Satellite map of Wisconsin state with roads maps

Satellite maps of Wisconsin state, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in Wisconsin.

A and V Terrace Gardens
A C Hanson Park
A C Kiefer Educational Center
A E Burdick School
A F Siebert Chapel
A M Krueger Hall
A2 Charter School
Abbey Harbor
Abbot Pennings High School (historical)
Abbotsford Christian Academy
Abbotsford Elementary School
Abbotsford Fire Department and Ambulance Service
Abbotsford Middle / Senior High School
Abbotsford Pond
Abbotsford Public Cemetery
Abbotsford Wastewater Treatment Facility
Abe Rochlin Park
Abel Dairy Farms
Abells Corners
Ableman's Gorge State Natural Area
Abraham Briggs Bowen House
Abraham Coulee
Abraham Lincoln Accelerated Learning Academy
Abraham Reef
Abrahams Park
Abrahams Woods State Natural Area
Abrams Elementary School
Abrams Volunteer Fire Department
Acacia Falls Mobile Home Court
Academia de Leguaje y Bellas - Alba
Academy of Accelerated Learning
Academy of Cosmetology
Academy of Learning and Leadership
Academy of Learning Competency Based School
Accelerated Advanced Learning School
Accurate Airport
Ace Charter School
Ace-In-The-Hole Lake
Acewood Park
Achterberg Farm
Ackerville Church
Ackley Lookout Tower (historical)
Ackley State Wildlife Areas
Ada Fire Department
Ada Lake Campground
Ada Lake Lookout Tower
Adams - Friendship Elementary School
Adams - Friendship High School
Adams - Friendship Middle School
Adams Center (historical)
Adams County Fire District
Adams County Fire District Strongs Prairie Substation
Adams County Landfill, Recycling and Composting Facility
Adams County Legion Field
Adams County Library
Adams County Waterfowl Production Area
Adams Play Field
Adams Valley School (historical)
Adams Wastewater Treatment Plant
Addison Center School
Adelaide Park
Adeline Lake
Adell Fire Department
Adell Swamp
Adella Beach
Adelmeyer Farms
Adiantum Woods State Natural Area
Adina Lake
Adirondack Shelter
Adlai Horn Park
Admiral Flatley Park
Adrain School (historical)
Advance Church
Advanced Institute of Hair Design
Advanced Language and Academic Studies
Advent Christian Church (historical)
Advent Christian New Life Community Church
Adventist Junior Academy
Adventist School (historical)
Adventure Island
Aero Alternative Education Resource Option School
Aero Estates Landing Field
Aero Park (historical)
Affinity Health System Program In Radiologic Technology School
Afterglow Lake
Afton WP 91 Dam
Agnes Jones Gallery
Ahmeek Lake
Ahnapee River
Ahnapee River Tree Farm
Ahnapee State Trail
Aibecker County Park
Ainsworth School
Ainsworth Townhall
Air Harbor Seaplane Base
Air Troy Estates - Restricted Airport
Airborn Friesian Farm
Airhole Lake
Airwolfe Airport
Ajax Island
Akan Central Elementary School
Akan Township Quarry
Akey School (historical)
Al Behrman Elementary School
Al Tech County Park
Al's Airway Airport
Alabama Lake
Alabama School
Alan Wilcox Flowage 2
Alapma Boat Club
Alban Chapel (historical)
Albany Airport
Albany Area Emergency Medical Services
Albany Dam
Albany Hill's School
Albany Lake 471
Albany Wildlife Area
Albany Wildlife Area Boat Landing
Albee Hall
Albert A Lorenz Institute
Albert Memorial Hall
Alberts Bluff
Albion Prairie Cemetery
Albion Prairie Church
Albion Prairie School
Albrecht Family Farms
Albreit Lateral
Albright Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
Alcott Park
Alden Townhall
Aldens Corners
Alder Lake 19
Alder Lake WP358 Dam
Alderley Millpond
Alderly Mill 1866c-71 Dam
Alderwood Lake
Aldo Leopold Community School
Aldo Santaga Stadium
Aldrich Hall
Aldrich Middle School
Alea Argyle Land Ethic Academy
Alery Creek
Alex Pond
Alexander Dam
Alexander Field South Wood County Airport
Alexander Flowage 2520
Alexander Gymnasium
Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts Elementary School
Alexander WP200 Dam
Alexian Brothers Novitiate
Alfalfa Stock Farm
Alford Building
Alfords Park Mobile Homes Court
Alfred C Clas Park
Alga Lake
Algoma Boulevard United Methodist Church
Algoma Elementary School
Algoma Farms
Algoma Fire Department
Algoma Fire Department / Algoma Rescue Squad
Algoma High School
Algoma Marina Incorporated
Algoma Police Department
Algoma Utilities Commission
Algoma Wastewater Treatment Plant
Alice Callan Elementary School
Alice Graf Park
Alicia Park
Alimar Farms
All District 4 Year Old Kindergarten School
All Saints Catholic School - North Campus
All Saints Catholic School - South Campus
All Saints Episcopal Cathedral
All-State Equipment Company Heliport
Allen - Field Elementary School
Allen Centennial Gardens
Allen Recreation Center
Allenton Creek
Allenton Elementary School
Allequash Creek
Allequash Lake
Allequash Springs
Alliance Church of the Valley
Alliance School of Milwaukee
Allied Drive Learning Center Elementary School
Allis Elementary School
Allis Lake
Alloa School (historical)
Allouez Bay
Allouez Cemetery
Allouez Department of Public Safety
Allouez Fire Department
Allouez School
Allowez Bay Channel
Alma Center
Alma Center Volunteer Fire Department
Alma Generating Station
Alma Mill 1 D6519 Dam
Alma Mill 2 D6519 Dam
Alma Mill 3 D6519 Dam
Alma Mill 4 D6519 Dam
Alma Mill 5 D6519 Dam
Alma Mill 6 D6519 Dam
Alma Municipal Wastewater Plant
Alma Ridge
Alma Ridge School (historical)
Almena - Clinton - Arland Fire District
Almond High School
Almond Volunteer Fire Department
Alpine Lake 3WR471 Dam
Alpine Lake 4
Alpine Village Mobile Home Park
Alston's Preparatory Academy
Alsum Farms
Alt Bauer Park
Altdorf School (historical)
Alternative Education Program / Leadership School
Alto Creek
Alto Elementary School
Alto Reformed Church
Alto Volunteer Fire Department
Alton Christian Reformed Church
Alton Reformed Cemetery
