post Office (historical)
Barnetts Run
Barney Carrier Corners
Barneys Hill
Barneys Ridge
Barneys Run
Barneyville School (historical)
Barnhart Trail
Barnum Shaft Number 1 (historical)
Barnum Shaft Number 2 (historical)
Barr Slope
Barracks Police Station
Barratt Junior High School
Barrel Slide Hollow
Barren Brook
Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company - Station 29
Barren Run Church
Barren Run School
Barrens School
Barrett Elementary School Library
Barrett Slide
Barrett Township Fire Company Station 22
Barrett Township Police Department
Barrett Volunteer Ambulance Corps Station 2 Mountainhome
Barrick Airport
Barricks Run
Barron Church (historical)
Barrs Corners
Barrs School
Barrville School
Barry Playground
Barry School
Barshinger Creek
Bart A Milano Hall
Bart Chapel
Bart Colerain Elementary School
Bart Post Office
Bart School
Bart Township Fire / Quick Response Service Station 5 - 1
BARTA Transportation Center
Bartasch Park
Bartle - Middle Ridge Cemetery
Bartley Gap
Bartley Mountain
Bartley Run
Bartley Trail
Bartman Elementary School
Barto Bridge
Barto Burial Ground
Barto Community Park
Barto Post Office
Bartoff Hollow
Barton Glen
Barton Trail
Bartons Hollow
Bartons Meadows
Bartonsville Post Office
Bartonsville School
Bartram Avenue Station
Bartram Freshman Center High School
Bartram Gardens Park
Bartram High School
Bartram Human Services High School
Bartram Motivation High School
Bartram Run
Bartram Village
Bartron Pond
Barts - Centenary United Methodist Church Cemetery
Barts Church
Bartsch Airport
Bartville Post Office (historical)
Base Crossroads
Base Rock Quarry
Basforth Acres
Bashore Boy Scout Camp
Bashore Cemetery
Bashore Island
Basil Corners
Basin Street Shopping Center
Baskin Run
Basset Dam
Basswood Hollow
Basswood Run
Bates Fork Cemetery
Bates Run
Bates Swamp
Bath Addition
Bath Fire Department / Bath Ambulance Corps
Bath Industrial Park
Bath Junction
Battle Hill School
Battle Hollow School (historical)
Battlefield Heliport
Battlefield of the Brandywine
Battles Memorial School
Batys Mountain
Baublitz Commercial Airport
Bauer Hollow
Bauer Rock
Bauerstown Volunteer Fire Department
Baugher Run
Baughman Church
Baughman Hall
Baughman Hollow
Baughman Rocks
Baughman Spring
Baughman Union Cemetery
Baums Corners
Baur House
Bausch School
Bausman Memorial United Church of Christ
Bausman Post Office
Baxter Water Treatment Plant
Bayards Pond
Bayer Hall
Baylors Corners
Baylors Lake Dam
Baylors Mud Pond
Bayly Pond Dam
Bayview Park
Beach Haven Post Office
Beach Lake Creek
Beach Lake Post Office
Beachdale Hollow
Beachley Mine
Beacon Hill Lookout Tower
Beacon Hollow Farm
Beacon Lodge
Beadling Chapel
Beagle Hole Swamp
Beagle Station
Beakleyville Church
Beale Township Fire Department Company 5
Beallsville Boro Police Department
Beam Church
Beam Rocks
Beam Run
Beaman Cemetery
Beans Corner (historical)
Beans Cove
Beans Cove Church
Beans Cove Methodist Church Cemetery
Beans Cove Post Office (historical)
Bear Cave Lookout Tower
Bear Creek Junction (historical)
Bear Creek Picnic Area
Bear Creek Township Volunteer Hose Fire Company
Bear Creek Village
Bear Gap Number Six Dam
Bear Gap Number Two Dam
Bear Gap Picnic Area
Bear Gap Run
Bear Gap Tabernacle
Bear Gap Trail
Bear Hollow Run
Bear Lake Volunteer Fire Department
Bear Lakes
Bear Lick
Bear Lodge Trail
Bear Loop
Bear Loop Run