Altoona 2WP340 Dam
Altoona Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services
Altoona High School
Altoona Lake
Altoona Lake 830
Altoona Lake 883
Altoona Middle School
Altoona Park
Altoona Public Library
Altschwader Landing Strip
Alva Lake
Alverno College
Alverno Roman Catholic Elementary School
Alvin Creek
Alvin Creek Headwaters Sate Natural Area
Alvin Creek Impoundment
Alvin Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Amacher Hollow
Amacoy 2WP1881 Dam
Amacoy Lake
Amacoy School (historical)
Amber Farm
Amberg Cemetery
Amberg State Public Hunting Grounds
Amberg Volunteer Fire Department
Ambleside Lake
Ambrough Slough
Amco County Park
Ament Lake
Ameri-Milk Farm
America's Black Holocaust Musuem
American Cellular Phone Tower
American Eagle School (historical)
American Family Childrens Hospital
American Legion Boys Camp
American Legion State Forest
American Lutheran Home
American Suzuki Institute Education Center
American Tower Site 5057
American Turners Hall
American Ukranian Camp
American Valley
American Valley School (historical)
Amery 3WR1627 Dam
Amery Airport (historical)
Amery Area Emergency Medical Services
Amery Fire Department
Amery High School
Amery Intermediate School
Amery Middle School
Amery Municipal Airport
Amery Police Department
Amery Regional Medical Center
Ames Island
Ames Private Airport
Ames Teacher Education Center
Amey Pond
Amey School (historical)
Amherst Dam
Amherst Fire District Fire and Rescue
Amherst Junction
Amherst Millpond 90
Amik Island
Amish School 5
Amity Field
Ammundson Marsh
Amnicon Bay
Amnicon Falls
Amnicon Lake
Amnicon Point
Amnicon River
Amnicon Volunteer Fire Department
Amo Creek
Amsterdam Park
Amsterdam Prairie
Amsterdam Prairie School (historical)
Amsterdam School (historical)
Amsterdam Slough Flowage
Amsterdam Slough G12 90 Dam
Amsterdam Sloughs State Public Hunting Grounds
Amy Bell Lake
Amy Belle Elementary School
Amy Chapel
Amy Montessori School
Anah Church
Anah Springs
Anchor Island
Anchorage (historical)
Anchorage Cemetery
Anchorage School (historical)
Anclam Park
Andersen Library
Anderson Coulee
Anderson Springs
Anderson Trailer Court
Anderson Valley
Andrea Park
Andrew S Douglas Community Academy (historical)
Andrew Warren Historic District
Aney Cemetery
Angel Hill School (historical)
Angel Park
Angell Hall
Angelo 131 Reservoir
Angelo Cemetery
Angelo H629.3 Dam
Angelo Lake Creek
Angelo Pond
Angie Williams Cox Public Library
Angle Lake
Angus Substation
Anient Lake
Animal Hospital of Oshkosh
Aninnan Lake
Aniwa Lookout Tower
Annabelle Lake
Anne Lake
Annie C Stewart Memorial Fountain
Annis Creek
Anodanta Lake
Anscarius Cemetery
Anshai Lebowitz Synagogue
Anshe Poale Zedek Synagogue
Anson Fire Department
Anson Station
Ansul Islands
Anthony Island
Antigo Air Force Station (historical)
Antigo Bible Church
Antigo Cemetery
Antigo City Hall
Antigo City Landfill
Antigo Fire Department
Antigo High School
Antigo Island
Antigo Lake
Antigo Lake Park
Antigo Middle School
Antigo Police Department
Antigo Post Office
Antigo Public Library
Antigo Townhall
Antigo Township Fire Department
Antique Aerodrome
Anvil Lake
Anvil Lake Campground
Anvil Lake Lookout Tower
Anvil Lake Trail System
Apeekwa Lake
Apollonia Catholic Cemetery
Apollonia Protestant Cemetery
Apostle Islands
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Apostle Islands State Forest
Apostle United Presbyterian Church
Apostolic Bible Church
Apple Barn Orchard And Winery
Apple Falls Flowage
Apple Falls Flowage 559
Apple Grove Farm
Apple Grove Lutheran Cemetery
Apple Grove Lutheran Church
Apple Hill Orchard
Apple Lakes
Apple Orchard School (historical)
Apple River Canyon State Natural Area
Apple River Cemetery
Apple River Church
Apple River Falls
Apple River Falls D 64.5 Dam
Apple River Flowage 134
Apple River Townhall
Apple River Township Fire Department
Apple River Valley School (historical)
Apple Valley Farm
Applebecker Millpond
Appleberry Farm
Applecrest Plaza Shopping Center
Applecrest Preparatory Leadership Academy
Applegate - Bader Farm
Appleport School
Appleton Career Academy
Appleton Catholic Central Elementary School (historical)
Appleton Central High School
Appleton Christian School
Appleton City Hall
Appleton Community Learning Center School
Appleton Cooperative Educational Center School
Appleton Fire Department Station 1
Appleton Fire Department Station 2
Appleton Fire Department Station 3
Appleton Fire Department Station 4
Appleton Fire Department Station 5
Appleton Fire Department Station 6
Appleton Highland Memorial Park Cemetery
Appleton International Airport
Appleton International Airport Fire Department
Appleton Medical Center
Appleton Memorial Park
Appleton Public Library
Appleton Public Montessori School
Appleton Technical Academy
Appleton Vocational School
Appleton Wastewater Treatment Plant
Appleton Water Works
Applewood Mall Shopping Center
Aquarian Garden Holistic Wellness Center
Aquinas Middle School
Arabut Ludlow Memorial Library
Aram Public Library
Arbor Vitae
Arbor Vitae - Woodruff Elementary School
Arbor Vitae Cottage Farm
Arbor Vitae Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department
Arboretum Elementary School
Arbter Lake
Arbutus Hill School (historical)
Arbutus School (historical)
Arcade Acres
Arcade Glen
Arcade School (historical)
Arcadia - Glencoe Fire Department
Arcadia Ambulance Service
Arcadia Country Club
Arcadia Landing Strip
Arcadia Ridge
Arcadia Ridge School (historical)
Archery Park
Archibald Lake
Archibald Lookout Tower
Archibald Tower Springs
Archies Seaplane Base
Ardon Park
Arena Cemetery
Arena Community Elementary School
Arena Pines-Sand Barrens State Natural Area
Arena Police Department
Arena Prairie
Arena Volunteer Fire Department
Arey Hall
Argonne Cemetery
Argonne Experimental Forest
Argonne Post Office
Argus School
Argus School Branch
Argyle Adams Fire Department
Argyle Emergency Medical Services
Argyle High School
Argyle Wastewater Treatment Facility
Arkansaw Creek
Arkansaw Elementary School
Arkdale 3WR1429 Dam
Arkdale Lake
Arkdale Lake 110
Arland Townhall
Arlington Fire Rescue
Arlington Prairie Cemetery
Arlington Prairie Church
Armenia Volunteer Fire Department
Armitage Academy
Armour Lake
Armour Park
Armour Valley
Armour Valley School (historical)
Armstrong Eddy Park
Army Lake
Army Lake (historical)
Arndt Farms
Arneson Creek
Arneson Lake
Arnold Klentz Park
Arnott School (historical)
Arpin 2WP 329 Dam
Arpin Cemetery
Arpin Dam
Arpin School
Arpin Volunteer Fire Department
Arrandale School (historical)
Arrow Branch
Arrow Head Park
Arrowhead Orchards
Arrowhead River
Arrowhead Springs Airport
Arrowhead Union High School - South Campus
Art Keller Field
Artasia Gallery And Museum
Artist Glen
Arts and Communications Center
Artus Creek
Asa Clark Middle School
Asbury Ridge Cemetery
Ascend Academy
Ascension Episcopal Church
Ash Creek Cemetery
Ash Creek Farm
Ash Creek United Methodist Church
Ash Maple Farm
Ashbaugh Mound
Ashegon Lake
Ashenfelter Aerodrome (historical)
Ashford (historical)
Ashippun Cemetery
Ashippun Elementary School
Ashippun Lake
Ashippun Post Office
Ashippun River
Ashippun Volunteer Fire Department Station 1
Ashippun Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
Ashland County Fairground
Ashland County Teachers College
Ashland Fire Department Ellis Station
Ashland Gospel Tabernacle
Ashland Junction
Ashley Courts
Ashling Montessori School
Ashwaubenon Cemetery
Ashwaubenon Creek
Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety Fire Station
Ashwaubenon High School
Ashwaubenon School (historical)
Ashwaumobay Memorial Park
Askeaton School (historical)
Aspirus Riverview Hospital
Aspirus Wausau Hospital
Assata School
Assembly Christian Academy
Assembly of God Church of Lodi
Assembly of God Pentecostal Church
Assembly Presbyterian Church (historical)
Assemlby of God Church
Assumption Catholic School
Assumption Middle School
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Elementary School
Astico County Park
Asylum Point
Athelstane Volunteer Fire Department
Athens Area Fire and Ambulance
Athens Assembly of God Church
Athens Christian Fellowship Church
Athens County Park
Athens Wastewater Treatment Plant
Atkins Lake State Natural Area
Atkins Ridge Airport
Atkinson Bay
Atlanta Townhall
Atlas Feed Mill Mill Dam
Atlas Preparatory Academy
Attridge Park
Atwater Community Cemetery
Atwell Park
Atwood Stock, Dairy and Grain Farm
Auburn Center School (historical)
Auburn Dale School (historical)
Auburn Lake
Auburn Lake Creek
Auburn Townhall
Auburn Valley School (historical)
Auburndale Cemetery
Auburndale Elementary School
Auburndale High School
Auburndale Joint Fire and Rescue Department
Auburnville School (historical)
Audie Lake
Audubon Goose Pond State Natural Area
Audubon Technology and Communication High School
Auer Avenue Elementary School
Augusta - Bridge Creek Township Fire Department
Augusta City Hall
Augusta Mennonite School
Augusta State Wildlife Area
Augustus Adolphus Church
Augustyn Springs
Aupperle Cemetery
Aupperle School
Aurora Baycare Medical Center
Aurora Free Church
Aurora Lake State Natural Area
Aurora Lakeland Medical Center
Aurora Medical Center
Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington
Aurora Psychiatric Hospital
Aurora Saint Luke's Medical Center
Aurora Saint Luke's Medical Center School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Aurora Saint Luke's Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center
Aurora Sinai Medical Center
Aurora Surgery Center
Aurora Weier High School
Aurora West Allis Medical Center
Auroraville 2WP588 Dam
Auroraville Millpond 80
Austad Bay
Austen Valley
Austin Farms
Austin Straubel International Airport
Austin Straubel International Airport Fire Department
Autumn Creek Farm
Averill Junction
Averill School (historical)
Avery Lateral
Avoca and Rural Emergency Medical Services
Avoca and Rural Fire Department
Avoca Lake
Avoca Police Department
Avoca Prairie-Savanna State Natural Area
Avon Bottoms State Natural Area
Avon Church
Avon Road Jersey Farm
Axels Lake
Axen Lake School (historical)
Axhandle Lake
Ayen Farms
Ayreshire Stock Farm
Aztalan Cemetery
Aztalan State Park
B and S Farm
B B Clarke Beach
B D Leith School
B J's Dairy Farm
B' Nai Israel Cemetery
B'nai Zek Cemetery
Babb Hollow
Babb Ridge
Babbs Island
Babbs Prairie
Babensdort School (historical)
Babit Creek
Babson Pond
Baby Fourmile Island
Bachford School
Bad Axe 12 2WP2542 Dam
Bad Axe 16 D 2592.1 Dam
Bad Axe 17 D 2592.1 Dam
Bad Axe 2 D 2592.1 Dam
Bad Axe 24 D 2592.1 Dam
Bad Axe 33 D 2592.1 Dam
Bad Axe 34 D 2592.1 Dam
Bad Axe Cemetery
Bad Axe Landing
Bad Axe Lutheran Church
Bad Axe River
Bad Axe Valley School (historical)
Bad River Recreation Site
Bad River Reservation
Bad River Slough
Bad River Volunteer Fire Department
Baders Villa Estates
Badfish Creek
Badger Bay
Badger Cranberry Company Dam
Badger Elementary School
Badger Hollow Creek
Badger Home for the Aged
Badger Land Dairy Farm
Badger Middle School
Badger Mill Creek
Badger Mill Hill
Badger Park
Badger Plaza Shopping Center
Badger Prairie County Park
Badger Ridge Middle School
Badger State Baptist School
Badger Valley
Badger Valley School (historical)
Baesemann Cemetery
Bagga Marsh
Baggs Lake
Bagley East Side School (historical)
Bagley Flowage 1061
Bagley Junction
Bagley Rapids
Bagley Rapids Campground
Bagley Wastewater Treatment Facility
Bahl Farms
Bahlert Lake
Bahn Farms