Bear Meadows
Bear Meadows Natural Area
Bear Path Trail
Bear Pen Hollow Trail
Bear Pen Trail
Bear Puddles
Bear Rock Dam One
Bear Rock Dam Two
Bear Rock Run
Bear Rock School (historical)
Bear Rock Swamp
Bear Run Camp
Bear Run Dam
Bear Run Junction
Bear Run Reservoir
Bear Run Ridge
Bear Swamp School (historical)
Bear Trail
Bear Trap Hollow
Bear Trap Mountain
Bear Trap Trail
Bear Valley
Bear Valley Dam
Bear Valley Picnic Area
Bear Wallow Camps
Beard School
Beards School
Beardsley Hall
Beardsley School
Bearfield Hollow
Bearfield Run
Bearmouth Run
Bears Crossroads
Bears Head
Bears Rocks
Bears School
Beartown Church (historical)
Beartown Post Office (historical)
Beartown Rocks
Beartown Rocks Vista
Beartrap Hollow
Bearwallow Pond
Beasley Trail
Beatty House
Beatty Inn
Beatty Road Station
Beau lll Hall
Beaufort Farms
Beauty Camp
Beauty Run
Beautys Run
Beaver Area Junior Senior High School
Beaver Area Memorial Library
Beaver Borough Hall
Beaver Brook Manor
Beaver Brook School
Beaver Castle Girl Scouts of America
Beaver Center
Beaver Community Center
Beaver County
Beaver County Adult Vocational Technical School
Beaver County Airport
Beaver County Board of Commissioners
Beaver County Christian -West Park Elementary School
Beaver County Courthouse
Beaver County Home and Hospital
Beaver County Library System
Beaver County Outpatient Clinic
Beaver County Sanitarium
Beaver Falls Cemetery and Mausoleum
Beaver Falls Middle School
Beaver Falls Middle School (historical)
Beaver Falls Police Department
Beaver Falls Senior High School
Beaver Lake Lodge Dam
Beaver Meadow Colliery
Beaver Meadow Run
Beaver Meadows Dam
Beaver Meadows Lake
Beaver Meadows Police Department
Beaver Meadows Post Office
Beaver Meadows Recreation Site
Beaver Meadows Volunteer Fire Company 1
Beaver Mills
Beaver Police Department
Beaver Reservation (historical)
Beaver Run Airport
Beaver Run Club
Beaver Run Dam
Beaver Run Filtration Plant
Beaver Run Reservoir
Beaver Run Shallow Water Impoundment
Beaver Springs Airport
Beaver Springs Post Office
Beaver Springs Volunteer Fire Company Station 10
Beaver Stadium
Beaver Swamp
Beaver Terrace
Beaver Township Volunteer Fire Company
Beaver Valley Christian Academy
Beaver Valley Mall
Beaver Valley Mall Shopping Center
Beaver Valley Montessori School
Beaver Valley Number 27 School
Beaver Valley School (historical)
Beaver-Adams School
Beaverdale Area Ambulance Service
Beaverdale Fire Company Station 22
Beaverdale Post Office
Beaverdale Reservoir
Beaverdale Sportsmans Lodge
Beaverdam Mennonite Church
Beaverdam Run Dam
Beavers Mill
Beavertown Fire Tower
Beavertown Post Office
Beavertown Rescue Hose Company
Beavertown Ridge
Beccaria Mills
Bechtel Trail
Bechtelsville Borough Hall
Bechtelsville Post Office
Bechtelsville Recreation Park
Bechtol Gap
Beck Springs
Becker Brook
Beckers Saint Peters Church
Beckers Saint Peters Church Cemetery
Becket Run
Beckets Run
Becks Cut Station (historical)
Becks Run Volunteer Fire Department
Beckwith Hollow
Beckwith Run
Bedbug Brook
Bedford Area Ambulance Service
Bedford Chapel
Bedford County Airport
Bedford County Home - Alms House Cemetery
Bedford Fire Department Number 1
Bedford Forge Cemetery
Bedford Intermediate Elementary School
Bedford Memorial Gardens / Bedford County Memorial Park
Bedford Primary Elementary School
Bedford Senior High School
Bedford Springs