Bahr Lake
Baier Landing Strip
Bailey Farms
Bailey's Harbor Boreal Forest And Wetlands State Natural Area
Baileys Harbor
Baileys Harbor Cemetery
Baileys Harbor Post Office
Baileys Harbor Ridges Park
Baileys Harbor Swamp
Baileys Harbor Volunteer Fire Department
Baileys Harbor Yacht Club Incorporated
Bain Park
Baird Hall
Baird Park
Baitenger Lake
Baker Ford Bridge
Baker Town School
Bakers Corners
Bakers Field (historical)
Bakertown Baptist Cemetery
Bakken's Pond State Natural Area
Bakkens Pond
Bakkens Pond H2.117 Dam
Balcom Bridge
Balcom Lake
Baldwin - Woodville High School
Baldwin Ambulance Service
Baldwin Area Medical Center
Baldwin Christian School
Baldwin Greenhouse
Baldwin Hill School
Baldwin Townhall
Baldwins Mill
Baldwins Mill Cemetery
Baldwins Mill School (historical)
Baldy Hill
Ball Tavern Cemetery
Ballmerland Farms
Balmer Park
Balmoral Pond 94
Balsam Branch
Balsam Branch State Wildlife Area
Balsam Church
Balsam Creek Flowage
Balsam Creek Waterfowl Area
Balsam Grove School (historical)
Balsam Lake 24
Balsam Lake 24.31
Balsam Lake Cemetery
Balsam Lake Police Department
Balsam Lake Volunteer Fire Department
Balsam Ridge School (historical)
Balsam School (historical)
Bancroft East Airport
Bancroft Landing Strip
Bancroft Pine Grove Fire Department
Bandli County Park
Banfield Bridge
Banfield Saddle
Bangor - Burns Volunteer Fire Department
Bangor - Burns Volunteer Fire Department Rockland
Bangor Middle / High School
Bank One Plaza
Bannach Elementary School
Banner Preparatory School of Milwaukee
Banner Valley
Banta School
Banting Elementary School
Banting Park
Bara Farms
Baraboo City Hall
Baraboo Civic Center
Baraboo District Ambulance Service
Baraboo Fire Department
Baraboo Golf Club
Baraboo High School
Baraboo Hills Elementary School
Baraboo Junior High School
Baraboo Post Office
Baraboo Public Library
Baraboo River
Baraboo River Floodplain Forest State Natural Area
Baraboo Valley Stock and Dairy Farm
Baraboo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Baraboo Wisconsin Dells Airport
Baran Park
Barber Lake School (historical)
Barbers Bay
Barbian Pond
Barbo Lake
Bardeen Medical Laboratory
Bardon Creek
Bardon Park
Bark Bay
Bark Bay Slough State Natural Area
Bark Lake
Bark Point
Bark River Airport
Bark River Park
Bark River School (historical)
Barker Strip Airport (historical)
Barkers Island
Barkley Coulee
Barlett School
Barlow Park Elementary School
Barman Farms
Barnaby Rapids
Barnes Ambulance Service
Barnes Creek School (historical)
Barnes Townhall
Barneveld - Brigham Volunteer Fire Department
Barneveld Area Rescue Squad
Barneveld Elementary School
Barneveld High School
Barneveld Police Department
Barney Creek State Natural Area
Barney Spring
Barney Swamp
Barney Williams Park
Barnum Bay
Barnveld Quarry
Baron City Hall
Baron County Courthouse
Baron County Jail
Baron County Justice Center
Baron Municipal Substation
Baron Police Department
Baron Water Tower
Baroun Century Farm
Barre Mills
Barrel Spring Lake
Barreltown School
Barrens Lake
Barrett G-6253 Dam
Barretts Point
Barrie Elementary School
Barron - Maple Grove Fire Department
Barron Area Community Center
Barron Area Montessori School
Barron City Dam
Barron City Public Library
Barron County
Barron County Alternative School
Barron County Fairgrounds
Barron County Museum
Barron County Park
Barron County Sheriff's Office
Barron County Training School (historical)
Barron Flowage Number One 142
Barron Flowage Number Three 109
Barron High School
Barron Hospital Heliport
Barron Island
Barron Medical Center
Barron Municipal Airport
Barron Post Office
Barron Townhall
Barronett Townhall
Barry Corner
Barstow Hall
Barstow School (historical)
Bartash Lake
Bartell Strip
Barten Airport
Barthel Fruit Farm
Bartle School (historical)
Bartles School (historical)
Bartlett Avenue School
Bartlett Farm
Barton Pond 219
Barton WP159 Dam
Bartons Corners
Barum Church
Bascom Hall
Bashaw Brook
Bashaw Brook School
Bashaw Lake
Bashaw Townhall
Bashaw Trout Springs
Baskerville Park
Bass Hollow County Recreation Area
Bass Hollow State Natural Area
Bass Island Brownstone Company Quarry
Bass Lake Country Club
Bass Lake Fen State Natural Area
Bass Lake Preserve State Natural Area
Bass Lake Recreation Stie
Bass Lake School
Bass Lake School (historical)
Bass Lake Volunteer Fire Department
Basswood Lookout Tower
Basteen Creek
Bastile Lake
Bastile Lake State Natural Area
Batavia Creek
Batavia Volunteer Fire Department
Batavis Pond
Battine Lake
Batting Memorial Library
Battle Bluff Prairie State Natural Area
Battle Creek Airport
Battle Point Flowage
Battle Point Flowage 2
Baudhuin Farms
Bauer Valley
Bauer-Brockway Barrens State Natural Area
Bauers Creek
Bauman Park
Baumann Dairy Farms
Baumann Farms
Bautch Valley
Baxter Farm
Baxter's Hollow State Natural Area
Baxters Hollow
Bay Area Medical Center
Bay Beach Park
Bay City 1 D8943 Dam
Bay City Baptist School
Bay City Creek
Bay City School
Bay Lane Middle School
Bay Mill School (historical)
Bay Park Square Shopping Center
Bay Port High School
Bay Ridge Golf Club
Bay Ridge School (historical)
Bay Settlement
Bay Settlement Quarry
Bay Shopping Center
Bay Shore Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bay Shore Shopping Center
Bay View Assembly of God Church
Bay View Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bay View Middle and High School
Bay View Middle School
Bay View Saint Francis Station Milwaukee Post Office
Baycat Lake
Bayfield Carnegie Library
Bayfield Community Ambulance Service
Bayfield County
Bayfield County Airport
Bayfield County Courthouse
Bayfield County Sheriff's Office
Bayfield Elementary School
Bayfield High School
Bayfield Historic District
Bayfield Lookout Tower
Bayfield Middle School
Bayfield Police Department
Bayfield Post Office
Bayfield Presbyterian Church
Bayfield State Fish Hatchery
Bayfield Volunteer Fire Department
Bayshore Center
Bayshore County Park
Bayside Academy
Bayside City Hall
Bayside Police Department
Bayview Campground
Bayview Station Milwaukee Post Office
Bazille Hobbyland Farms
Beachs Corners
Beacon Ambulance Service
Bean Brook Spring
Bean Brook State Wildlife Management Area
Bean Lake State Natural Area
Bear Beach State Natural Area
Bear Bluff Station
Bear Caves State Natural Area
Bear Coulee
Bear Creek Corners
Bear Creek Marsh
Bear Creek Police Department
Bear Creek Sedge Meadow State Natural Area
Bear Creek Waterfowl Area
Bear Island Shoal
Bear Lake - Haugen Fire Department
Bear Lake 60
Bear Lake Campground
Bear Lake School (historical)
Bear Lake Sedge Meadow State Natural Area
Bear Lake State Public Fishery Area
Bear Lake Townhall
Bear Lake WP11 Dam
Bear Paw Camp
Bear Paw Lake
Bear Point County Park
Bear Skin State Trail
Bear Skull Rock
Bear Trap Lake
Bear Valley Dairy Farm
Bear Valley School (historical)
Beardsley Lake
Beargrass School (historical)
Bearpen Coulee
Bears Grass Creek
Bearsdale Creek
Bearsdale Springs
Bearsdale Springs Red Pine Seed Production Area
Bearskin State Park Trail
Bearskull Lake
Beartrap Falls
Beaser Park
Beaser School
Beatrice Jones Elementary School
Beaudette Farms
Beaumont Field
Beaumont Homestead
Beaupre Springs
Beauprey Lake
Beauprey Springs
Beauregard Lake
Beauty Grove School (historical)
Beaver Brook School (historical)
Beaver Brook State Public Hunting Grounds
Beaver Brook Townhall
Beaver Creek 11 Dam
Beaver Creek 2 Dam
Beaver Creek 3 2WP479 Dam
Beaver Creek 4 2WP201 Dam
Beaver Creek 8 Dam
Beaver Creek 9 2WP479 Dam
Beaver Creek Spring
Beaver Creek State Public Hunting Grounds
Beaver Creek Waterfowl Area
Beaver Dam Charter School
Beaver Dam Community Hospital
Beaver Dam Community Library
Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue Department
Beaver Dam High School
Beaver Dam Lake 12
Beaver Dam Lake 2WP563
Beaver Dam Lake Seaplane Base
Beaver Dam Lake State Wildlife Area
Beaver Dam Middle School
Beaver Dam Police Department
Beaver Dam Post Office
Beaver Dam Rapids
Beaver Dam River
Beaver Dam Stock Farm
Beaver Dam Town Police Department
Beaver Dam Wastewater Treatment Facility
Beaver Dam Water Works
Beaver Edge
Beaver Flowage
Beaver Flowage 68
Beaver Lake Creek
Beaver Lake Recreation
Beaver Lake School (historical)
Beaver Lodge Pond
Beaver Pond 1
Beaverdam Lake 36
Beck Lookout Tower
Beckman Dam
Beckmans Millpond
Bed-Ah-Wick Field (historical)
Bedessem Coulee
Bedker Island
Bee Hive Farm
Bee Run Dairy and Stock Farm
Beebe Hollow
Beecher Church
Beecher Lake 3WR1552 Dam
Beecher School (historical)
Beechwood Volunteer Fire Department
Beede Lake
Beeler Tree Farm
Beell Stadium
Beer Airport
Beetown Branch
Beetown Cemetery
Beggs Island
Beglinger Lake
Behm G8051 Dam
Behning Creek
Behning Creek State Public Fishing Area
Behnke School (historical)
Behr Lake
Behringer Creek
Behtel Lutheran Church
Beiser Farm
Belanger Dairy Farm
Belden Swamp
Beldenville Cemetery
Belding Lake
Beldo Farms
Belgian Lake
Belgium Post Office
Belgium Ridge
Belgium Ridge Cemetery
Belgium Ridge School (historical)
Belgium Sewage Treatment Plant
Belgium Volunteer Fire Department
Believers Church of Oshkosh
Believers in Christ Christian School
Belknap Plaza Shopping Center
Bell Ambulance Station 1
Bell Ambulance Station 2
Bell Ambulance Station 3
Bell Ambulance Station 5
Bell Corner School (historical)
Bell Coulee
Bell Coulee Church
Bell Coulee School
Bell Heights
Bell Middle School
Bellaire Farms
Belle Fountain
Belle Fountain Creek
Belle Fountain Spring
Belleview Convalescent Hospital
Belleville Area Emergency Medical Services
Belleville Elementary School
Belleville Intermediate School
Belleville WP90-18 Dam
Bellevue Department of Public Safety
Bellile Cemetery
Bellile Falls
Bellin College of Nursing
Bellin Health School of Radiologic Technology
Bellin Memorial Hospital
Bellin Psychiatric Center
Bellinger School (historical)
Bellis Spring
Bellisle Falls School (historical)
Bellmore Lake
Bells Airport (historical)
Belmare Park
Belmont - Whig United Methodist Church
Belmont Middle and High School
Belmont Mound
Belmont Mound Woods State Natural Area
Belmont Prairie State Natural Area
Belmont Quarry
Belmont Wastewater Treatment Facility
Beloit Airport
Beloit Catholic High School
Beloit College
Beloit Dam
Beloit Gospel Hall Assembly Church
Beloit Learning Academy
Beloit Memorial High School
Beloit Memorial Hospital
Beloit Memorial Hospital Heliport
Beloit Municipal Building
Beloit Municipal Hospital (historical)
Beloit Plaza Shopping Center
Beloit Public Library
Beloit Sanitarium (historical)
Beloit Vocational School
Beltz Creek
Belvidere Ridge
Belvidere Slough
Ben Franklin Junior High School
Ben Nutt Creek
Ben Sadoff Science Center
Ben Sutherland Airport
Bena Lake
Benach Lake
Bender's Airport
Benedict Bridge
Benjamin Single House
Benjaminville School (historical)
Benkert Bushnell Cemetery
Benkert Cemetery
Bennett Girls Dormitory
Bennett Lookout Tower
Bennett Valley
Bennett Valley Norwegian Lutheran Church (historical)
Bennett Valley School (historical)
Bennett Volunteer Fire Department
Benninger Farms
Benoit Lake
Benover Slough
Bensel Pond
Benson Creek State Wildlife Management Area
Benson Hall
Benson Spring
Bent Stream Valley Farms
Bentley Pond
Bentley Sawmill Dam
Benton Dale Stock and Grain Farm
Beranek Stock and Grain Farm
Berean Grace Church
Berends Quarry
Berendsen Lake
Berg Farms
Berg Gymnasium
Berg Valley
Berge Coulee
Bergen Bluff State Natural Area
Bergen School (historical)
Bergen Springs
Bergene Lake