Bedford Springs Post Office (historical)
Bedford Valley Church
Bedford Valley Post Office (historical)
Bedminster Elementary School
Bedminster Post Office (historical)
Bedminster Township Municipal Building
Bedminster Township Police Department
Bee Sellers Hollow
Bee Tree Draft
Beeber Junior High School
Beech Bottom Hollow
Beech Bottom Natural Area
Beech Bottom Run
Beech Creek Blanchard Volunteer Fire Company
Beech Creek Gap
Beech Creek Lodge
Beech Creek Post Office
Beech Creek Station
Beech Creek Tower
Beech Flats Cemetery
Beech Flats Creek
Beech Flats Run
Beech Hollow School
Beech Mountain Lakes
Beech School
Beech Street Plaza Shopping Center
Beech Valley Cemetery
Beech Valley School
Beecher - Dock House
Beecher Hill
Beecher House
Beechnut Ridge
Beechview Branch Carnegie Free Library of Pittsburgh
Beechview United Methodist Church
Beechview United Presbyterian Church
Beechwood Camp
Beechwood Elementary School Library
Beechwood Trail
Beechwood-Brookline Station
Beechwoods Schools
Beehive Trail
Beekey Education Building
Beer Hollow Trail
Beer Keg Hollow
Beer Run
Beers Farm Airport
Beers Hollow
Beers Lecture Hall
Beers Run
Beers Trail
Beetems Church
Beham Knob School
Beham Run
Behl Humanites Building
Behler Swamp
Behler-Hein Post of the American Legion
Behm Run
Behrakis Grand Hall
Behren Pond
Behrend Campus Pennsylvania State University
Beidler Knoll
Beidler Trail
Beidlertown (historical)
Beiler Airport
Beiler Cemetery
Beiler Farm
Beisecker School (historical)
Beisel Run Dam
Bel-Air Lake Dam
Bel-Air Shopping Plaza
Belair Shopping Center
Belaire Trailer Court
Belasco Station
Belcourt Manor
Beldin Hollow
Belfast Junction
Belfast Number 2 Mine Station
Belfield Playground
Belfield Recreation Center
Belford Number 3 Mine Station
Belfry Meadow
Belfry Station
Belian Village
Believers Tabernacle Apostolic Church
Belknap Hall
Bell Acres Borough Police Department
Bell Avenue Elementary School
Bell Avenue School
Bell Bend
Bell Branch Trail
Bell Draft
Bell Memorial Church
Bell Road (historical)
Bell Run School
Bell Run Union Church
Bell Town Road Cemetery
Bell Township Elementary School
Bell Township Volunteer Fire Department
Bell's Furnace Cemetery
Bellas Brook
Belle Valley Elementary School
Belle Valley Elementary School (historical)
Belle Valley Fire Department
Belle Valley Station (historical)
Belle Vernon Branch Post Office
Belle Vernon Fire Company 2 Station 4
Belle Vernon Police Department
Belle Vernon Post Office
Belle Vernon Public Library
Bellefield Hall
Bellefield Presbyterian Church
Bellefield Towers
Bellefonte Emergency Medical Services
Bellefonte Post Office
Bellefonte Skypark
Bellefonte Station
Bellegrove Volunteer Fire Company Station 6
Belleman Cemetery
Bellemans Church
Bellemont Post Office (historical)
Bellemont School
Beller School
Belles Cemetery
Belleville Fire Company Station 24
Bellevue Borough Hall
Bellevue Borough Police Department
Bellevue Elementary School Library
Bellevue Shaft
Bellfield Presbyterian Church
Bellingham Knoll
Bellis Island
Bellman Run
Bellmar Junior High School
Bells Branch Dents Run
Bells Corner Shopping Center
Bells Gap Run
Bells Lakes
Bells Landing Mine Station
Bells Mills
Belltown Gap
Belltown School
Bellview Acres
Bellview Campground
Bellwood Antis Junior Senior High School
Bellwood Dam
Bellwood Kindergarten

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