Bergeron Rapids
Bergeson Lake
Berghs Mobile Home Park
Bergin Ditch
Bergman Island
Bergman School
Bergstrom Hall
Bergum Coulee
Bergundy Point
Berkshire Mine Ruins
Berlin Fen State Natural Area
Berlin Field
Berlin Gospel Tabernacle
Berlin Grade School (historical)
Berlin High School
Berlin Lock Number One
Berlin Memorial Hospital
Berlin Volunteer Fire Department / Berlin Emergency Medical Services
Bern State Public Hunting Grounds
Bern Townhall
Bernard Kemmerer G8637 Dam
Bernice Lake 31
Bernies Beach
Bernstein G-8953 Dam
Bernstein School (historical)
Berryland Farm
Berryland Playground
Bertom Island
Bertom Island Sanctuary
Bertom Lake
Bessie Allen Middle School
Bessie Babbet Lake
Bessie M Gray Preparatory Academy
Best Buy
Best Ever School (historical)
Best Western Resort Hotel & Conference Center
Betel Hollow
Beth Arthur Lane Pond Number 3
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Synagogue
Beth Haven Academy
Beth Hillel Temple
Beth Israel Center
Beth Jehudah Synagogue
Bethany Church of God in Christ
Bethany Valley Farms
Bethany-On-Cass Retirement Community
Bethany-Saint Joseph Care Center
Bethel Evangelical United Brethren Church (historical)
Bethel German Baptist Church
Bethel Grove School
Bethel Junior Academy
Bethel Mission Covenant Cemetery
Bethel Norwegian Lutheran Church (historical)
Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Bethesda Church of God in Christ
Bethesda Lutheran Brethren Church
Bethesda Lutheran Home
Bethesda Spring Park
Bethke Quarry
Bethlehem English Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran School
Betsy Slough
Betty Brinn Childrens Museum
Betzold's Orchards
Beulah Bog State Natural Area
Beulah Brinton Park
Beulah Island
Beulah Wesleyan Church
Bevan Farms
Beverly Lake State Wildlife Management Area
Bewick Lateral
Beyer Settlement School (historical)
Beyers Cove
Bi-Centennial School (historical)
Bible Presbyterian Church (historical)
Bible Truth Assembly Church
Bible Truth Center
Bible Truth Chapel
Bibon Marsh
Bibon Swamp State Natural Area
Bicklers Apple Farm
Biemert Park
Bierbrauer Lake
Biernit Swamp
Big And Little Marsh State Natural Area
Big Arbor Vitae Lake
Big Arkansaw School (historical)
Big Banana Island
Big Bay Lagoon
Big Bay Park
Big Bay Sand Spit And Bog State Natural Area
Big Bay State Park
Big Bear Flowage
Big Beaver Creek State Public Hunting Ground
Big Bend - Vernon Fire Department Station 1
Big Bend - Vernon Fire Department Station 2
Big Bend - Vernon Fire Department Station 3
Big Bend Elementary School
Big Bend Police Department
Big Bend Pond
Big Bend Townhall
Big Bend Village Hall
Big Bend Village Park
Big Blake Lake
Big Bowker Lake
Big Briens Lake
Big Bull Rapids
Big Butternut Lake
Big Butternut Lake Park
Big Cain Creek
Big Carr Lake
Big Cat Slough
Big Coulee School (historical)
Big Creek State Fishery Area
Big Cub Lake
Big Dardis Lake
Big Dells Pond 5752
Big Devil Lake
Big Doctor Lake
Big Donahue Lake
Big Drywood Church
Big Drywood Creek
Big Drywood School (historical)
Big Dummy Lake
Big Eau Pleine 2WP189 Dam
Big Eau Pleine County Park
Big Eau Pleine Reservoir
Big Eau Pleine Reservoir 365
Big Eau Pleine River
Big Eau Pleine Woods State Natural Area
Big Eddy Falls
Big Elk Creek Church
Big Falls 1907437 Dam
Big Falls 2WP917 Dam
Big Falls Campground
Big Falls Cemetery
Big Falls Dairy Farm
Big Falls Dam
Big Falls Flowage
Big Falls Flowage 1894
Big Falls Pond 160
Big Falls Townhall
Big Flats Volunteer Fire Department
Big Flats WP277 Dam
Big Foot Airfield
Big Foot Beach State Park
Big Foot Country Club
Big Foot High School
Big Fork Lake
Big Gibson Lake
Big Green River
Big Hay Meadow Creek
Big Hill Park
Big Hollow Cemetery
Big Hurst Lake
Big Injun Lake
Big Island State Natural Area
Big Island State Wildlife Area
Big Joe Campground
Big K Farm
Big Kitten Lake
Big Manitou Falls
Big Missouri Lake
Big Moon Lake
Big Moon Lake 2WP1478 Dam
Big Moon Lake 6
Big Muskellunge Lake
Big Quinnesec Dam
Big Quinnesec Falls (historical)
Big Rapids County Park
Big Rib River
Big Ripley Island
Big Roche a Cri Creek
Big Roche a Cri Lake
Big Roche A Cri State Fishery Area
Big Roche Lake 71
Big Rock Wayside Park
Big Saint Germain 1909C361 Dam
Big Saint Germain Lake
Big Sand Lake Cemetery
Big Sheen Rapids
Big Skunk Island
Big Slough Cemetery
Big Slough Gundy Rapids
Big Slough School (historical)
Big Smoky Falls
Big Spring Farm
Big Spring Landing Strip
Big Spring Stock and Dairy Farm
Big Spring Stock and Grain Farm
Big Springs Farm
Big Susie Island
Big Swamp State Public Hunting Grounds
Big T Dock and Ramp
Big Timber Island
Big Trade Lake
Big Twin Rapids
Big Valley Farm
Big Weirgor Creek
Big Willow Cemetery
Big Willow Creek Stock Farm
Bigelow Hall
Bigpatch School
Bill Cross Rapids
Bill Valley
Bill's Woods
Bille Dairy Farms
Billings Creek Cemetery
Billings Park
Billy Boy 2WP232 Dam
Billy Boy Dam
Billy Boy Flowage
Billy Boy Flowage 110 Reservoir
Bilse School (historical)
Bingen Farm
Binghams Bay
Binghamton Cemetery
Binzel Airport
Biocore Prairie
Birch Bluff
Birch Creek Airport
Birch Creek School (historical)
Birch Creek Townhall
Birch Flowage
Birch Grove Recreation Site
Birch Lake 1.5
Birch Park Ski Area
Birch Ridge Lookout Tower
Birch Street Baptist Church
Birchdale School (historical)
Birchwood Charter School
Birchwood High School
Birchwood Lookout Tower
Birchwood Middle School
Birchwood Police Station
Birchwood School (historical)
Birchwood Sewage Disposal Plant
Birchwood Town Hall
Birchwood Village Hall
Birchwood Volunteer Fire Department
Birchwood Water Tower
Bird Elementary School
Bird Sanctuary Lake
Birds Tree Island
Birge Hall
Birkmose Park
Birnamwood Area Fire Department and Ambulance
Birnamwood Church
Birnamwood Elementary School
Birnamwood Police Department
Biron 2WP71 Dam
Biron Flowage
Biron Flowage 5341
Biron Volunteer Fire Department
Birthman School (historical)
Bisanabi Lake
Bischel Dam
Biscuit Valley
Bishigokwe Creek
Bishop Branch Cemetery
Bishop Bridge
Bishop Bridge School (historical)
Bishop Quarry
Bishop Ridge
Bishop Wilson Memorial Building
Bismarck Lake
Bissig Ditch
Bittersweet Lakes State Natural Area
Bjoin Park
Bjoin Quarry
Blabaum Cemetery
Black Alder Creek
Black Alder Lake
Black Bass Bar
Black Bear School
Black Bridge Crossing
Black Brook County Park
Black Brook E12.135 Dam
Black Brook Flowage
Black Brook Flowage 287
Black Brook School
Black Brook Townhall
Black Brook WP-66 Dam
Black Creek 3WR130 Dam
Black Creek Elementary / Middle School
Black Creek Fire Department
Black Creek Limestone Quarry
Black Creek Rescue Service
Black Creek Valley School (historical)
Black Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Black Dan Lake
Black Dog Farm Airport
Black Duck Flowage
Black Earth
Black Earth Congregational Church
Black Earth Creek
Black Earth Elementary School
Black Earth Fire Department
Black Earth Police Department
Black Earth Rettenmund Prairie State Natural Area
Black Fox Lake
Black Hawk High School
Black Hawk Lake Recreation Area
Black Hawk Manor
Black Hawk Ridge
Black Lake 4
Black Lake Campground
Black Lake Fire Tower (historical)
Black Lake Trail
Black Oak Island
Black Otter Airport
Black Otter Creek
Black Otter Lake
Black Otter Lake 15.7
Black River Camp Picnic Area
Black River Correctional Center
Black River Falls Area Airport
Black River Falls City Hall
Black River Falls Dam
Black River Falls Fire Department
Black River Falls Grade School (historical)
Black River Falls High School
Black River Falls Junior High School (historical)
Black River Falls Middle School
Black River Falls Police Department
Black River Falls Post Office
Black River Falls Public Library
Black River Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant
Black River Flowage 1610
Black River Memorial Hospital
Black River Parochial School
Black River Point
Black River Public Beach
Black River State Forest
Black Tern Bog State Natural Area
Black Wolf Farm
Black Wolf Point
Blackbird Point
Blackbird Reef
Blackburn Airport
Blackburn Bridge
Blackford School
Blackhawk Airfield
Blackhawk Bookstore
Blackhawk Generating Station
Blackhawk Golf Course
Blackhawk Island Airport
Blackhawk Island State Natural Area
Blackhawk Lake Dam
Blackhawk Meadows Park
Blackhawk Technical College
Blackhawk-Kickapoo Project G8735.2 Dam
Blackjack Springs
Blackjack Springs Wilderness
Blacksmith Slough
Blackstone Mine
Blackwell Job Corps Center
Blackwell Junction
Blackwoods School (historical)
Blader School (historical)
Blaen Y Cae Cemetery
Blaese Park
Blaha Farms
Blain Street Park
Blaine Elementary School
Blaine Public School
Blaine School (historical)
Blaine Townhall
Blair - Preston Volunteer Fire Department
Blair - Taylor Elementary School
Blair - Taylor Middle / High School
Blair Airport
Blair Mill Dam
Blair-Taylor Middle School
Blairmoor Branch
Blairmoor School (historical)
Blaisdell School
Blake Prairie
Blake Prairie Cemetery
Blakely Branch
Blakewood Elementary School
Blanchardville Fire Department
Blanchardville Lutheran Church
Blanchardville Post Office
Blanchardville Village Hall
Blanchardville Wastewater Treatment Facility
Blank Farm
Blank Lake
Blaser Creek
Blenker School (historical)
Blessed Savior Catholic School East Campus
Blessed Savior Catholic School South Campus
Blessed Savior School North Campus
Blessed Savior School West Campus
Blessing Center Outreach
Bley Farms
Bloch Oxbow State Natural Area
Blockhouse Lake
Blockhouse School
Blodget School (historical)
Blom Lake
Blomberg Lake
Blomberg Lake State Natural Area
Bloom Center Fruit Farm
Bloom City
Bloom City Cemetery
Bloom City Stock Farm
Bloomer Civic Center
Bloomer Community Ambulance Service
Bloomer High School
Bloomer Medical Center
Bloomer Middle School
Bloomer Mill Dam
Bloomer Police Department
Bloomer Post Office
Bloomer Sand and Gravel Pit
Bloomer Townhall
Bloomer Volunteer Fire Department
Bloomer Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bloomfield - Genoa City Fire and Rescue
Blooming - Grove Burke - Maple Bluff Ambulance District
Blooming Grove Fire Department
Bloomington Fire Department
Blossomburg Cemetery
Blotz Branch
Blount Generating Station
Bloyer Field Airport
Blue Collar Farms
Blue Hills Cemetery
Blue Hills Church (historical)
Blue Hills Felsenmeer State Natural Area
Blue Hills G-129.9 Dam
Blue Hills Lookout Tower
Blue Hills School (historical)
Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist
Blue Mound Country Club
Blue Mound State Park
Blue Mounds Creek
Blue Mounds Police Department
Blue Mounds Wastewater Treatment Plant
Blue River Bluffs State Natural Area
Blue River Fire and Rescue
Blue River Mill School
Blue River Sand Barrens State Natural Area
Blue River Valley Church
Blue River Wastewater Treatment Facility
Blue Silo Stock Farm
Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork
Blue Springs Lake 2WP1137 Dam
Blue Springs Lake 6
Blue Star Park
Blue Swamp State Natural Area
Blue View Dairy Farms
Blue Vista Farm
Bluebell School (historical)
Blueberry Campground
Blueberry Cemetery
Blueberry Lake Fire Station 13 and Boat Rescue
Blueberry Marsh
Blueberry Point
Bluegill Bay County Park
Bluff Creek State Natural Area
Bluff Crest Mobile Home Park
Bluff Lake Cemetery
Bluff Lake School
Bluff Siding
Bluff View Intermediate School
Bluffton School (historical)
Bluhm Park
Blunt Field
Blyden Delany Academy
Blyton Park
Boars Rapids
Boatyard Hollow
Bob Lake School (historical)
Bobidosh Lake
Bock Laboratories
Bodega Point
Bodins Lake
Boehmer Farms
Boeke Farm
Boelter Lake
Boernre Botanical Gardens
Boersdorf School (historical)
Bog Brook 2WP1571 Dam
Bog Brook State Wildlife Area
Bogbrook Lake
Bogey Lake
Bogus Bluff
Bogus Creek 1 D-9133 Dam
Bogus Creek 2 D-9133 Dam
Bogus Creek Airport
Bogus Hollow Run
Bogus Swamp
Bogus Swamp State Natural Area
Bohemian Ridge
Bohemian School (historical)
Bohemian Valley
Bohland Hollow
Bohlinger Valley
Bohn Creek
Bohn Dam
Bohn Lake
Bohn School
Bohner Lake
Bohners Lake
Bohnes Lake
Bohri (historical)
Bohris Valley
Bohris Valley Cemetery
Bohris Valley School (historical)
Boice Creek
Boice Creek Cemetery
Boice Creek School
Boice Prairie
Boice Prairie Cemetery
Bois Brule River
Boldt Dairy Farm
Bolen Creek State Public Hunting Grounds
Bolen School (historical)
Bolger 2WP266 Dam
Bolger Dam
Bolger Flowage
Bolger Flowage 25
Bolger Lake
Bollant Farms
Bollman Lake
Bollman School (historical)
Bolt Bohemian Township Cemetery
Boltonville 2WP1738 Dam
Boltonville Volunteer Fire Department
Boma Coulee
Boma Ridge
Bomkamp Ridge
Bomke Cemetery
Bonaventure Hall
Bond Health Center
Bonduel Area Fire Department
Bonduel Elementary School
Bonduel High School
Bonduel Middle School
Bone Lake Church
Bong Recreation Area 8 Dam
Bonies Mound
Bonnet Prairie Lutheran Cemetery
Bonnet Prairie Lutheran Church
Bonneville Lake
Bonney School (historical)
Bonnie View School (historical)
Bonniwell School
Bono Creek
Bonsall Farms
Bony Lake
Booher Homestead Stock Farm
Boom Bay
Boombay Volunteer Fire Department
Boomer School
Boomerang Island
Boot Lake Campground
Boot Lake School (historical)
Boot Lake State Wildlife Area
Bootjack Creek
Borah Cemetery
Borah Creek
Borchardt Clinic (historical)
Borchert Field (historical)
Border Creek
Border Lakes State Natural Area
Bordner Park
Borg 2WP 163 Dam
Borge G5080 Dam
Borgstrom-Erin Prairie Town G9127 Dam
Boribo Lake
Boris Lake
Borns Hollow
Borns Lake
Borreson Coulee
Borst Valley
Borst Valley Creek
Borst Valley School (historical)
Borst Valley State Public Hunting Area
Borth Lake
Bosak Lake
Boscobel Airport
Boscobel Area Health Care
Boscobel Elementary School
Boscobel High School
Boscobel Police Department
Boscobel Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad
Boscobel Wastewater Treatment Facility
Bose Elementary School
Bose Lake Hemlock-Hardwoods State Natural Area
Bosner Creek
Boss Farms
Bossard Memorial Library
Bosveld Brothers Landing Strip
Botana Valley
Bottomland Farm
Boulanger Quarry
Boulder Junction
Boulder Junction Payzer Airport
Boulder Junction Police Department
Boulder Junction Volunteer Fire Department
Boulder Lake Campground
Boulder Lake Lookout Tower (historical)
Boulder Lookout Tower
Boundary Lake
Boundary Park
Bountivale School (historical)
Bourman School (historical)
Boutelle Quarry
Bovay Hall
Bovina Cemetery
Bovre Cemetery
Bowe Farms
Bowe WI-2-361 Dam
Bowen Street Fishing Dock
Bowens Addition
Bowens Woods
Bowler Area Fire District
Bowler Elementary School
Bowler High School
Bowler Valley
Bowling Hall of Fame
Bowman Airport
Bowron Lake
Bowyer Bluff
Boxelder Line School
Boyceville Community Ambulance Service
Boyceville Middle / High School
Boyceville Municipal Airport
Boyceville Police Department
Boyceville Volunteer Fire Department
Boyd - Edson - Delmar Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance and Rescue
Boyd Wastewater Treatment Facility
Boyd-Stanley Catholic Church
Boydtown Cemetery
Boydtown Hollow
Boyer Bluff Light
Boygan Lake
Boylan School (historical)
Boyle Brook Spring
Boyles Brook
Boylston Junction
Boynton Chapel
Boyonton Cemetery
BPW Wayside
Braatz Farms
Brackett Valley
Bradbo Farm
Bradford Terrace
Bradley Building
Bradley Egg Farm
Bradley Farm
Bradley Hospital
Bradley Technology High School
Bradow Dam D 8092
Bradox Lake
Brady Stock Farm
Brady Street
Brady's Bluff Prairie State Natural Area
Bradys Bluff
Braezels Branch
Brager Branch
Bragg School
Bragonier Lake
Brainerd Bridge Park
Bramblewood Farm
Brams Bay
Brams Point
Branch Evergreen Cemetery
Branch Fire and Rescue
Branch Firefighters Park
Branch River Country Club
Brandon - Fairwater Police Department
Brandon Volunteer Fire Department
Brandt Farm
Brandt Lake
Brandy Brook School (historical)
Brandy Lake Park
Brannon School
Branstad School
Brant Brook Pines State Natural Area
Brant Church (historical)
Brantwood Lake
Brass Community School
Braun Settlement School (historical)
Braund Hill
Brays Point
Brazeau Cemetery
Brazeau Landing Strip
Brazeau Townhall
Brazeau Township Fire Department
Brazee Lake
Brazee Swamp (historical)
Brazell Creek
Brazell Lake
Brechler Cemetery
Brechler School (historical)
Brecker Island
Breed School (historical)
Breem Park
Breen School (historical)
Breese Hall
Breese Stevens Field
Breezehill Farm
Breezeway School
Breezy - D Farm
Breezy Hill Farm
Breezy L Farms
Breezy Point School (historical)
Brehmer Creek
Breidel Coulee
Breitzman Lake
Brekk Lake
Bremen Street Playground
Bremenington Coulee
Bren - Mar Farms
Breneman Lake
Brener Elementary School
Brennan Creek
Brennand Airport
Brennand Farm
Brey Valley
Brezinski School (historical)
Briard Lake
Brice Prairie
Brice Prairie Cemetery
Brice Prairie First Responders
Brice Spur (historical)
Bricher Lake
Brick Street School
Brickbauer Dam
Bridge 900
Bridge Road Park
Bridgeview Plaza Shopping Center
Bridgeway Farm
Briggsville 1869C221 Dam
Briggsville Volunteer Fire Company
Brigham Park
Brighton Creek
Brighton Dale Park
Brightonwoods Orchard
Brill Post Office
Brill River
Brill School
Brillion Cemetery
Brillion Church
Brillion City Hall
Brillion Elementary School
Brillion High School
Brillion Middle School
Brillion Post Office
Brillion Public Library

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